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Antipolo QR Code Registration: How to Register with Antipolo Bantay COVID App

Antipolo QR Code Registration: How to Register with Antipolo Bantay COVID App

Antipolo's local government unit (LGU) requires residents to generate a QR Code from the Antipolo BANTAY COVID web application in accordance with City Ordinance No. 2020-968. Know how to get an Antipolo QR Code this 2022.

(UPDATED 03/11/2022) The Antipolo Bantay Covid QR Code (Antipolo QR Code) must be used upon entering government buildings and private establishments such as malls, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, and other crowded places.

Meanwhile, residents and non-residents can generate a BANTAY COVID-19 QR Code, but those from Pasig, Valenzuela, Mandaluyong, or Taytay can use their local government units' QR Code systems upon going to areas in Antipolo, thanks to a consortium agreement signed by the five local governments.

Learn how to register for an Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 QR code this 2022 here.

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What is Antipolo QR Code?

The Antipolo QR Code is the generated image from the Antipolo Bantay COVID web application. It is used as part of the contract tracing solution of Antipolo City in the. Through a contact tracing network consortium agreement, Antipolo QR Code can also be used in the cities of  Pasig, Valenzuela, Mandaluyong, and the town of Taytay.

Residents of Antipolo must use the QR Code when entering businesses throughout the city. In the meantime, the Bantay COVID-19 QR web app can be used to schedule a vaccination appointment.

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What is Antipolo Bantay Covid app?

The Antipolo Bantay Covid app is Antipolo city's official contact tracing system, and it generates a quick response (QR) code that should be used when entering establishments in the city. The web application is also used for online vaccine registration for those who want to get vaccinated..

Where to download or generate an Antipolo QR Code?

The Antipolo QR Code can be created using the BANTAY COVID-19 QR web application, which can be accessed here: Residents and non-residents may access the weblink to get their unique QR Code. Once they're able to register and complete the registration, a system-generated QR Code will be given to them.

What are the requirements to get an Antipolo QR Code?

You'll need internet access and a device like a smartphone, laptop, or computer to open a web browser and access the BANTAY COVID-19 website in order to receive an Antipolo QR Code. Once you're able to access the website of Antipolo Bantay COVID, you must provide the following:

  • Personal information (name, gender, civil status, date of birth, address, etc.);
  • Valid email address and active mobile number; and
  • your preferred username and password.

How to register for an Antipolo QR Code?

To secure an Antipolo QR Code via the Bantay Covid app, you must launch your browser and go to Click the "Individual Sign-Up" button on the homepage and then fill out the Antipolo Bantay Covid registration form. After completing the registration form, you must click the "Submit" button to obtain your QR Code.

Additionally, you may follow the steps below:

1. Launch your browser and go to

Once you're able to launch your browser, either on mobile or desktop devices, you must type "" On the homepage of the Antipolo Bantay Covid web application, you will see three options: vaccine registration, individual sign-up (for residents and non-residents), and business sign-up.

2. Click on the "Individual Sign-Up" button

To begin the registration process, click the "Individual Sign-Up" button on the homepage if you are living, working or visiting Antipolo City.  For establishment owners, you must click on the "Business Sign-Up" button.

3. Fill out the Bantay Covid registration form

Fill out the registration form and provide the following information after being redirected to the next page: name (first name, middle name, and last name), civil status, gender, date of birth, address (region, barangay, house/bldg. no., street Name, and village), valid email address, active mobile number, and your preferred login details (username and password).

4. Agree with the terms and then click the "Submit" button


Once you've reviewed all of your provided information, check the box next to "I Agree to Data Privacy Statement" to confirm that you agree with the terms, and then click the "Submit" button to continue.

Your information will be processed and validated; do not close your browser to avoid registration errors.

5. Receive your Antipolo QR Code instantly

Following validation, you will be redirected to your Antipolo QR Code. Make sure to save it or take a screenshot of it. You can also download an Antipolo QR Code ID by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD ID-PDF" button. After you've downloaded the PDF file, print it and have it laminated at your local printing shop.

Sample of an Antipolo QR ID which you can put a picture of you once printed.

If you have a printed Antipolo QR ID, you can present it to establishments within the city and areas covered by the network consortium agreement.

Where is the Antipolo QR Code used?

Residents, visitors, and workers in Antipolo are required to have a QR code that they will use before entering the establishment, particularly in crowded areas such as malls, markets, hospitals, and transportation terminals.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can sign up in your barangay and receive a printout of the Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 QR Code.

The QR code generated by the Bantay Covid-19 portal is unique to each individual. It is strictly prohibited to lend or share a person's QR code with others. Those who are caught violating will face consequences.

Non-compliance with this health and safety protocol will result in penalties and fines in accordance with Antipolo City ordinances.

How to retrieve Antipolo QR Code?

To retrieve your Antipolo QR Code, simply log in using your username and password on the Bantay COVID-19 web portal at Your QR code will appear immediately on the homepage, which you can download or take a screenshot of.

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the forgot password link on the homepage or by following the steps below:

1. Open your browser and go to the Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 website

Launch your preferred web browser and then go to Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 website at

2. Tap on "Click Here" next to the 'Forgot your password' text

To retrieve your password, go to the homepage and click on the link that says "Click Here" next to the text "Forgot your password."

3. Enter your email address on the required field

On the next page, enter your email address to reset your password and then click the "Submit" button to continue. A message will be sent to your registered email address.

4. Open your inbox and click the "Reset password" link

Check your email's inbox for a message from with the subject line: "Antipolo Bantay Covid - Forgot Password." Open the message and click the "Click here to reset your password" link.

5. Create a new password and click the "Submit" button

After clicking the link, you'll be taken to a page where you can create a new password. After you have decided on your new password, click on the "Submit" button. You will then be notified that you have successfully updated your password. Log in to your account to get your Antipolo QR Code.

Note: You can also message Antipolo MIS for password retrievals and other QR Code concerns through their Facebook page at:


The Antipolo QR Code is an effective method for contact tracing when entering Antipolo establishments as well as areas covered by the network consortium agreement.

Anyone can easily obtain their unique quick response (QR) code via the Antipolo Bnatay COVID platform. Simply ensure that the information they post on the platform is correct. Those who want to get vaccinated in Antipolo can register on the website in addition to generating a QR Code. —iTacloban/AJ Yes

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