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How to Get Marikina QR Code through the StaySafe App

How to Get Marikina QR Code through the StaySafe App

Marikina City has implemented the use of the StaySafe app for contact tracing purposes. Individuals must register for a QR Code to enter City establishments.

On March 24, 2021, through Ordinance No. 016, Series of 2021, the City Government of Marikina have adopted the use of StaySafe.Ph application as its primary contact tracing system mandating residents and non-residents to use it upon entry in all public and private establishments throughout the City.

The City determined that an automated contact tracing system utilizing QR codes was necessary to provide safe, timely, and more comprehensive contact identification instead of customers, visitors, and employees filling out traditional contact tracing forms before entering establishments.

Marikina City's adoption of the StaySafe.Ph app contributes to the government's coordinated efforts in contact tracing and vaccination or transmission of COVlD-19.

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What is Marikina QR Code?

Marikina QR Code is a matrix barcode image that refers to the generated quick response (QR) code generated by the StaySafe app, which is used by both residents and non-residents of Marikina City. To register and receive their unique QR Code, all covered individuals must download the StaySafe.Ph app.

The non-transferable QR code can be stored on their phone or printed to obtain a physical copy required before entering or establishing Marikina's territorial jurisdiction.

What are the requirements to get a Marikina QR Code?

Individuals interested in obtaining a Marikina QR Code must have access to the internet and a smartphone device to download and install the StaySafe.Ph application. Additionally, registration requires an active mobile phone number.

How to register and get a Marikina QR Code?

To get a Marikina QR CODE, you must first register on the StaySafe.Ph app. To do so, an individual must download the StaySafe.Ph app from the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) on their device (for iOs). They must then provide an active mobile number and complete the online registration form.

Following that, they will receive their QR Code, which they can use upon entry to Marikina establishments. Additionally, you may follow the simple steps below:

1. Download and install StaySafe.Ph app

Open your device's PlayStore (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and search for the StaySafe PH app. After that, download and install it. If you do not have a smartphone, you can register at by entering your active mobile phone number.

2. Launch the StaySafe app on your device

When you first launch the StaySafe app on your device, you must follow the on-screen instructions and agree to the terms of service and privacy notice before continuing.

You may also read the step-by-step guide here: StaySafe PH App: Download and QR Code Registration.

As soon as you agree to the policies of the applications, you must enable the app's exposure notification feature, as shown in the image below:

3. Go to the Registration form by clicking the StaySafe logo

To register for a QR Code that you can use in Marikina City and other local government units (LGUs) that have adopted the StaySafe app, click on the StaySafe logo on the app's home screen.

Before being redirected to the registration form, you must enter your active mobile number, the 6-digit OTP code sent to your number, and click the "Verify" button.

4. Fill out the StaySafe registration form

After you have verified your mobile number, you will be redirected to StaySafe's online registration form, where you must fill out your personal information such as your name, gender, date of birth, and full address.

Once you have completed filling out the registration form, you must click on the "Complete Profile" button to proceed and receive your QR Code which you can use in Marikina City.

5. Get your quick response (QR) code instantly 

After completing your StaySafe profile/account and registering, you will instantly receive your unique quick response (QR) code via the app. You can then use it to enter public or private establishments within Marikina City's territorial jurisdiction.

When used in Marikina, this generated QR Code may also be referred to as Marikina QR Code.

Why should you use a Marikina QR Code?

All covered individuals are required to download a QR Code through the StaySafe app since Marikina LGU has implemented a "No QR Code, No Entry Policy." 

Similarly, all covered establishments must register as Administrators in the StaySafe app and will be provided with a unique generated QR Code upon registration.

QR Codes for non-smartphone users will be generated with the help of their respective barangays and distributed to the registrant's address.

How does the Marikina QR Code function?

All covered establishments are required to designate personnel at each entrance to ensure that each individual who enters the establishment has a unique personal QR Code. Prior to entry, the establishment must provide a scanner and personnel to scan and verify the authenticity of the registrants' QR codes.

Customers, visitors, and employees of both public and private establishments will be denied entry unless they present their QR Codes.

The QR Code is the registrant's digital footprint, recording with whom he or she has had contact within the covered establishment on a specific day and time. Scanning the QR Code of each customer or employee inside the establishment will generate the digital logbook that the covered establishments must keep.

To ensure compliance with the digital logbook maintenance requirement, covered establishments must submit electronic logs to the City's Contact Tracing Team on a daily basis.

Is my information secure when I register for a QR Code?

When the QR Code is scanned, the registrant's personal information is automatically transmitted and integrated in real-time into the Department of Health's (DOH) database, which is accessible to the City's Contact Tracing Team.

All information collected, processed, and shared shall be in accordance with Republic Act No. 11233 ("Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern") and Republic Act No. 10172 ("Data Privacy Act"), as well as their respective implementing rules and regulations.

The City Government of Marikina will treat all AII information collected, processed, shared, and gathered from data subjects with the utmost confidentiality. and shall securely dispose of them within thirty (30) days of collection.

What are the prohibited acts for Marikina QR Code usage and non-use?

According to Marikina LGU Ordinance No. 016, Series of 2021, the following acts are hereby declared unlawful under the ordinance:

For Covered Individuals:

  • Has gained access to covered establishments in Marikina City without registering in the StaySafe application and without a generated QR Code for the aforementioned application
  • Giving false information during the registration/creation of an account with the StaySafe app.
  • Allowing others to use their unique QR code to gain access to the premises of a covered establishment.
  • Register multiple times for the purpose of having more than one unique personal QR Code.

For Covered Establishments:

  • Failure to register with the StaySafe system.
  • Failure to assign some personnel the responsibility of ensuring that all customers, visitors, and employees of the establishment have a QR code before entering.
  • Inability to provide a scanner and scan registrants' QR codes before admission.
  • Intentional omission of scanning the registrants' QR Code.
  • Allowing customers, visitors, and employees to enter without using a QR code.
  • Deliberate failure to transmit the registrants' personal information within twenty-four (24) hours of being offline.
  • Unauthorized access to and disclosure of registrants' personal information.
  • Failure to submit electronic logs daily.


Anyone with a smartphone can easily register for a QR Code through the StaySafe app used in Marikina City. Individuals can also use the QR Code in other local government units (LGUs) that use the StaySafe contact tracing system.

Individuals who do not have internet access can go to their respective barangay halls and ask for assistance registering for the StaySafe QR Code. —AJ Yes/iTacloban

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