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StaySafe PH App: Download and QR Code Registration

StaySafe PH App: Download and QR Code Registration

StaySafe.PH app provides unique contact tracing features that let a person know if there are risks of COVID-19 infection upon entering establishments. LOGO:

(UPDATED) Going to certain establishments in this time of COVID-19 pandemic requires a footprint that authorities can check to avoid the risk of new infections of the said disease. This is why the StaySafe PH app is necessary since its features and QR code function are now needed in several localities within the country.

“StaySafe PH” is the answer of the Philippine government to unify the contact tracing efforts nationwide. Certain regions and provinces are already using the StaySafe PH app such as Metro Manila, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Central Visayas (Bohol, Cebu), Western Visayas, and SOCCSKSARGEN.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) praises the app's contact tracing features, such as live graph exposures, COVID-19 updates, exposure notification, health status report, random ID sharing, and unique QR code. 

Both institutions also renewed their call to all local government units (LGUs) and the general public to use the StaySafe.Ph application and register for an account as it amplify contact tracing efforts nationwide. [For StaySafe Ph QR code registration, you may follow the steps here.]

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What is Stay safe PH?

According to their website, StaySafe (official name: is a community-driven social distancing system where people can contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by reporting their health conditions and their respective family members.

It is the Philippines’ official contact tracing application to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and any emerging infectious diseases. All Filipinos can use this digital Bayanihan system by downloading the app.

The homepage of the StaySafe PH website allows individuals to download it in Google Play or App Store or directly go to the Web App for StaySafe PH registration. Screengrab:

Where is StaySafe PH used?

StaySafe PH is used in LGUs that require establishments within their jurisdiction to provide a contact tracing system to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Upon entering these establishments, you need to present a StaySafe PH QR code. For example, suppose you are in Metro Manila and Cebu City. In that case, it is required to show your QR code if you will enter malls, restaurants, coffee shops, private establishments, facilities, and government or non-government offices. 

What are the requirements for StaySafe PH?

The StaySafe PH only requires a mobile device or smartphone to run the app and an active mobile number. For people who don’t have a smartphone device, you only need your mobile number and register at their website to get your QR Code.

You may also register at an internet cafe or ask for the help of your friends, families, and relatives.

The app can be easily downloaded through different app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Photo illustration: iTacloban.

Where to download the StaySafe PH app?

You can download the StaySafe PH app through Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices). It is also readily available to download online. You may download it here:

How to get a QR Code via the StaySafe PH app?

To get a QR Code, you must register or download the app through StaySafe PH's website: Once you install the app, the StaySafe app will still require you to register on a web browser to input your details. 

You may follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Open the StaySafe PH app

Once you’re able to download the app and install it on your mobile device, you must enter the homepage to proceed with the registration. Still, first, you should click on the “get started” button and then agree with the app’s “terms of use” and “privacy notice” policies.

You will see these buttons after opening the StaySafe PH app. You must click each and proceed to the next step.

After agreeing with these policies, you must enable exposure notification.

Enabling "exposure notification" will let the app collect random IDs used for contact tracing.

The exposure notification feature uses the Bluetooth of your phone to securely collect and share random IDS with others phones nearby to notify if you’ve been near someone who has submitted a positive COVID-19 result.

2. Tap on the StaySafe PH logo and input your mobile number

Once you complete the details on step one, you may proceed with your actual StaySafe PH registration.

After you complete the details on Step 1, you will now have access to the app’s functionality to see different features. You must tap on the StaySafe PH logo located at the bottom center of the app. Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to a webpage in your browser. You must input your mobile number to get a one-time-pin (OTP) code. Enter the OTP code to proceed with the next step.

3. Provide complete information and details

You must provide complete and factual information. Once done, tap on "COMPLETE PROFILE."

Now you’re done registering your mobile number and entering the OTP code, you must input the following details: full name, date of birth, gender, complete address, email address (optional), and company name if available. Verify the information you provided and complete the process by clicking on the “complete profile” button.

4. Receive your QR Code instantly

After completing all the steps above, you will now receive your actual QR code to use t establishments.

Once you completed all the steps above, you will receive your StaySafe PH app QR code instantly. You may take a screenshot of it or save it on your mobile device. It is advisable to print a copy of it and then laminate it.

How does stay safe PH works?

When you register to StaySafe’s digital logbook, your details will be generated into a quick-response (QR) code which you can present to establishments for a health check and COVID-19 contact tracing.

Meanwhile, according to their official website, StaySafe PH’s app does not ask for personal information like name, age, gender, contact number, photo, address, and/or email address. Location and GPS are likewise NOT enabled and captured.

StaySafe App only uses Bluetooth for exposure notification when enabled. StaySafe Exposure notification relies on the sharing and collection of random IDs. These IDs are random strings of numbers that will NOT IDENTIFY you to another user and automatically change from to time to protect your privacy. You may opt to TURN OFF these notifications at any time.

An individual who is tested positive for COVID-19 can submit his/her case number in order to help notify others who may have been in close contact with him/her. This will prompt those who have been exposed to monitor their condition for possible signs and symptoms.

The verification of the validity of these case numbers is determined through the integration with the COVID Document Repository System (CDRS) controlled by The Department of Health (DOH). The app is managed by the Department of Health

How do I use the StaySafe PH app and activate it?

To use the StaySafe PH App, you must download it first via Play Store or App Store. Upon the installation, you must prepare your active mobile number for activation. You can navigate the apps’ features on the bottom part, where you can tap unique buttons.

Features of the StaySafe PH app from left to right: (1) Exposure notification,  (2) Covid-19 updates and statistics, (3) prevention and symptoms checker, and (4) the app's settings.

On the homepage, you can see your COVID-19 exposure status in which the app is active in searching random IDs nearby that will identify if a person is negative or positive from COVID-19. You will also be able to check your potential exposure and interaction in the last 14 days.

Meanwhile, its other functionality includes updates and statistics on COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, prevention and symptoms checkers for the said disease, and quick links under the settings page, which will redirect you to StaySafe’s PH contact form and policies.

Is StaySafe free?

The StaySafe PH application is FREE-OF-USE, and there are no charges upon using it. Although owned by the Philippines’ Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), it is managed by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). 

The app was developed by MultiSys Technologies Corporation.


The StaySafe PH App as an official COVID-19 contact tracing app for the Philippines is a good start for the country's digital innovation. It can be the first step for Filipinos to follow minimum health protocols that require multi-technology functionality, as StaySafe provides a QR Code and several features that help combat the spread of the said disease.

StaySafe app can be upgraded by providing an internal QR Code function where smartphone users can easily access it, just like Tacloban's Safe City app. —AJ Yes/iTacloban

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