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LIST: Ten Metro Manila QR Codes That You Should Have

LIST: Ten Metro Manila QR Codes That You Should Have

If you're going to Metro Manila, you should have a QR Code which you can use upon entering establishments or offices. It can be obtained through contact tracing apps of a specific LGU. Know how you can get one here.

(UPDATED) Since the pandemic started, various local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila have step-up to provide a quick response (QR) contract tracing system to avoid outbreaks of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Residents and non-residents traveling to Metro Manila must generate their own quick response codes, which they must present for scanning upon entering establishments located in the said region.

These QR Codes are generated through contact tracing apps developed or sponsored by various local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila. Some of these apps are Mandatrack, Pasig Pass, Taguig Trace, Staysafe, UMake Makati Safe and Kyusipass.

Individuals must register a QR Code from their specific destination LGU's contact tracing app. Other systems are interconnected so that an individual only needs to register with one contact tracing app to gain access to other LGUs.

You can read about the ten Metro Manila QR Code systems (including those in neighboring Rizal Province) that you can use when visiting the Philippines' de facto capital here.

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List of Metro Manila QR Codes that you should have:

The following is a list of QR Code systems in Metro Manila and neighboring cities and towns in Rizal Province. The list also includes other contact tracing apps used in Philippine ports and other local government units (LGUs) throughout Metro Manila.

Antipolo Bantay COVID

Antipolo City is surrounded by several Metro Manila cities, so having a QR Code through its Bantay Covid app is helpful for visitors.

TRIVIA: The City of Antipolo is a Catholic pilgrimage place. Its famous church, the Antipolo Cathedral, hosts Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine, which houses the 17th-century figure of the Virgin Mary. The church attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Meanwhile, the Pinto Art Museum in the Southwest exhibits contemporary Filipino paintings and sculptures among tropical gardens and whitewashed, Mediterranean-style houses.

The Antipolo Bantay COVID app is the city of Antipolo in Rizal Province's official contact tracing app. Individuals in Antipolo, both residents and non-residents, must use the QR Code generated by the app (visitors, workers, and travelers).

Those from Pasig, Valenzuela, Mandaluyong, or Taytay can still use their local government units (LGUs) QR Code systems upon going to areas in Antipolo, thanks to a consortium agreement signed by the five local governments.

Step-by-step guide: Antipolo QR Code


Quezon City was once proclaimed as the country's national capital on October 12, 1949. It is home to several government agencies and institutions due to relocation from the City of Manila when it became a capital.

TRIVIA: The Quezon Memorial Circle, located in the city center, is dominated by an art deco–style tribute to former President Manuel L. Quezon. The surrounding gardens feature playgrounds, fountains, and a monument to the World Peace Bell.

It was intended to become a capital city, but on June 24, 1976, the status of the national capital was reverted to Manila, while the entirety of Metro Manila was designated as the seat of government.

To enter Quezon City, travelers must possess a Kyusipass QR Code. It is the city's official communication tracking system, powered by SafePass.

Since January 2021, the Quezon City government has been implementing it in government offices, following Resolution 8416-2020 by the Quezon City Council, which urged the city government to implement a citywide QR code contact tracing solution.

Through KyusiPass, Quezon City will identify individuals who visit establishments within its jurisdiction and quickly contact them in case of a health situation.

Step-by-step guide: Kyusipass QR Code


Mandaluyong City is another municipality in Metro Manila with its own contact tracing app, Mandatrack.

Under Ordinance No. 814, S-2021, or the MandaTrack Ordinance, the City government of Mandaluyong continues to use the MandaTrack app for residents and non-residents of the city.

When entering private and public spaces in the city, its generated quick response (QR) code, or MandaTrack QR Code, is used for contact tracing purposes.

Step-by-step guide: Mandatrack QR Code

Pasig Pass

Individuals traveling to Pasig City in Metro Manila must use the Pasig Pass QR Code.

The City Government mandated the use of the Pasig Pass in all city establishments as of November 17, 2020, through Ordinance No. 49, Series of 2020, also known as the Pasig Pass Ordinance.

TRIVIA: Pasig City is a sprawling district known for its mall complexes within the Ortigas Center area.

Kapitolyo hamlet is home to hip eateries providing modern Filipino fare, while parks such as Greenfield District feature weekend markets featuring local food and crafts.

The Pasig City Museum, which explores local history, and the stone Immaculate Conception Cathedral are cultural attractions.

People who use the Pasig Pass will no longer be required to fill out health declaration forms or logbooks. To gain access to businesses and establishments throughout the city, they will simply present their Pasig Pass QR codes and have them scanned.

The Pasig Pass QR Code is also valid in the cities of Valenzuela, Antipolo, Mandaluyong, and Taytay.

Step-by-step guide: Pasig QR Code is the official contact tracing app by the national government. It was supposed to be the official contact tracing in the Philippines, but other LGUs chose to have their own contact tracing system.

The app's contact tracing features, such as live graph exposures, COVID-19 updates, exposure notification, health status report, random ID sharing, and unique QR code, are praised by the DILG and the IATF-EID.

Both institutions also urged all local government units (LGUs) and the general public to use the StaySafe.Ph app and create an account to help with contact tracing efforts across the country.

In Metro Manila, it is used by several LGUs such as Manila, Marikina, and Caloocan.

Step-by-step guide: QR Code

Taytay Trail

Taytay is another LGU in Rizal Province and a neighboring town to Metro Manila.

Under Ordinance No. 705, Series of 2021, Taytay LGU has used the Taytay Trail as the town's official contact tracing solution since June 2021, following the national government's guidelines for preventing the disease's further spread within its territorial jurisdiction.

The ordinance requires all public and private establishments within their jurisdiction to use the Taytay Trail by requiring clients or individuals to present a QR Code upon entering their premises.

Thanks to a network consortium agreement, QR Codes generated in Taytay Trail can also be used in Pasig, Mandaluyong, Antipolo, and Valenzuela.

Step-by-step guide for registration: Taytay Trail QR Code

TRACE Taguig

Taguig City is another Metro Manila city having its own contact tracing system.

Since the pandemic's start, numerous local government units have moved forward to explore novel measures to combat COVID-19 spread, one of which is the usage of contact tracing apps.

Taguig City is one of these LGUs that has enabled residents and non-residents to be alerted quickly if a COVID-19 infection risk exists by recording their information in Trace Taguig. Following that, the app will create a rapid response (QR) code for each user, which must be shown before entering a city establishment.

TRACE Taguig also includes Taguig LGU alerts and announcements, vaccine registration, COVID-19 updates, a digital health declaration form, and health status notification, in addition to contact tracing.

Step-by-step guide: TRACE Taguig QR Code


The TRAZE app is another software required while accessing airports in the Philippines. Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) has been using the TRAZE app as their official contact tracing system since September 2020.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) - Air Sector made it an official contact tracing app for all airports in the country last year, in November 2020. ALL passengers are needed to utilize, download, and register for an account to receive a TRAZE QR code.

Step-by-step guide: TRAZE Contact Tracing App

UMake Makati Safe

The Makati City government in Metro Manila has its own QR Code system for contact tracing purposes, known as the UMake Makati Safe QR Code.

TRIVIA: Makati is a city in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines and serves as the country's financial hub. It is well-known for the numerous buildings and shopping malls that are located inside the Makati Central Business District.

Ayala Museum in Makati City is home to the Filipinas Heritage Library and craft collections that chronicle the country's history. The Rizal Monument is a memorial to José Rizal, a Philippine national hero.

Unless they present a QR code obtained from the app, residents, and non-residents will be denied entry to Makati facilities such as Makati City Hall, Barangay Health Centers, Makati Hospital, and vaccination sites.

Once registered with UMake Makati Safe QR Code, the QR code can be saved on mobile phones and displayed to visitors assigned to various facilities throughout the city.

Registration: UMake Makati Safe


Valenzuela City, another LGU in Metro Manila, has implemented Ordinance No. 783, Series of 2020, to use ValTrace as the City's official contact tracing system.

According to the ordinance, all Valenzuela City citizens and non-residents must register for an account in the ValTrace web program and submit the generated quick response (QR) code upon entering establishments under the LGU's authority.

ValTrace has been used by residents of Valenzuela City since October 5, 2020, in compliance with the city's "No QR Code, No Entry" ordinance. It was created by the Valenzuela City Government, and AppCase Inc. AppCase created many contact tracing apps for various municipal governments.

Because of the interconnection agreement among the five LGUs, a QR Code created by the ValTrace app can also be utilized in Pasig City, Taytay, Antipolo City, and Mandaluyong City.

Step-by-step guide: Valtrace QR Code


The QR Code system in Metro Manila can be used by individuals upon their destination LGU. Individuals should register on the specific QR Code system if they enter an LGU since this will help the local government unit on their contact tracing and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. —iTacloban

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