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Tacloban City QR Code Registration

Tacloban City QR Code Registration

The latest and updated guide on registering an online QR code for Tacloban City for individuals entering and staying in the city. 

(UPDATED 05/18/2022) Since July 2020, the local government unit of Tacloban City has implemented its own COVID-19 contact tracing system through the “Tacloban Safe City” app (official name: Tacloban City SCAN System), which provides a unique and distinctive QR code for individuals.

The COVID-19 SCAN System of Tacloban City is defined as a digital platform to combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease. SCAN stands for S- Surveillance activities, C- Contact tracing, A- Analysis, and N-Networking of data and communication. [If you are looking for the latest travel requirements going to Tacloban, you may check it here.]

Its COVID-19 contact tracing feature is used to record the identification of individuals entering malls, shops, restaurants, government offices, and other establishments located within the city. It will keep a record of when the individual entered an establishment.

If you're traveling via land or bus, you need to register for an S-PaSS account. Go here for the step-by-step guide.

Safe City’s application and its QR Code registration are not only limited to residents of Tacloban City. It is also available to individuals going in and out of Tacloban since they need a QR code to enter the city.

[If you have not yet booked a hotel for your trip to Tacloban City, please refer to the article "LIST of Hotels to Stay in Tacloban City this 2022" for a list of recommended accommodations.]

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What is Tacloban QR Code?

Tacloban QR Code is the COVID-19 contact tracing system used by the Tacloban LGU for residents and non-residents in Tacloban City. It is accessible through the Tacloban Safe City application, which individuals can download at

If you are just passing through Tacloban City, you must have a quick response (QR) code just in case you want to travel around the city.

Currently, Tacloban City is placed under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) status, which is why the city is strict in terms of the movement of the people so that COVID-19 disease does not spread.

Where to download or generate a Tacloban QR Code?

To generate a Tacloban QR Code, you must install the application first at the mentioned link above. From there, you can register to get your own and unique QR code.  If the link is inaccessible or the download option is unavailable, you can visit the Facebook page of "Tacloban Safe City" and request the app.

What are the requirements to get a Tacloban QR Code?

You only need access to the internet and an active mobile number to get a Tacloban QR Code. Internet connectivity is necessary to fill out the information required upon registration through the Tacloban Safe City website.

Meanwhile, an active mobile number with available load or SMS is required to register through the mobile application. 

How do I get a QR code in Tacloban City?

To get a Tacloban QR code, you must register or download the app through Tacloban Safe City’s registration link:

(Actual registration form for the QR Code of Tacloban's Safe City website.)

Upon entering the website for Tacloban QR Code, Tacloban City COVID-19 SCAN System, you must click on “Register now - Ios/Android,” and a registration form will pop up where you need to input the following details:

1. Your complete name (first name, middle name, last name.);
2. Your active mobile number;
3. Your region (e.g. Region VIII- Eastern Visayas);
4. Your province, and;
5. Your address (city/municipality, barangay.)

After entering all of the details above, you must click submit to get a confirmation code for your registration. You will receive the 4-digits confirmation code on the mobile number you inputted in the registration form.

(A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number after entering filling out the form. You must enter the 4-digits code to continue and get your QR code.)

Now enter the confirmation code you received on your mobile to the registration form. After this, you will receive a QR code from Tacloban Safety City. You must download it and save the Tacloban QR Code on your cellphone. It’s also advisable to print a copy of it and then laminate it.

(After verifying the confirmation code, you will now get the QR Code. Download or save it afterward.)

UPDATE: Downloading of Tacloban Safe City app in the online portal ( is NOW available as of October 18, 2021. You may download it to get a quick response code through your mobile. 

If you prefer to register through the web portal, you may go directly to the web address listed above to obtain a Tacloban quick response (QR) code. Just follow the steps mentioned here.

How to register an online QR code through the Tacloban Safe City app?

To download the Tacloban Safe City app, go to and click the "Download Safe City App V1.2-Android" button; you must install it on your mobile device. Ensure that you have an available load or SMS on your device after installation so that you can proceed with the registration.

You may follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Open the Tacloban Safe City app 

Tacloban Safe City's registration form on a mobile device.

A registration form to get a Tacloban QR code will pop up. Before filling out the form, you must choose the telecommunications network you are using. Just click the “📞” symbol. There are only two options under network: Smart or Globe, as shown on the image below:

2. Provide complete information and details

(Upon filling out your complete information, you may take a photo for your proof of identification.)

After doing the information above (Step 1), fill out the form with your complete name, address, and mobile number. You may also take a picture through the application as proof of your identity.

3. Verify information and complete the process

(After clicking "I Agree," you will receive your QR code instantly on your Tacloban Safe City application.)

Finally, after filling out the form, you must verify the details and ensure that you provide the correct information, especially with your current address, so you can easily be contact-traced if there are health security risks that might concern you.

You may now click on the “I agree” button once the information is verified.

4. Receive your Tacloban QR Code instantly

(Tacloban Safe City will instantly create a QR Code after completing the registration process.)

Once you completed the process above, you will now have your QR Code instantly. It is located on the homepage of the Tacloban Safe City app. You just need to long press the small QR code button for your actual code to appear. If you want a color-filled QR Code, just long-press the QR image, and you will have different variations of your QR Code.

How do I reset my lost Tacloban QR Code?

According to Tacloban Safe City, to reset your lost Tacloban QR Code, you must email them the following details at (1) your full name, (2) your mobile number, (3) your valid ID), and (4) a document or screenshot showing the mobile number used in your QR Code registration for their verification.

What are the requirements for individuals going to Tacloban City?

On March 16, 2022, Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez signs Executive Order No. 2022-03-001, An Executive Order Implementing the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Guidelines for Alert Level 1 areas.

Visitors from outside Region 8 will be permitted to enter the city upon presentation of their vaccination card. Individuals who have not been fully vaccinated must present a negative RT-PCR result obtained within 72 hours or a negative COVID-19 antigen test obtained within 24 hours prior to their arrival in the city.

Establishments may operate at full capacity as long as they meet minimum public health standards. Aside from the mandatory Tacloban City SCAN System QR Code, businesses must require customers to present their vaccination cards upon entry.

Note: If you are fully vaccinated, you may present your domestic vaccination card. A "fully vaccinated" person had received the second dose of the vaccine within the previous two weeks.

City-bound travelers (RTRs, APORs, ROFs, and ROFWs) DOES NOT NEED to APPLY anymore under the BALIK TACLOBAN website.

TRAVELERS BOUND FOR OTHER LGUs are advised to coordinate with their respective LGUs for their travel requirements. The documents required by their LGUs will be presented at the airport upon travel. 

You may also visit the article titled "Tacloban City (TAC) Travel Requirements for 2021" for the latest and complete guidelines for traveling to Tacloban City. For those going to Ormoc City, you may check here to register an online QR code for Ormoc: Ormoc City QR Code Registration.

How does the Tacloban Safe City app works?

According to Tacloban Safe City, if an individual is a confirmed case or positive of COVID-19 and attempted to enter an establishment, a warning alarm will sound on the scanning device of the establishment upon scanning their Tacloban QR code. 

All the buildings or establishments visited by that ‘positive’ individual will be under immediate disinfection. Meanwhile, all people in the same building where a positive individual entered will be considered close contact and alerted through a text message. 

“Tacloban COVID-19 SCAN System will not only help the city government but also commercial establishments in identifying people who are potentially exposed to the new virus,”  City Administrator Aldrin Quebec said during its launch in 2020.

Aside from the contact-tracing system, Tacloban Safe City App is also rich in different features as it provides public safety updates such as weather and flood advisory. People can also easily report incidents and request immediate assistance from the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Tacloban City Rescue Unit.

Other features include sending concerns to government offices such as the City Veterinary and City Health offices. People can also send inquiries about garbage collection and water utility-related issues.


Tacloban Safe City app is a user-friendly application that provides instant QR codes for individuals residing in Tacloban City and those visiting or working in the city. The app is helpful to combat the spread of COVID-19 since it provides a reliable contact-tracing system. It was one of the firsts contact tracing systems in the Philippines when the pandemic started.

It is a must to download this app and proceed to the QR code registration if you want to roam around Tacloban City. 

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