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Taguig QR Code: How to Register using TRACE Taguig

Taguig QR Code: How to Register using TRACE Taguig

Taguig QR code is required when entering Taguig City establishments. TRACE Taguig can be used to generate it. Learn how to register here.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many local government units have stepped up to develop innovative solutions to combat the spread of COVID-19, one of which is the use of contact tracing apps.

Taguig City is one of these LGUs that has made it possible for residents and non-residents of the city to be contacted immediately if there is a COVID-19 infection risk by logging their information in Trace Taguig. The app will then generate a quick response (QR) code for each user, which must be presented before entering a city establishment. 

Aside from contact tracing, TRACE Taguig also provides Taguig LGU alerts and announcements, vaccination registration, COVID-19 updates, a digital health declaration form, and health status notification.

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What is TRACE Taguig?

TRACE Taguig, also known as the Taguig Registry for Access and Citizen Engagement, is the official contact tracing app of Taguig City, which is used in a number of public and private establishments within the city's territorial jurisdiction.

Taguig City residents and visitors are required to download and use the aforementioned app in order to generate their own unique quick response (QR) code, which they must present in order to gain entry into a business or establishment in the city.

It also aids in the monitoring of areas where the COVID-19 disease is spreading and the immediate notification of users when they are in danger of becoming infected or infecting others.

What is Taguig QR Code?

Taguig QR Code (also referred to as TRACE Taguig QR Code) is a component of the TRACE Taguig app that allows users to use a QR Code as a digital identity when entering an establishment in Taguig City.

Residents, employees, and visitors in Taguig City can generate a QR Code through the use of the TRACE Taguig portal. They can also register at any barangay TRACE kiosks where they can ask the staff to assist them to create an account and get a Taguig QR Code.

What are the requirements to get a Taguig QR Code?

Individuals must have a reliable internet connection, as well as a device that can connect to the Trace Portal at, where they must enter the following information:

  • Personal information (name, birthdate, etc.)
  • Complete address
  • valid email address; and
  • valid mobile number.

Who needs to register for a Taguig QR Code?

The following are the individuals who are required to get a Taguig QR Code:

  •  Residents of Taguig ;
  • Those who work in Taguig; and
  • Those who visit Taguig.

How to get a Taguig QR Code?

Individuals must access the TRACE Taguig portal via the following link: and then click the button labeled "Register" (under the text: CREATE ACCOUNT). Select your residency status (resident, transient, or visitor) and then complete the registration form.

After completing the registration form, you will automatically receive your TRACE Taguig QR Code. Additionally, you may follow the steps below:

1. Go to and click the "Register" button

To obtain your QR Code, open your preferred web browser and navigate to Scroll down the home screen to find the CREATE account option. Click the "Register" button beneath it to start the registration process.

2. Choose your classification from the options provided

After clicking the "Register" button, you must select your classification from the available options. If you live in Taguig City, choose "Resident;" if you are a transient worker from somewhere else, select "Transient," and if you are simply visiting Taguig, select "Visitor."

3. Fill out the TRACE Taguig online registration form

On the following page, complete the online registration form by providing the following information: Address in its entirety (Region, Province, City, Barangay, Street, etc.), Complete Name (First name, middle name, and last name), gender, email address, birth date, and an active mobile phone number (will be used as your username), as well as your preferred password.

4. Enter the code and agree with the Privacy Policy

After you've completed the registration form and entered your preferred password, you must enter the code in the required field. Following that, you must check the box next to it to indicate your agreement with the Privacy Statement, and then click the "Submit" button.

A confirmation message will appear to ensure that you entered all of the required information correctly. To proceed, click the "Submit" button.

5. Automatically receive your TRACE Taguig QR Code

Once your registration is complete, you will be notified that the process was successful. You will receive your TRACE Taguig QR Code automatically; ensure that you download or save it to your mobile device.

The QR Code generated in the portal must be presented upon entry into Taguig City establishments.

What is the purpose of TRACE Taguig?

Previously, you were required to write in the establishment's log books or contact tracking forms, as well as present an ID or health certificate upon entry. Now, all you need to do is present your QR code. After that, it will be scanned by the designated scanners to obtain information about your entry. This is required in order to identify contacts for the purposes of government Contact Tracing.

How can TRACE Taguig help with contact tracing?

First, details about a person's illness, travel to another location, and interactions with other people can be obtained from a self-assessment or survey completed by the citizen. Second, after scanning the citizen's QR Code in the establishments visited, the data will be sent directly to the establishment's and the LGU's dashboard, which only they will be able to see. 

If someone is POSITIVE, it will be easier to identify those who encountered it based on the day and time obtained from the data.

What are the other services provided by TRACE Taguig?

Apart from QR Code generation, the TRACE Taguig portal offers additional services that benefit residents of Taguig City, such as vaccination scheduling and swab testing appointments. Additionally, a health self-assessment tool and an online payment portal are available (real property tax, business tax, etc.).

Those who wish to obtain a QR Code but lack access to the internet may do so at the TRACE Taguig kiosk. The following services are available at Taguig TRACE kiosks:

  • Registration with the Taguig TRACE Application
  • Generation and/or printing of the TRACE QR Code
  • Appointment scheduling for your COVID-19 vaccination
  • Responding to vaccination-related inquiries in Taguig City 

Note: Residents of Taguig can register to TRACE at Taguig TRACE Kiosks which are stationed throughout the city to make vaccine registration more accessible. Taguig TRACE Kiosk personnel will assist Taguigeños in filling out necessary forms, generating their QR code, and scheduling their vaccination appointment. 


It's ridiculously simple to register a QR Code in Taguig City via the Trace Taguig app. Simply navigate to the website in question, click the "Register" button, and then enter the required information. Individuals can then obtain their Trace Taguig QR Code.

Additionally, the TRACE TAGUIG app is impressive because it not only generates QR Codes for individuals but also provides access to other Taguig LGU services such as vaccination and swab test.

To learn more about TRACE Taguig and its generated QR Code, call the numbers below or send an email to





You may contact the COVID-19 hotlines with any questions regarding COVID-19 Testing:



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