Seaman’s Book Complete Guide: Renewal, Application, and Requirements in the Philippines

Complete step-by-step guide on how to get a Seaman’s book and Seafarer's ID this 2022 through online application, written by a fellow seafarer. Photo: Actual Seafarer's Book or Seafarer's Record Book and a specimen of Seafarer's Identity Document.

(Updated 02/25/2022)
Becoming a seafarer nowadays requires being updated with the documents needed to go onboard a vessel. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, MARINA has fully integrated its services online, where seafarers can easily apply for a seaman’s book either for renewal or a new issuance.

Seaman’s Book is the common term for the necessary document that a Filipino seafarer should have. It is equivalent to a passport which a seafarer must always bring upon sailing the seven seas.

It was officially known before as Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB), but since 2019, SIRB was upgraded by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) into two documents which are: the Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) or Seafarer’s ID and the Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB).

SID serves as an identification function for the SRB. It can be used as a visa waiver when a seafarer doesn’t have a visa upon embarking or disembarking a vessel in a foreign country. Meanwhile, SRB is a document issued by MARINA that serves as a record of sea service rendered by its holder.
Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB) can also refer to Seaman’s Book. It has a validity of ten (10) years and can be issued alone or together with the Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) under MARINA Memorandum Circular MD-2019-01 dated 15 November 2018.

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Who must get a Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) and Seafarer's Record Book (SRB)?

Based on the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) on February 2022, which is Advisory No. 2021-05, reiterating clarification on the transitory provision of the MARINA Circular No. 2019-01, "Rules and Regulations in the Issuance of Seafarer's Record Book (SRB) and Seafarer's Identity Document (SID).

The advisory is a clarification to the interpretation of Section VIII, “Transitory Provision” of MARINA Circular No. 2019-01, which is as follows:

  1. Seafarers holding valid Seafarer’s Identification and Record Books (SIRB) need not apply for Seafarer Identity Document (SID). The SIRBs continue to serve as identification documents for Filipino Seafarers.
  2. The issuance of Seafarer’s Record Books (SRBs), together with the Seafarer’s Identity Documents (SIDs), becomes mandatory only upon the expiration of their current SIRBs.
  3. Nonetheless, application for the issuance of SID shall be optional for Filipino seafarers holding valid SIRB. However, the issuance of SID and SRB shall be applied 6 months before the expiration of the SIRB.
  4. Filipino Seafarers onboard ships trading domestic waters are not required to have SIDs.
This means that holders of active SIRBs are not yet required to apply for the SID as long that it is not expired. It is only optional for valid SIRB holders to get a SID. However, seafarers must apply for both SID and SRB 6 months before its expiration.

What's the process to get a Seaman's Book in the Philippines?

To get a Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB) and Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) this 2022, applicants must go to MARINA’s Online Appointment System ( to register for an online appointment.

Upon going to the website, you must tap on the button with a “Schedule an Appointment ” text on the homepage, and from there, you can now proceed with your online appointment for the schedule of your seaman’s book application.

You may follow the simple and easy steps below:

1.            Go to MARINA’s online appointment website

 Go to and on the homepage, click on the “SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT (SOA)” button.

MARINA's online appointment system where seafarers can set an appointment for their Seaman's book and Seafarer's ID application or renewal.

Agree with the terms and privacy policy

You must agree to the terms and privacy policy of the website to continue with your application.

You must read the terms and privacy policy which will pop up after clicking the SOA button. After reading the terms and privacy, click on the button with the “I Agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy of this Website” text to continue with your Seaman’s Book or SID application.

3.            Fill out the form with your name and email address

Once you are done reading MARINA's website's terms and privacy policy, you must fill out the form with your name and email address.

You must fill out the form and ensure that your name & email address are true and correct because they can no longer be edited once submitted inside the online appointment system (OAS).

4.            Input OTP code to access MARINA’s appointment system

You must input the OTP code you received in your email.

When you are done filling out the form, you must input the one-time password sent to your email. You must input the OTP code to proceed with your seaman’s book application.

 5.            Complete your online appointment process

You may complete the appointment process and proceed with the payment after filling out and upload the necessary documentary requirements.

After successfully entering your OTP code, you will now have access to MARINA’s online appointment system ( You must complete the 5-step process as follows:

a.            Appointment

You must choose a MARINA site to visit for your appointment and select your preferred date on the available slots.

Once you can access MARINA’s online appointment system, you must select the MARINA Office you would like to visit for your seaman’s book renewal or application. There are 15 offices that you can choose from, which are:

(1) MARINA Central Office, (2) POEA, (3) SM Manila, (4) PITX, (5) La Union, (6) Batangas, (7) Legazpi, (8) Iloilo, (9) Cebu, (10) Tacloban, (11) Zamboanga, (12) Cagayan de Oro, (13) Davao, (14) General Santos, and (15) Butuan.

You must select the nearest MARINA office in your location. After deciding on the site of your choice, a calendar will show up for you to know the available dates and slots. Pick your preferred date and make sure that you are available on the said date.

b.            Transaction

Once you are done with the 'appointment' section, you must now choose the transaction type for your appointment visit.

After choosing the site of your choice for your seaman’s book application, you must select the transaction type for your appointment as follows:

             For Seafarer Category, there are five selections:





             Philippine Waters

             For Seafarer Type, there are four selections:





             If you will process your Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID), here are the fees:

             For new Seafarer’s ID - ₱600.00

             For renewal of Seafarer’s ID  - ₱600.00 for regular and ₱1,000.00 for onboard

             For lost and damaged Seafarer’s ID - same fee with renewal

             For unclaimed Seafarer’s ID- ₱1,000.00

             If you will process your Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s Record Book, here are the fees:

             For new Seaman’s Book - ₱1,000.00

             For renewal of Seaman’s Book  - ₱1,000.00 for regular and ₱1,800.00 for onboard

             For lost and damaged Seaman’s Book - same fee with renewal

             For unclaimed Seaman’s Book- ₱1,800.00

Once you are finished selecting your transaction type, you must now click the "next" button to proceed.

c.            Applicant Info

After the 'Transaction' section, you must now fill out the applicant info.

You must fill out the required information as follows to be able to continue with your seaman’s book application:

             Seafarer’s Identification numbers if available;

             Personal Information (full name, height, weight, gender, eye color, hair color, and distinguishing marks);

             Birth Information (date of birth and place of birth);

             Contact Information (phone number, mobile number, complete and detailed address);

             Educational Attainment (highest educational attainment, school, course, and year of completion);

             Employment Profile (MARINA License, COC/COE/License No., and its issued date);

             Identification Profile (Tax identification number and NBI Clearance no.); and

             Emergency Contact (contact person, contact number, and address).

After filling out the details above in MARINA’s online appointment system, you must review and verify all the information you provided, including your personal information, birthdate, and other information. This ensures that you will receive your Seaman’s book or Seafarer’s ID without any errors to avoid inconvenience or delays.

Upon verifying that all the details are correct, you must click on the “next” button to proceed. (Note: Make sure to have a digitized or scanned copy of the necessary documents you need to upload on the next tab.)

d.            Documents

Once you’re done filling out the details in the previous tab, you must now proceed with uploading your documentary requirements. These are scanned copies of the physical documents you have to process your Seaman’s book application or renewal. You can skip this step.

Make sure to bring original copies of the required documents on your date of appointment. (Writer’s note: I couldn’t continue with the documents tab due to an error, but you must prepare the documents needed for the SID and SRB application. Said documentary requirements will be mentioned after the payment section.)

After uploading the documentary requirements for Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s ID, you can now proceed with the payment.

e.            Payment

Upon completing the submission of all the necessary details for your Seaman’s Book/SID renewal or application, you can now choose your method of payment which are as follows:

             Credit/Debit Card - you may pay using a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card.

             Cash - you may pay to any MARINA payment partners nationwide, such as LBC, ECPay, and Smart Padala.

             E-money - you may pay using mobile wallets such as GCash, Paymaya, Grab, etc.

             Bancnet - you may pay through Bancnet ATM card via its online payment system.

Once you’re done with the online appointment process through MARINA’s website (OAS). You just need to wait for your appointment schedule. On the day of your scheduled appointment, you must bring the original copy of the documentary requirements you uploaded in the OAS. For renewal, you must bring with you a photocopy of your old Seaman’s book.

Issuance and release of Seaman's book and Seafarer's ID will only take three hours after a MARINA personnel evaluate your information and take your photo together with your biometric data and signature.

What are the requirements to get a Seaman’s book and Seafarer’s ID (SID) for 2022?


Below is the list of the documentary requirements needed for processing your Seaman’s Book (SRB) or Seafarer’s ID (SID) application. Make sure to bring original copies of the required documents on your date of appointment.

For new applicants of Seaman’s Book, the requirements are:

     Birth Certificate (SECPA) or Passport or Identification Certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration (in case of dual citizens);

     Marriage Contract (for married woman);

     Valid NBI Clearance;

     Certificate of Completion for Basic Training (BT);

     Transcript of Records (TOR) or Completed Academic Requirements (CAR) for Maritime Courses (as applicable); and

     Two (2) Documentary Stamps.

For renewal of Seaman’s Book:

     Old SID/SRBMarriage Contract (for married woman);

     Valid NBI Clearance;

     Certificate of Completion for Basic Training (BT);

     Duly Notarized Affidavit (for Lost or Damaged) which are still valid; and

     Two (2) Documentary Stamps.


For lost/damage Seaman’s Book:

     Letter request from Company / Agency;

     POEA Approved employment contract;

     Clearance of no pending case/obligation or unpaid penalty from Legal Service;

     Affidavit by the Seafarer and confirmation by the Master;

     Company Affidavit of Undertaking (duly notarized); and

     Two (2) Documentary Stamps.

For new applicants of Seafarer’s ID (SID), the requirements are:

     Valid Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB)

For renewal of Seafarer’s ID:

     Valid Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB)

     Duly Notarized Affidavit (for Lost or Damaged)

For lost/damage Seafarer’s ID:
     Valid Seaman’s Book or Seafarer’s Record Book (SRB);

     Duly Notarized Affidavit (for Lost or Damaged);

     POEA Approved employment contract;

     Crew list duly signed by the Master;

     Clearance from Legal Service as to the monetary obligation;

     Affidavit by the Seafarer and confirmation by the Master; and

     Company Affidavit of Undertaking (duly notarized).

Where are the MARINA offices located?

There are 15 MARINA offices that you can choose for your appointment schedule. On the day of your appointment, make sure to bring all the required documents. Always observe minimum health safety standards such as wearing of face mask and face shield. Some of the MARINA offices may require a QR code, especially in Tacloban City.

You may check here for the list of MARINA Offices (central and regional) where you can get your seaman’s book and seafarer’s ID:

Region MARINA Office Address
National Capital Region (NCR) MARINA Central Office Address

2nd Floor MARINA Building, Bonifacio Drive Corner 20th Street, Port Area, Manila
National Capital Region (NCR) MARINA - Manila Satellite Office

5th Floor, SM City Manila Natividad Almeda-Lopez corner A. Villegas and, San Marcelino St, Ermita, Manila
National Capital Region (NCR) MARINA POEA Satellite Office

Ground Floor, POEA, Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City
National Capital Region (NCR) MARINA PITX Office

Tambo, Parañaque, Metro Manila
Region 1 and 3 MARINA Regional Office I and III (La Union)

Address: 3F Tan Bldg., Quezon Ave., Sevilla Center, San Fernando City, La Union

Tel. Nos.: (072)607-8108 / (072)607-8109

Region 4 MARINA Regional Office IV (Batangas)

Address: Caedo Commercial Center, Calicanto, Batangas City

Tel. Nos.: (043)723-1365 / (043)723-2327

Region 5 MARINA Regional Office V (Legaspi)

Adress: 2F RDC Primeland Inc. Bldg. B3 L6 Landco Business Park, Capantawan, Legaspi City

Tel. Nos.: (052) 480-6984/ (052) 480-6985

Region 6 MARINA Regional Office VI (IloIlo)

Adress: MRO-VI Building, De La Rama Street, Iloilo City

Contact No.: (033) 501-2031 / (033) 314-7040

Region 7 MARINA Regional Office VII (Cebu)

Address: MRO-VII Bldg., Doña Modesta Gaisano Street, Sudlon, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City.

Tel. Nos.: (032) 888-9051 / 0936-0749692 / 0933-8269363

Region 8 MARINA Regional Office VIII (Tacloban)

Address: Ground Floor Uytingkoc Building, Sen. Enage Street., Tacloban City

Tel. Nos.: (053) 325-5133/ (053) 523-3010/ (053) 888-1027

Email: /
Region 9 MARINA Regional Office IX (Zamboanga)

Address: 2F and 3F, A. Marcrohon Bldg., Campaner St. Zamboanga City

Tel. Nos.: (062)991-2614

Region 10 MARINA Regional Office X (Cagayan de Oro)

Address: 2nd Floor SE JO Lim Building, Gemilina Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

Tel. Nos.: (088)856-9105 / (088)880-2010

Email: /
Region 11 MARINA Regional Office XI (Davao)

Address: 2nd Floor Davao Ching Printers Inc. Bldg., Lakandula cor. Dacudao Avenue, Agdao, Davao City

Tel. Nos.: (082) 224-6231

Region 12 MARINA Regional Office XII (General Santos)

Address: Door A, 18-19 Eca Building National Highway, General Santos City

Contact No.: Admin. and Finance Section: (083) 301-1714 / (083) 825-3671
STCW/MDS Section: (083) 825-1759 / (083) 825-0559
Technical Section: (083) 877-9997

Region 13 MARINA Regional Office XIII (Butuan)

Address: Agusan-Misamis Oriental Road, Brgy. Ampayon, Butuan City

Contact No.: (085) 816-2573


Being a sailor is difficult because you must make many sacrifices. This includes managing your time in order to obtain the necessary documents before sailing the seas. Obtaining a seaman's book should be simple and convenient. As a result, it is commendable for MARINA to develop an online appointment system through which a seafarer can easily apply for a seaman's book for new issuance or renewal.—AJ Yes


  1. I have paid MARINA thru credit card but is always not successful. Did not receive any email for the booking reference number. I'm afraid I'd be billed in my cc since I've tried several times already with my 2 cc. How did you pay yours?

    1. Have you tried using E-Wallets like GCash or Paymaya to pay? If not, you can pay through GCasah; simply log in to your account, tap on "Pay Bills," then go to the "Government" section, and look for Marina. To proceed with your payment, enter your reference number, contact number, amount, and email address.

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