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LIST of Online QR Code registration in Eastern Visayas

LIST of Online QR Code registration in Eastern Visayas

List of different QR Code registration portals in Eastern Visayas, which you need upon entering several towns, cities, and provinces within the region.

(Updated 10/10/21) Traveling or going back to your hometown or provinces has never been the same before since you need a quick response (QR) code to be able to enter these areas to avoid delays and further inconvenience.

Different QR codes must be downloaded for individuals traveling to Eastern Visayas, especially if you'll travel from one municipality/city to another (e.g., Ormoc City to Tacloban City). Each city and province has its online portals for contract tracing to register and generate a unique QR code.

The generated QR code will only be used for contact tracking and, if necessary, borderline checkpoints. The list of registration portals in Eastern Visayas that we have gathered can be found here:

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Albuera, Leyte

The municipality of Albuera is one of the pioneers in Leyte province to use a QR code for contact-tracing purposes. Its QR Code system uses the ARKTech network.

Register here:

Baybay City

Since May 1, 2021, LGU Baybay mandatorily required all residents and non-residents to register for QR Code as a means for contact tracing and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the city. Baybay City's QR Code registration can be done through BayBayCity Pass (BC Pass) portal.

Borongan City, Eastern Samar

Borongan City is also one of the pioneers in the Eastern Visayas Region to have a quick local response (QR) code system for contact tracing purposes. You may proceed here:

Biliran Province

Residents and non-residents of Almeria, Biliran, Cabucgayan, Caibiran, Culaba, Kawayan, Maripipi, and Naval in Biliran province must secure a QR code to be able to roam around. Registering for an online QR code for Biliran can be done through the "Secure Biliran QR" Code Portal.

Register here: (Contact for inquiries.)
For the step-by-step guide: Secure Biliran QR Code Registration

Calbayog City

For residents and non-residents of Calbayog City, you may proceed with your QR Code Registration on It is a contact-tracing support system for IATF Calbayog to monitor COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Said system was created by Norwest Samar State University (NSSU).

Catarman, Northern Samar

Catarman's QR Code registration portal "Safe Catarman" was developed by IDEA Engine. Residents and non-residents must have an active Google account first to proceed with the registration. Individuals may also proceed to Catarman's MDRRMO office or the nearest barangay hall for their QR Code registration.

Register here:

Contact Nos. for inquiries: Globe - 0995408339, Smart - 09605051714

Catbalogan City, Samar

The city of Catbalogan does not have an online web portal for online QR Code registration, but you can go to to get a personal S-PaSS QR Code if you visit Catbalogan City because the entire province of Samar uses S-PaSS.

You may also contact LGU Catbalogan for more information on how to obtain a QR Code. Here are the phone numbers and email addresses: (055)-543-8000 and

Guiuan, Eastern Samar

Just like "Safe Catarman," Guiuan's QR Code registration portal "Safe Guiuan" is developed by IDEA Engine. Residents and non-residents must also have an active Google account first to proceed with the registration. For those coming from areas within Region 8, you must provide a valid ID upon entering the municipality of Guiuan.

Register here:

Inopacan, Leyte

Same with Albuera, Inopacan also utilizes the ARK contract-tracing system.

Register here:

Maasin City

Although a Component City of Southern Leyte province, Maasin City utilizes its own QR Code contract tracing system using the ARK network. All residents and non-residents must secure a Maasin QR Code to enter government offices and establishments in the said city.

A valid identification card might be required to confirm the identity of the QR Code holder upon entering establishments in Maasin. It is also advisable for individuals bound for Maasin to download a Southern Leyte QR Code through ACTS to avoid further delays and inconvenience.

Register here:
Register here for Southern Leyte ACTS QR Code:
Step-by-step guide: Maasin City QR Code Registration

Ormoc City

For Ormoc City QR Code Registration, you may proceed here:

Samar Provinces: Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, and Samar

Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, and Samar provinces utilize the S-Pass QR Code system as part of their travel requirements. It is an online travel management system developed by DOST Region VI. Since February 26, 2021, the IATF for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases through Resolution No. 101 has institutionalized the use of S-PaSS nationwide.

Register here for online QR code registration for Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, and Samar:

Note: Your S-PaSS QR Code is your personal QR Code only. You must apply for a travel permit such as Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)/Travel Passing-Through Permit (TPP) with attached QR code from S-PaSS to enter said provinces.

Southern Leyte Province

Southern Leyte map showing the component city of Maasin and all the 18 municipalities in the province. Travelers, residents, and non-residents must register a Southern Leyte QR Code through the ACTS portal. Those going to Maasin City may use the ARK Southern Leyte QR Code portal for registration.

Since January 2021, the provincial government of Southern Leyte has established its own QR code system called ACTS (Automated Contact Tracing System) for its 18 municipalities: Anahawan, Bontoc, Hinunangan, Hinundayan, Liloan, Libagon, Limasawa, Macrohon, Malitbog, Padre Burgos, Pintuya, Saint Bernard, San Francisco, San Juan, San Ricardo, Silago, Sogod and Tomas Oppus.

Aside from the ACTS, Southern Leyte province also utilizes the S-PaSS travel management system for travelers outside Region VIII.

Register here:
Register here for S-Pass:
Step-by-step guide: Southern Leyte QR Code Registration

Tacloban City

For Tacloban City QR Code Registration, you may proceed here:

Villareal, Samar

Although located in Samar Province, Villareal town utilizes the ARK network for its contract-tracing system. Residents and non-residents of Villareal are required to register through the said platform. It is also advisable for individuals bound for Villareal to use the S-Pass QR Code.

Register here:
Register here for S-Pass:

—AJ Yes/iTacloban

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