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EASTERN VISAYAS | New Travel Requirements and Guidelines

EASTERN VISAYAS | New Travel Requirements and Guidelines

Traveling to Eastern Visayas? Learn about the most recent travel requirements and protocols for each local government unit (LGU) here.

Eastern Visayas Region is one of the most diverse regions in the Philippines, with majestic beaches, caves, and rainforests on its three major islands: Biliran, Samar, and Leyte.

Numerous tourist destinations have opened in the region due to lax travel restrictions and guidelines, particularly in areas with Alert Levels 2 and 1 because of low or decreasing cases of COVID-19 transmission.

Most LGUs in Eastern Visayas are on Alert Level 2, which means intrazonal and interzonal travel is permitted and subject to the destination LGU's reasonable regulations.

Learn about the travel requirements and guidelines for each local government unit (LGU) here:

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Biliran Province

The Provincial Government of Biliran has updated its entry requirements for all travelers in accordance with Local Executive Order No. 31 Series of 2021. Individuals should present the following documents at border checkpoints upon entering the Province of Biliran and local government units (LGUs) under its jurisdiction.

Travelers coming from all points within Region 8:

  • Biliran QR Code
  • LGU Coordination Permit/Acceptance Letter - for Returning Residents or LSIs
  • LGU Travel Pass - for Biliranon Residents
  • Travel Order (issued prior to travel) - for Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs)
  • Vaccination Card - if available only as additional support for requirements. APORs are required to have this document.
  • Proof of School Transaction - for Students of local schools/universities in Biliran Province

Travelers from all over the country who are not from Region 8:

  • Negative RT-PCR result 
  • Biliran QR Code
  • LGU Coordination Permit/Acceptance Letter
  • Travel Order (issued prior to travel) - for Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs)
  • Vaccination Card - not mandatory for students, but recommended if available
  • Proof of School Transaction - for Students of local schools/universities in Biliran Province

On S-PaSS, Biliran Province is labeled as "UNRESTRICTED," which means that travelers no longer need to get travel passes such as a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) but must contact the MDRRMO of their destination municipalities to obtain a Certificate of LGU Coordination to enter the province.

Additionally, the Certificate of LGU Coordination is required for travel to the province by land, sea, or air. You can find the MDRRMO's contact information for municipalities/LGUs below:

MDRRMO/LGU Contact No.
Almeria 09066083934
Biliran 09464899899 / 09380248080
Cabucgayan 09178955550
Caibiran 09152355301
Culaba 09164244582
Kawayan 09752204394
Maripipi 09173175488
Naval 09054801417

Eastern Samar

As of June 6, 2021, the Province of Eastern Samar continues to require travelers to use the S-PaSS system and obtain a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). All travelers from outside the Eastern Visayas Region are required to show or present the following documents or certificates:

  1. Upon arrival, complete a health declaration form or undergo a health assessment.
  2. Screening for symptoms and temperature check
  3. Secured QR-Code generated by the S-PaSS system
  4. RT-PCR/antigen test for those residing in ECQ and MECQ areas

At least two days before their departure date, all travelers must register and/or apply for a Travel Coordination Permit.

Note: All requirements must be uploaded and saved to the traveler's S-PaSS account, which, once approved, will generate an S-PaSS QR Code that can be downloaded or printed, and presented at entry.

Borongan City

Persons arriving from outside Region VIII or any other LGU with a higher alert level will be allowed to enter the city if they are fully vaccinated. Otherwise, they must present a negative RT-PCR test result obtained at least three days prior to their departure date for Borongan City in lieu of their vaccination card and/or vaccination certificate.

Individuals who are unvaccinated and are unable to present a valid negative RT-PCR test result upon entry into the City will be subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

All incoming travelers from areas outside Region VIII, regardless of the alert level of the point of origin vaccination status and/or a negative RT-PCR, must coordinate with their respective Barangays of planned travel and/or arrival and with the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit - 09635842248, 09635842491, 09635842495, 09635842497, 09635842498, and 09706819204.

Leyte (Province)

The Province of Leyte also uses S-PaSS, but it is only required when passing through the province, which is why travelers to other destination LGUs must have a Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP). They must first register on S-PaSS in order to obtain a TPP.

Travelers may directly go to their destination LGU in Leyte without a travel pass.

Note: Travellers may contact LEYTE EOC for inquiries at (+63)956-788-1821.

Baybay City

The BC Pass or Baybay QR Code is no longer required for entry into any establishments in the city. Entrance into any establishment within the city's geographical jurisdiction requires the presentation of a vaccination card/certificate issued by any government institution.

ROWFs, LSIs, and other Baybay City Returnees must adhere to the following procedures/protocols:

  1. Prior to arriving in the city, the returnee must coordinate with the relevant Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT). 
  2. Upon arrival, the returnee must have his or her personal information, travel documents, and other documents verified and recorded. 
  3. For proper recording and monitoring, all returnees must submit a photocopy of their vaccination card/certificate and identification card.

  • Fully vaccinated individuals who will travel to Baybay City are required to follow the guidelines below:

      • Undergo a physical examination and an assessment by the personnel of the BHERT;
      • All belongings and personal effects of the returnee shall be subject to disinfection and decontamination procedures;
      • Those deemed to have no symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of the physical examination and assessment will be allowed to go home:.
      • Those fully vaccinated individuals who show COVID-like symptoms, as determined by the BHERT, shall be admitted to the Ligtas COVID-19 Center at the New Baybay City Hospital and shall undergo an RT-PCR Swab Test;
      • Those who tested "Negative" for the RT-PCR Swab Test shall undergo 3-day home quarantine.
      • Those who tested "Positive" in the RT-PCR Swab Test shall be admitted to the Ligtas COVID-19 Center for treatment.
      • Fully vaccinated returnees admitted for treatment at the Ligtas COVID-19 center shall not be discharged unless they have obtained a "Negative" result from the RT-PCR Swab Test. 
      • Fully vaccinated individuals discharged from the facility shall no longer undergo home quarantine.

Ormoc City

Ormoc City allows individuals to travel and enter the city by providing the following conditions, as stated in an Executive Order signed by the City Mayor on December 1, 2021:

  • Ormoc QR Code;
  • Valid identification card which will be used to verify the identification of the Ormoc QR Code holder; and
  • Negative antigen results such as Red Cross Saliva or RT-PCR test, taken within 72 hours of entry to Ormoc, OR COVID-19 domestic vaccination card for fully vaccinated individuals.

Individuals traveling to other areas from Ormoc who have a negative antigen certified by a licensed medical professional, Red Cross Saliva or RT-PCR results taken in Ormoc within 72 hours prior to travel back to the city; arriving via seaport or airport; may present the same result for the purpose of returning to Ormoc.

When flagged by the border QR Code scanner as having exited Ormoc city for at least SEVEN (7) consecutive days: a negative antigen certified by a licensed medical professional, Red Cross Saliva or RT-PCR results taken from the place of origin and taken within seventy-two (72) hours prior to entry into Ormoc.

Tacloban City

The Tacloban City Government has issued an Executive Order easing travel restrictions for visitors to the city since November 1, 2021. Registration for the city's Balik Tacloban program, as well as the submission of documents and a negative COVID test, will no longer be required for Tacloban-bound visitors.

Visitors only need to register for a Tacloban QR Code, which they must present to establishments upon entry.

Northern Samar

Northern Samar Province has adopted NIATF RESOLUTION NO. 101, issued on February 26, 2021, on uniform travel protocols for land, sea, and air. Individuals visiting or returning to Northern Samar must adhere to the following guidelines and protocols:

  • Minimum public health standards are enforced, including social distancing, the mandatory use of a face mask and face shield, hand hygiene, and cough etiquette.
  • At entry points, clinical and exposure assessments will be performed.
  • Testing will not be required. Prior to travel, LGUs of the final destination will require testing.
  • No traveler shall be subjected to quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms upon arrival at their destination LGU.
  • The Joint Task Force has granted permission to travel. Health certificates and Covid Shield will no longer be required.
  • At the point of entry, Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APORs) from National Government Agencies and their attached agencies must present their identification cards, travel itinerary, and travel authority and undergo symptom screening.

Samar (Province)

Samar Province also makes use of the S-PaSS system. Travelers must first create an S-PaSS account and then coordinate with their destination LGU for any additional travel requirements that may apply.

Calbayog City

Domestic travelers who are fully vaccinated and bound for Calbayog City will only need to present their VACGNATION CARD to gain entry into the city. They are no longer required to provide a NEGATIVE RT-PCR Test Result or a Certificate/Letter of Acceptance. Furthermore, they will no longer be subjected to quarantine upon entering the city.

Unvaccinated individuals, including those who have not completed their vaccination, must present the following documents:
  • NEGATIVE RT-PCR Test Result (issued within 72 hours of travel date); and
  • Certificate/Letter of Acceptance (issued by the City Government of Calbayog)
If a NEGATIVE RT-PCR test result is not available, the individual shall be subjected to a 14-day quarantine at the IATF designated isolation facility.

Note: Only fully vaccinated tourists and visitors will be permitted entry to Calbayog City's tourist sites and areas. All site guides, crew, staff, and personnel must be fully vaccinated as well.

Catbalogan City

The following travel protocols are implemented by the Calbayog LGU through Executive Order No. 11-002 as supplemental guidelines to IATF-EID Resolutions:

  1. Vaccinated travelers, returning residents, and tourists entering the city shall be exempt from the requirement to present a coordination letter or proof of coordination;
  2. Unvaccinated travelers, returning residents, and tourists must obtain documentation from the city demonstrating coordination. The following is the contact information for obtaining said proof:
      • SMART 0910-800-6922;
      • GLOBE 0927-270-1516; 0927-730-1105; 0995-644-3305; 0927-531-0076 

Southern Leyte

Individuals traveling to the province of Southern Leyte must present the following documents upon entry:

Meanwhile, travelers returning to the Province of Southern Leyte are required to adhere to the following quarantine protocols:

There is no requirement for quarantine. However, if symptoms are present, 7 days of home quarantine are recommended pending RT-­PCR results. If you are a resident of a barangay with herd immunity, you must stay at home for five days.

If a resident of the barangay lacks herd immunity, a ten-day facility quarantine is required.
At the provincial border, the individual must present a negative RT-PCR test.

If a resident of a barangay with herd immunity, a five-day quarantine at home is required.

If a resident of a barangay without herd immunity, they will be quarantined for ten days in the facility.

Those who want to check the travel requirements of other LGUs in Eastern Visayas Region should, if possible, contact their destination LGUs. —iTacloban

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