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About Us

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iTacloban is a comprehensive information website and blog based in Tacloban City, Philippines. Our goal is to provide the latest news and content from across the country, as well as digital guides and resources, to our readers.

iTacloban was founded as a local initiative by residents of Tacloban City who saw a need for an alternative media outlet that prioritizes accuracy and accountability in its content and stories. With the proliferation of social media and the rise of blog journalism, we recognized the importance of providing a fact-based platform and being responsible in its reporting.

In contrast to other social media news sites that focus solely on engagement and audience reach, our mission at iTacloban is to establish ourselves as a trusted source of the reliable and necessary information. We believe that the public has a right to access accurate and unbiased news and information, and we strive to fulfill this mission through our website.

Over the years, we have gained recognition from various organizations and social media groups that use our platform to disseminate critical information to the public. We are grateful for their support and are committed to continuing to provide a valuable resource for our readers.


  • In 2018, iTacloban was founded as an online local media outlet that relied on citizen contributions for news and public service updates on its social media site.
  • In 2019, iTacloban continued to provide news updates and fact-checked viral content for accuracy.
  • In 2020, iTacloban provided updates on COVID-19 in Tacloban City at the start of the pandemic.
  • In 2021, iTacloban reached over 55 million impressions on Facebook and began producing how-to guides, particularly focusing on contact tracing tools to assist locals and others.
  • In 2022, iTacloban reached over 6 million website views and became part of Google News.

Thank you for visiting iTacloban, and we hope you will continue to rely on us for the latest news and information from the Philippines and beyond.

iTacloban aims to help people by providing the most recent educational content such as online guides, tutorials, news, updates, and digital content from the Philippines and around the world. Email us at itaclobanph@gmail.com for business promotions or partnerships. facebook twitter email

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