How to Register to Safe Borongan QR Code

How to Register to Safe Borongan QR Code

The SAFE Borongan Contact Tracing Application is the City of Borongan's official contact tracing solution. Individuals wishing to enter Borongan must first generate a QR Code using the app. Here's how to get a Borongan QR Code.

(UPDATED) When visiting other parts of Eastern Visayas, particularly Eastern Samar province, it is necessary to use a contact tracing app.

In Borongan City, you must generate a QR code using the Safe Borongan web portal. Borongan's local government implemented the Safe Borongan QR Code on November 16, 2020, through Executive Order No. JIDCA-008-1120, signed by Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan C. Agda.

Following a series of technical reviews, name encoding, and data sorting, Borongan City's first-ever Quick Response Code System (QR Code) implementation officially began on November 30, 2020, with the goal of easing contact tracing procedures.

Aside from Borongan City, other towns in Eastern Samar use a contact-tracing system, particularly in Guiuan, where the Safe Guiuan QR Code system is used.

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What is Safe Borongan QR Code?

The Safe Borongan QR Code (SAFE Borongan Contact Tracing Application) is Borongan City's official contact tracing system to assist frontliners, contact tracers, and disease surveillance teams in containing or at least minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Individuals entering Borongan establishments no longer need to write their names and other personal information in logbooks; instead, they must present their QR Codes and Valid IDs. Their names and addresses are revealed using a QR Code and a mobile phone as a scanning machine.

Where is the Safe Borongan QR Code use?

Since its official implementation, the Safe Borongan QR Code has been used in border control points, government and private offices, and business establishments throughout the city. According to E.O. No. JIDCA-008-1120, said establishments must strictly implement QR code scanning.

Individuals who do not have their QR codes will be refused entry. Meanwhile, scanning QR Codes will be required in the following circumstances:

  1. Entering Borongan City's Border Control;
  2. Exiting Borongan City's Border Control;
  3. Entering government and private offices; and
  4. Entering all business establishments.

What are the requirements to get a QR Code in Borongan?

Individuals seeking a Borongan QR Code must have a capable device in order to access the web portal at They must also have a valid email address or Gmail account to access the website.

In June 2021, LGU Borongan allowed individuals without a QR Code to register at their border checkpoints. You may contact LGU Borongan for further details.

Where to download or generate a Safe Borongan QR Code?

To obtain a Safe Borongan QR Code, individuals must first visit and sign in with their Gmail account. They must fill out the registration form to generate a quick response (QR) code once they have logged into the Safe Borongan website.

How to register for a QR Code in Borongan City?

To get a Borongan QR Code, a resident or non-resident must access the Safe Borongan web portal at To proceed, they must first sign in to their Gmail account and fill out a registration form.

They will receive their Safe Borongan QR code immediately after filling out the required information. You can also follow the steps below:

1. Go to

On the Safe Borongan homepage, you will see the sign-in options, which require you to use a Gmail account.

Go to in your browser. If you have an Android device, you can use the Chrome browser, and if you have an iOS device, you can use the Safari browser. To avoid registration errors, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

2. Log in to your Gmail account

To continue your registration, click on the "Sign in with Google" button and enter your email address and password. Make sure to have a Gmail account so that you can proceed with the next step. If you don't have one, you may register here.

3. Fill out the Safe Borongan registration form

Once you're able to enter the website, you must fill out the registration form with the required details:  

  • Name (last name, first name, and middle name);
  • Age;
  • Civil Status;
  • Gender;
  • Nationality;
  • Contact Number; and
  • Address (province, city, barangay, and street).

You will also be asked about your travel history and your medical history.

4. Click on the "Submit" button

After you filled out the registration form, click on the "Submit" button to proceed. Make sure to verify first the details you provided and must replicate the information in your Valid IDs if applicable.

5. Receive your Borongan QR Code instantly

You will receive your Borongan QR Code instantly after clicking the "Submit" button. Take a screenshot and store it on your device. Have it printed and laminated so you can access it quickly when traveling.

Note: If you are a resident or non-resident staying in the city, you can also register for a QR code by visiting the Borongan City Hall lobby on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. A staff will assist you and generate your QR code.

Who is required to use the Safe Borongan QR Code?

In accordance with Executive Order No. JIDCA-008-1120, those required to use the Quick Response (QR) Code System through the use of the SAFE Borongan Contact Tracing Application are the following:

Residents, non-residents, and APORs

All residents of Borongan City must have a QR code generated by the SAFE Borongan application. All residents are advised to go to their respective Barangay Halls in order to facilitate the issuance of their respective QR codes.

Non-residents, including Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs), who intend to travel to the City must obtain their respective QR codes from Border Control or directly from this website:

Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

LSIs and OFWs planning to return to Borongan City must obtain their respective QR codes from the CDRRMO prior to receiving their Certificate of Acknowledgement.

Administrators and owners of all businesses

All commercial establishments, churches, schools, government, and private offices, and tourist destinations must provide their own mobile phones to be used as scanners. 

Requests can be made in person at the SAFE Borongan QR KIOSK, which is located in the lobby of the Borongan City Hall, or via email to, which must include the following mandatory information: Establishment/Office Name, Contact Person, Designation, and Contact Number

The SAFE Borongan QR Team will then provide them with scanner access, a manual, and a link to the application that they can download.

Note: Border control, business establishments, churches, schools, and government and private offices will be required to refuse entry to those who do not have their QR codes. Furthermore, all of these establishments must require the following before allowing entry: (a) Face Shield; (b) Face Mask; and (c) Valid ID (Government Issued ID)

What to do if my Borongan QR Code is lost?

If a registered individual loses their QR code or discovers an error in the information contained in the QR code, they must report the incident to the SAFE Borongan QR KIOSK, which is located in the lobby of the Borongan City Hall.

Before a new QR code is issued, an individual who has lost their QR code must present an affidavit of loss. Individuals who have errors in their QR code may present a Barangay Residence Certificate and/or a Valid ID (Government Issued ID) before receiving a corrected QR code.

How does the Borongan QR Code work?

You can enter establishments in the city once you've generated a QR Code using the SAFE Borongan web application. Your information will be logged and stored in the LGU's secure databases.

If a positive COVID-19 case is reported in the city, only the Public Health and Safety Taskforce, via the Contact Tracing Head, can access the QR Code Database for immediate contact tracing and isolation of contacts.

The data must be forwarded to the Public Health and Safety Taskforce for proper monitoring and isolation by the Contact Tracing Head.


The Safe Borongan Contact Tracing Application is easy to use as individuals will automatically receive their QR Code after filling out the registration form. If you are visiting Borongan City, you must register on Safe Borongan to get a QR Code.

For other information and inquiries about Borongan QR Code, you may send a message to Borongan- CIO at their Facebook page: —AJ Yes/iTacloban

Borongan City Information Office

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