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TRAZE Contact Tracing App - How to Register and Generate QR Code

TRAZE Contact Tracing App - How to Register and Generate QR Code

TRAZE contact tracing app is the Philippines' unified contact tracing system for airports, seaports, and other transport utilities in the Philippines. Know how to download the app and register for a TRAZE account.

(Updated 02/12/2022) Since September 2020, The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) launched the TRAZE app as its official contact tracing system to facilitate individuals’ movement inside Philippine ports under their jurisdiction.

TRAZE app was developed jointly by PPA’s in-house information technology experts and Cosmotech Philippines. Currently, the TRAZE contact tracing app is not only being utilized in seaports all over the country but also used at airports nationwide.

It became an official contact tracing app for all airports in the country last year, November 2020,  courtesy of the Department of Transportation  (DOTr) - Air Sector. ALL passengers are mandatorily required to use, download the app, and register for an account where they can have a TRAZE QR code.

According to PPA, the TRAZE contact tracing app is designed to meet the needs of the port community both for individuals and establishments even without the use of mobile electronic devices when such devices are not available for users.

As of writing, the app is also used in municipalities of Taytay and Baras in Rizal and when riding an MRT-3 in Metro Manila.

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What is the Traze contact tracing app?

TRAZE is an application that individuals must download if they will be traveling via sea or air. It is the official contact tracing app used by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and Department of Transportation (DOTr) - Aviation and Airport Sector.

On Cosmotech’s website, the TRAZE contact tracing app is described as a “nationwide and unified contact tracing app that automates manual contact tracing by using a QR code scanning system.”
Just like other contact tracing applications, TRAZE also generates a unique QR code for individuals who will register and create a Traze account.

What are the requirements to get a Traze account?

To get a TRAZE contact tracing app account, you need to only have a mobile device since you need to download the app. For the requirements, make sure that you have an active mobile number, email address, and a front-facing photo of yourself (you may also take a picture while completing your registration).

Where to download the Traze Contact Tracing application?

You can download TRAZE Contact Tracing app through Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices). Once you're able to download it, you can register an account with the app and use its features.

How to register for a Traze Contact tracing app account?

To register for a Traze Contact Tracing App account, you must download the app first through their website at, Play Store for Android devices, and App Store or iOS devices. After installing the app, you may follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Open the TRAZE app 

After you install the TRAZE contact tracing app through any download method, a message will pop up requiring you to allow camera access. You must tap on "proceed" to continue.

Once you’re done installing the TRAZE contact tracing app on your mobile device, open the app. A pop-up message will appear which will require you to allow camera access, click on the “proceed” button to continue.

Note: You need to allow access to your photo’s camera to capture your photo to be saved locally in your mobile phone as your TRAZE  profile image or ID picture.

2. Click on the “Start Trazing” button 

Once you agree with TRAZE's request to allow camera access, you must now click on the "Start Trazing" button on the home screen of your TRAZE app.

Now click on the "START TRAZING" button on the home screen of the Traze App. You will be redirected to TRAZE’s “TERMS OF USE” and "PRIVACY POLICY" which you need to read and agree to. Said policies will let you know the conditions upon using the TRAZE contact tracing app. Click on the “I AGREE” button to continue with your Traze contact tracing app registration.

After you agree with the TRAZE app's "TERM OF USE" and "PRIVACY POLICY," you may now proceed with the actual registration process (Steps 3 to 5).

3. Click on Register account

Tapping on "REGISTER" will redirect you to TRAZE's actual registration process.

Once you're done with Steps 1 to 2, you may now start with your actual registration process to have a Traze app account. After you agree with the Traze app's terms and conditions, tap on the "REGISTER" button and then select the type of registration from the following: individual, business/government office, barangay, transportation, and delivery crew.

You must now select the type of registration to proceed, select "INDIVIDUAL" if for personal use.

After selecting your type of registration, you must input the following: username (required), password (required), full name, nickname, contact number, email address, and complete address.

After you select your type of registration, fill out the form to continue.

4. Upload a photo of yourself

Once you complete filling out the TRAZE Contact Tracing App registration form, you must upload a front-facing photo of yourself to proceed.

You must upload a profile image of yourself to proceed with your registration. It can either be through a saved copy of your photo on your device or you can capture an image via the Traze app.

Note: Profile image will not be sent to TRAZE contact tracing app’s server.

5. Complete your Traze app registration

You must now confirm your registration, click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed.

After you’re done uploading your photo, you must click on “CONTINUE” on the confirmation message to proceed with your TRAZE contact tracing app registration. You must enter the verification code provided by the TRAZE app to finalize your registration. 

A verification code will pop up once you confirmed all the details, type the code and click on SUBMIT.

Once done, a message will pop up that you are done with the registration and needs activation. You must now enter your registered username and password to activate your account. Once activated, you will see your unique TRAZE QR code which you will present to port and airport authorities.

Note: You must put your real information as this will be used for your Traze Contact Tracing App QR Code. For passengers who do not have a mobile device, you may proceed to a Malasakit Helpdesk at the airport to get a TRAZE account and QR code.

You now have your own TRAZE account and ID, once you travel, you may now use this app in airports, ports, and if required by establishments. You may also check the profile page to check your TRAZE ID and details.

How to get a Traze Contact Tracing App QR Code?

To get a Traze QR code, you must download the app first and register for an account. Once registered, just open your TRAZE Contact Tracing App, click on "START TRAZING." From the home page of the app, you must click the "TRAZE ME" button to generate your own unique QR Code.

Note: Your Traze QR Code is only good for 10 minutes once you generate it through the "TRAZE ME" feature of the app. You must always generate a new QR code through the app if required to present it. Generating Traze QR Code doesn't require internet connectivity so you can still use the app while offline.

For generating a Traze QR Code, you may follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Open Traze account and tap on "Start Trazing"

To get a Traze QR Code, you must open the contact tracing app and then click on the "START TRAZING" button.

If you are already a registered user, you must open the app and log in to your Traze Account. Once logged in, open the app and then tap on the "START TRAZING" button to get a Traze QR code.

2. Click on the "Traze Me" button below your Traze ID

On the home screen of the TRAZE app, click on the "TRAZE ME" button to get your quick response (QR) code.

Once you're on the home screen of your TRAZE app, you must click on the "TRAZE ME" button to generate your own TRAZE QR Code.

3. Receive your Traze QR Code instantly

A generated QR code will show up once you click the "TRAZE ME" button.

After you click on the "TRAZE ME" button, you will instantly receive your QR Code. You must click on the "PREVIEW" button to check its validity. The generated QR code is only valid for 10 minutes due to security purposes. You can always create a new QR Code through the "TRAZE ME" features of the app.

Actual quick response (QR) code generated from the TRAZE contact tracing app.

Where to access my Traze QR Code?

As mentioned above, to access your TRZE QR Code, you must register an account first. Once registered, you must go to the home screen of the TRAZE app and then click on the "TRAZE ME" button to access your QR code which is only valid for 10 minutes.

How does Traze contact tracing app work?

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 disease across the Philippines, the TRAZE contact tracing app converts your phone into a device that can scan TRAZE QR codes (by trazing) of establishments, transport utilities, barangays, hospitals, and other individuals.

You just need to click "TRAZE QR CODE" on the home screen of the app to start logging your movement in several facilities or establishments that use the TRAZE system. Once done scanning the QR Code of the facilities you entered, it will show on the app's TRAZE HISTORY.

A COVID-19 notification feature is also available in the app where you will be notified if there is a risk of COVID-19 infection near you.

Is Traze contact tracing app free?

TRAZE contact tracing app is absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE. Their website, provides customer support that will assist you in using the app. TRAZE management advises individuals to not avail of assistance online that requires them to pay an amount for their service.


TRAZE is a unique contact tracing application that travelers should use since it is required in airports and seaports. If you are traveling anytime soon, you should register for a TRAZE account to avoid further delays and inconvenience once you enter the destination of your choice. —iTacloban


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