How to Register and Get QR Code through ValTrace App

How to Register and Get QR Code through ValTrace App

ValTrace is the City of Valenzuela's official contact tracing app. It can also be used to schedule a vaccination appointment with VCVax. Learn how to register for an account here.

(UPDATED 05/26/2022) Valenzuela City has implemented the use of ValTrace as its premiere contact tracing system through Ordinance No. 783, Series of 2020.

As of February 2022, Valenzuela City continues to use the ValTrace app as their primary contract tracing system and vaccination portal for residents.

The ordinance requires all Valenzuela City residents and non-residents to register for an account in the ValTrace web application and present the generated quick response (QR) code upon entry to establishments under the LGU's jurisdiction.

Individuals in Valenzuela City have been using ValTrace since October 5, 2020, in accordance with the city's "No QR Code, No Entry" policy. It was developed by the City Government of Valenzuela and AppCase Inc. It is one of several contact tracing apps developed by AppCase for several local governments.

Due to the five LGUs' interconnectivity agreement, a QR Code generated by the ValTrace app can also be used in Pasig City, Taytay, Antipolo City, and Mandaluyong City.

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What is ValTrace App?

The ValTrace App, also known as the Valenzuela COVID-19 Tracking Application, is Valenzuela City's central contract tracking system, which residents must use and register for in order to receive a QR Code. Additionally, all establishments in Valenzuela are required to register with ValTrace in order to scan QR Codes of visitors upon entry.

Since November 16, 2020, through Ordinance No. 783, Series of 2020, the application has been fully implemented in all establishments in Valenzuela. It was developed by the Valenzuela City Government and AppCase Inc. to assist the LGU in its contact tracing efforts and COVID-19 prevention.

What is ValTrace QR Code?

The ValtTrace QR Code is the quick response (QR) image generated by the ValTrace app. Individuals receive their unique QR Codes after registering an account in the said app. The QR Code must be saved or stored in their phone or printed because they must present it upon entry into establishments.

When a registered establishment scans the QR Code, their personal information is transmitted to the Valenzuela Central Contact Tracing System to easily trace individuals who have come into contact with a COVID-19 positive.

What are the requirements to register for a ValTrace account?

Because ValTrace is part of the AppCase Inc. family of contact tracing apps, such as PasigPass and Antipolo Bantay COVID, an individual must provide their valid mobile number and email address. It will be used as part of their credentials when signing in for an account.

However, individuals must first have a reliable internet connection and a capable device with a browser to access the ValTrace web application.

Where to access ValTrace App?

To access the ValTrace app and register for an account in order to receive a quick response (QR) code, go to Although the app's homepage only shows a sign-up option for Valenzuela residents, non-residents can still register through the ValTrace web application.

A non-resident who wants to secure a QR Code to enter city establishments can also register for an account in PasigPass or Antipolo Bantay COVID, as the QR Code generated by both apps can be used in Valenzuela.

How do I register and get a QR code through the ValTrace app?

To get a QR code through the ValTrace app, an individual must first register for an account. They can do this by registering at They must click on "I'm a Citizen" on the homepage and fill out the registration form. Once done, they must click on the "Submit" button to get their ValTrace QR Code.

You may also follow the simple steps here:

1. Open your browser and go to

Launch your web browser on your smartphone or other devices with access to the internet. On the address bar, enter "" You will then be redirected to the homepage of the ValTrace web app. From there, you can now proceed with your QR Code registration.

2. Click the "I'm a Citizen" button to sign-up for an account

Go to the ValTrace web portal's homepage and click the "I'm a Citizen" button to proceed with your registration. If you are not a Valenzuela resident, don't worry; you can still register for an account and obtain a QR Code, which is especially useful if you need to enter establishments under the city's jurisdiction.

3. Fill out the ValTrace registration form

After you've finished clicking the "I'm a Citizen" button, you'll be taken to the registration page. You must complete the form and supply the following information:

  • Name (first name, middle name, and last name);
  • Civil Status;
  • Gender;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Complete Address;
  • Valid Email Address; and
  • Active mobile number.
Once you've filled out the required information, you must enter your preferred username and password. It will be used as your login credentials when accessing your ValTrace QR Code and account.

4. Agree with Data Privacy Consent and click the "Submit" button

Before proceeding and completing the registration, you must agree to the terms by checking the box next to the text "I Agree to Data Privacy Consent." After that, you must click the "Submit" button. Your registration will be validated, so don't close your browser to avoid errors. 

You will be redirected to your ValTrace account once the validation is complete.

5. Get your Valtrace QR Code instantly

You will be automatically logged in to your ValTrace account after successful validation. You will immediately see your QR Code on the web application's homepage. To save a copy of your quick response code, simply click the "Download QR" button. You can also take a screenshot.

Once you have a digital copy of your ValTrace QR Code, you can also have it printed and laminated.

Note: Due to an interconnection agreement, ValTrace QR Code can now be used in Pasig, Antipolo, Mandaluyong, and Taytay, Rizal since June 2021. This means you won't have to sign up for multiple websites or download different QR codes.

You only need to obtain a QR Code from ValTrace or other QR Code systems in the areas mentioned above.

What do I do if I forget my Valtrace username and password?

If you have forgotten your username or password, simply go to ValTrace's web portal at and click on "Forgot Password." On the next page, you must enter your registered email address. You will then receive a message in your email inbox. Open it and follow the link provided by ValTrace to reset your password.

Note: Upon retrieving your password, your ValTrace account's username is also indicated upon clicking the link in your email's inbox.

How do I register for COVID-19 vaccination online using the ValTrace App or VCVax?

Keep in mind that creating a ValTrace QR Code is NOT AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION with VCVax. Simply follow these steps to register for vaccination:

1. Navigate to and select the Vaccination Registration for Citizen option. After reading the notification, click the "Confirm" button and enter your ValTrace Username and Password.

2. Fill out the online form and upload a photo of any of the following documents stating your Valenzuela City address:

  • Valid ID or Valid Government-issued ID;
  • Proof of Billing; and
  • If working in Valenzuela City, Company ID or Certificate of Employment.

3. Check the box beside the " Privacy Notice and Data Privacy Consent" text and then click the "Submit" button.

4. VCVax will review your information. Please wait for a letter, text message, or phone call from the VCVax team to confirm your vaccine appointment.

Note: You should always check Valenzuela LGU's official platforms for the most recent updates on their vaccination process at Valenzuela City (Facebook), @valenzuelacity (Twitter), and (website).

You can also contact them via email at for more information.

How does the ValTrace App function?

When the QR Code is scanned, the QR Code holder's personal information is automatically transmitted and integrated into the Valenzuela Central Contact Tracing System.

When the scanner is not connected to the internet or cannot connect to the internet in order to transmit the data collected to the Valenzuela Central Contact Tracing System, the software allows the scanner to store the registrant's personal information in an offline mode.

The person in charge or owner of the establishment is responsible for ensuring that the stored personal information, while the system was in offline mode, is transmitted to the Valenzuela Central Contact Tracing System within twenty-four (24) hours of data collection.

The City Government of Valenzuela will handle all information gathered from data subjects with the utmost confidentiality and will securely dispose of it thirty (30) days after it was collected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ValTrace:

Can non-Valenzuela residents register for a ValTrace QR Code?

Non-Valenzuela residents can get their own ValTce QR Code as long as they enter establishments under the jurisdiction of Valenzuela City. The QR Code can also be used in Pasig, Antipolo, Mandaluyong and Taytay in Rizal Province.

How do I edit or change my Username or Password?

Log in to with your registered username and password and click "Change Login Credentials." From there, you will be able to change your login credentials.

How do I change or edit the personal information I've entered?

Log in to using your registered username and password, and then click "Update Information."

Do I still need a Quarantine Pass if I already have a ValTrace QR Code?

It is still necessary to bring the Quarantine Pass whenever you leave the house. The QR Code will only be required once you enter the establishment.


ValTrace, like Antipolo Bantay COVID and PasigPass, offers web-based registration via its portal. It has the same features as the other two web apps since it was developed in collaboration with AppCase Inc.

Individuals can easily register for an account by simply filling out the registration form and entering their preferred login credentials.

For inquiries and other information about ValTrace App, you may contact the following: (ValTrace Support Email) and 
 8352-1000 loc. 1309 / 1531 (Technical Support Line). —iTacloban


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