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Southern Leyte QR Code Registration

Southern Leyte QR Code Registration

The latest guide on registering for an online QR code for individuals entering and staying in Southern Leyte Province.

(UPDATED) Southern Leyte is one of the provinces in the Philippines that has its own quick response (QR) code system for contact tracing purposes. It is called the "Southern Leyte ACTS" and can be used by residents and non-residents of different municipalities in the province, including the City of Maasin.

Offices and establishments operating in the Southern Leyte Province are required to implement the said automated contact tracing system (ACTS), wherein individuals must present their Southern Leyte QR code before entering their premises.

In this article, an individual, either a returning resident (RRs), an authorized person outside residence (APOR), returning overseas Filipino (ROFs), and a non-essential traveler (non-APOR), will learn how to get their own Southern Leyte QR Code.

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What is Southern Leyte QR Code?

The Southern Leyte QR Code or ACTS is the province-wide contact tracing system of Southern Leyte. It was developed by the College of Computer Studies and Information Technology (CCSIT) of Southern Leyte State University (SLSU) to facilitate easy and faster contact tracing in the province.

Through ACTS, the movement of the people can be determined, which helps mitigate the spread of COVID-19 disease. According to SLSU, "[it] limits individuals from potential exposure of the coronavirus disease because of faster recording of their data."

Where to download or generate a Southern Leyte QR Code?

To download or generate a Southern Leyte QR Code, an individual may go to and register for an account to get their own quick response (QR) code. 

All residents in the municipalities of Southern Leyte must have their own QR code particularly in: Anahawan, Bontoc, Hinunangan, Hinundayan, Libagon, Liloan, Limasawa, Macrohon. Malitbog, Maasin City, Padre Burgos, Pintuyan, Saint Bernard, San Francisco, San Juan, San Ricardo, Silago, Sogod, and  Tomas Oppus.

If you are from Maasin City, you may register an account at to get your unique QR code for the said city. [You may also read the article here for the step-by-step guide on how to get a QR code for Maasin City.]

What are the requirements to get a Southern Leyte QR Code?

An individual who wants to register for a Southern Leyte QR Code must have access to the internet and a capable mobile or desktop device to browse the ACTS' registration portal. You must also have the following:

1. An active mobile number and email address (for online verification).
2. A digital copy of your valid government-issued ID.

How do I get a QR Code for Southern Leyte?

To get a QR Code for Southern Leyte, you must register through the ACTS' registration portal at The link is accessible either through mobile or desktop devices. From there, you must fill out the registration form and complete the process.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below to get a Southern Leyte QR Code:

Upon going to the mentioned web link, you will be redirected to a registration form which you need to fill out.

To register for a Southern Leyte QR Code, you must go to the mentioned link, and then you will be redirected to fill out a registration form (ACTS registration portal). The registration portal is accessible through any browser. For iOS devices, it is recommended to use the Safari browser and Chrome browser for Android devices.

2. Fill out the Southern Leyte QR Code registration form

Once you can access the registration portal, fill out the form to continue with your registration.

You must fill out the Southern Leyte QR Code registration form and provide the following details: 
      • Personal information - you must input your full name and ID number (optional);
      • Complete address - make sure to put the address on the ID that you will upload.
Note: If you are from outside Region VIII, make sure to put your address in this order: Street or Purok/Barangay/Municipality/Province (e.g. Purok 1, Brgy. Poblacion, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental); and
      • Contact Number (make sure to have an active mobile number).

3. Upload necessary documents for online verification

You must fill out the online verification to complete the registration process and get your Southern Leyte QR Code.

After you're done filling out your personal information and complete address (Step 2), you must now proceed with the online verification. Ensure to have a valid email address since an email will be sent if your registration is accepted or not.

Once you're done entering your email address, you must upload your valid government-issued ID (front and back image of your ID). Just click on the "browse" buttons.
Note: Your valid ID must reflect your birthdate to verify your age. 

      • For employed individuals aged below 21 or 60 and above, upload your employment ID.
      • For senior citizens not living with anyone 21-59, secure a barangay certificate, take a photo and upload it here.
      • Individuals (below 21) living with senior citizens and whom the elderly can only rely on buying essential goods can secure a barangay certificate, take a photo, and upload it here.
      • Upon approval or rejection, ALL IDs uploaded associated with this account will automatically be deleted by the system.
Afterward, agree with the Privacy Statement and mark the captcha box ("I'm not a robot"). Click on the "Submit" button to complete your registration process.

4. Wait for the confirmation of your registration

After you are done with the steps above, you will receive a message that your registration is successful, but you must wait for a confirmation email if your application is accepted or not.

Once you're done filling out the registration form and the online verification (Steps 2 to 3), a confirmation email will be sent to you as soon as your application is APPROVED or REJECTED. 

Note: If you didn't receive your QR code in your email within 48 hours after the registration,  visit the nearest LGU within the Province of Southern Leyte or the Provincial Systems Administrator's Office (Capitol, Maasin City) and bring a valid ID or some sort of identification to verify your account.

5. Receive your Southern Leyte QR Code

After your successful registration, the confirmation email will contain a copy of your Southern Leyte quick response (QR) code. Make sure to save a copy of it. You may download or screenshot it and then print the QR Code.

Note: To avoid your registration being rejected, make sure that you are able to fill up everything correctly and upload a CLEAR photo of your VALID ID (front and back). Acceptable VALID IDs are government IDs that have your birthdate indicated.  

Where is the Southern Leyte QR Code used?

The Southern Leyte QR Code is used in all the LGUs or municipalities located in the said province. All Local Government Units (LGUs) in Southern Leyte Province are mandated to impose the use of the Southern Leyte QR Code by all residents, non-residents, and in all businesses. 

Establishments, government, and private offices are required to ask individuals for their Southern Leyte QR Code upon entering their premises.

What are the travel requirements for individuals going to Southern Leyte?

(Updated  July 31, 2021) Per the latest Executive Order (E.O. 38, Series of 2021) from the Office of the Governor of the Province of Southern Leyte on July 2021, all individuals going to the province must show their QR Code upon inspection in borders or checkpoints.

APORs, NON-APORs, RRs, and ROFs must present other necessary documents such as vaccination cards if fully vaccinated.

Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)

All persons working in government/private agencies and institutions (national and attached agencies or local): 

  • Those working in government/private agencies (national and attached agencies or local) outside the Province of Southern Leyte who has business transaction within the province;
  • Those residents of Southern Leyte and whose work station is outside Southern Leyte; and 
  • Those whose residence is outside Southern Leyte and whose work station is within Southern Leyte.

The following shall be presented: 

  • Valid Government-issued ID;
  • Travel order and/or itinerary (for APOR)/ Certificate of Employment (for APOR who are residents of Southern Leyte and non-residents whose work station is in the said province.); and 
  • Southern Leyte QR Code.

All persons aged 15·65 years old and fully vaccinated individuals including senior citizens, whose purpose of travel is to access basic/essential/health needs or business purposes, who travel in and out of Southern Leyte shall present upon entry to the province the following: 

  • Valid Government-Issued ID ;
  • Southern Leyte QR Code; and
  • Medical Certificate signed by BHERTS (place of origin) with a validity of 5 days upon Issuance or Vaccination Card for fully vaccinated individuals;
  • or BOQ Certification, whichever is applicable.

For APORs passing through Southern Lcyte going to Mindanao or other areas outside of Southern Leyte, the following shall be presented at the checkpoints:

  • Valid Government-Issued ID; and
  • Southern Leyte QR Code.

Men in uniform shall strictly observe home quarantine of 7 days upon arrival ln the province. In case of violation, this shall be reported immediately to the PNP Chief and correspondingly sanctioned.

Note: APORs without any of the above-required documents shall not be allowed entry in the province? and in business establishments. 

Travelers (Non-APORs)

Travelers, referred to previously as non-APORs, are persons who travel for leisure, recreation, pilgrimage, or tourism purposes. Either coming from Luzon, Mindanao or the Visayas (Inclusive of the Province of Leyte, Biliran, Samar, Eastern 5amar and Northern Samar, all of Region VII, they  shall present upon entry to the province and In the tourism business establishments the following: 

  • Saliva or swab specimen In Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction  (RT·PCR) Negative Result within 5 days validity or Vaccination card for fully vaccinated Individuals or BOQ Certification, whichever is applicable;
  • Valid Government-Issued ID; and
  • Southern Leyte QR Code.

Local tourists (Southern Leyteiios who travel within Southern Leyte) are required to present to the Tourism Office or to the deputized personnel/barangay officials of their destination, Barangay Health Declaration Form or Vaccination card for fully vaccinated individuals duly signed by the BHERTs, valid ID and Southern Leyte QR Code. 

Returning Residents (RRs)

Returning Residents (RRs) shall pertain to persons whose permanent residence lies in any municipality/city within the province or in the address shown In any or their respective government-issued identification card. Also, they refer to those who do not fall under the description of APOR 
and Non-APOR as above-cited but intend to come to Southern Leyte. 

Returning Residents from Luzon, Mindanao, or Visayas (Inclusive of the Provinces of Leyte, Biliran, Samar, Eastern Samar, and Northern Samar, all of Region VIII), shall strictly present the following before their entry into the Province  of Southern Leyte:

  • Endorsement Letter of the Barangay with Final Approval from the City/ Municipal Mayor of the concerned LGU of final destination for the Issuance of the Letter of  Acceptance (LOA);
  • Valid Govcmment·lssued ID; and
  • Southern Leyte QR Code.

Quarantine duration and location for Returning Residents (RRs):

RR with negative RT·PCR Test Result within five days validity 7 Isolation/Quarantine Facillty*
RR with full vaccination and legitimate Vaccination Card 7 Home Quarantine
RR without negative RT·PCR Test Result/complete vaccination 14 Isolation/Quarantine Facillty*

*Home quarantine is allowed provided a Certification duly signed by the MHO/CHO or their duly authorized representative. The home quarantine area must meet the required standard as provided in Section 10E of the E.O.

Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs)

All ROFs shall present the following documents:

  • Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) Certificate with attached negative RT-PCR Test Result
  • Vaccination Card

Per the IATF Resolution No. 123-C, Serles of 2021 dated June 28, 2021, ROFs from "Green" Countries who underwent the required 7-day facility-based quarantine upon arrival In the Philippines, with the date of arrival being the first day, will no longer be required to undergo quarantine upon entry to Southern Leyte. However, they are advised to stay at home and be closely monitored for five (5) days for symptoms monitoring. 

Meanwhile, the following quarantine duration and location shall be strictly implemented for the following ROFs:

ROF with negative RT-PCR Test Result but without vaccination/with incomplete vaccination 7 Isolation/Quarantine Facility
ROF Without documents 14 Isolation/Quarantine Facility*

For RRs or ROFs without negative RT·PCR test results, the concerned LGU has the prerogative to allow them to be swabbed on the seventh (7"') day of the quarantine. If the swab result is negative, they shall be released on the 11"' day from the start of the quarantine period. If the result is positive, they shall be quarantined for 14 days, starting from the date of swabbing.

Non-compliance with the above·mentioned provisions constitutes a violation of Republic Act 11332. 


It's a huge step up for the Province of Southern Leyte to implement its own automated contact tracing system (ACTS), whereas other provinces still don't have a province-wide QR code system. The ACTS QR code system of the province is a big help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 disease.

For other information and inquiries about the Southern Leyte QR Code, you may send your concern to  —iTacloban


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