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Tacloban City continues to implement city-wide QR code system

Tacloban City continues to implement city-wide QR code system

Tacloban City continues to implement its own QR Code system.

TACLOBAN CITY — Since the declaration of the city government of Tacloban institutionalizing the use of COVID-19 Surveillance Contact-Tracing Analysis System (SCAN) in the entire City of Tacloban under Executive Order No. 2020-07-026, individuals and travelers entering or staying in Tacloban are required to use the city's own contact tracing app.

The application called Tacloban Safe City is accessible at, where individuals can register online for free. To register for a Tacloban QR Code, you may visit the step-by-step guide: Tacloban City QR Code Registration.

Currently, Tacloban City's new travel requirements STILL require using or presenting a Tacloban QR Code alongside a domestic vaccination card in place of a negative RT-PCR test for fully vaccinated individuals (per Executive Order No. 2021-07-028 signed today by City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, July 12, 2021).

Individuals who will be going to Tacloban City shall still secure an acceptance letter through 

If an individual can submit all the required documents on the Balik Tacloban website, an Acceptance Certificate with an imprinted Tacloban QR Code will be issued. This document shall be presented with the QR Code upon arrival. —Tacloban News Update

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