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www.iTacloban.com is a web-based project based in Tacloban City that offers the most recent digital content in the Philippines.

It is a Tacloban City-based initiative and a response to the ever-increasing social media blog journalism that incorporates the most recent information from various networks from various sources, both local and international.

The website strives to be accurate and accountable for its content and stories. In contrast to other social media news sites, which only seek engagement and audience reach. In fact, several groups have already promoted the brand on social media as a tool for disseminating important information.

The goal of iTacloban is to be known as an alternative local media provider and to disseminate important information to the public.

iTacloban is a web-based project in Tacloban City, Philippines. We aim to provide the latest guides, news, updates, and digital content across Eastern Visayas and the Philippines. For business promotions or partnerships, you may email us at itaclobanph@gmail.com. facebook twitter email

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