Tacloban Safe City - How to Download, Register, Get Vaccinated and Generate QR Code

Tacloban Safe City - How to Download, Register, Get Vaccinated and Generate QR Code

If you are an individual traveling to Tacloban City, you need to download the Tacloban Safe City app. It is required to enter the city and establishments within Tacloban's jurisdiction. 

Since the pandemic started, LGU Tacloban has stepped up on its efforts to combat the COVID-19 disease through its different approaches, such as providing a unique contact tracing system that can be used offline, which is the Tacloban Safe City or Tacloban SCAN System.

It was institutionalized by LGU Tacloban last year, four months after the COVID-19 disease totally spread in the Philippines. It is one of the first contact tracing and quick response (QR) systems in the Philippines and has been applauded by several institutions.

Aside from contact tracing purposes, the web portal of Tacloban Safe City is also used for COVID-19 vaccination registration and health certificate application.

Travelers and other individuals, returning residents or non-residents, cannot enter Tacloban borders if they don't have the Tacloban Safe City app since the generated QR Code from the application is needed upon entry. If you're from outside Region 8 and bound for Tacloban, you must register first under the BALIK Tacloban project.

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What is the Tacloban Safe City app?

Tacloban Safe City is a contact tracing and an emergency response application that doesn't need online connectivity. It supports SMS-based or offline means to avail services by the local government unit (LGU) of Tacloban City. 

It is one of the pioneers of contact tracing applications in the Philippines, which helps mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The said application was developed by the City Management Information System of  LGU Tacloban and institutionalized on July 1, 2020, per Executive Order No. 2020-07-026.

Safe City app uses the SCAN System, which means: Surveillance, Contact Tracing, Analysis, and Networking. It is an innovative approach where residents or non-residents can get a quick response (QR) code for contact tracing purposes.

Meanwhile, Safe City's web portal is limited to QR code registration. It also provides services such as applying for a health certificate and registering for a COVID-19 vaccination. Application for health certificate is only available during weekdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 vaccination registration can be accessed at any time of the day.

What are the requirements for Tacloban Safe City?

Like any other application, you need to have internet access to download the app or access Tacloban Safe City's web portal. Moreover, individuals must provide a valid mobile number and their complete information upon registration.

Quick Response (QR) Code

Tacloban Safe City QR Code registration link is accessible at: https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/register/

To get a quick response (QR) code via the Tacloban Safe City app or web portal, you must provide a valid and active mobile number since this will be used for contact tracing purposes in case of risk of COVID-19 infection.

Health Certificate Application

Individuals may directly go to https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/health-certificate/ for their Tacloban Health Certificate application.

To apply for a health certificate via Tacloban Safe City's web portal, Tacloban residents must provide the following: (1) Tacloban QR Code, (2) valid government-issued ID, (3) Barangay Certificate and other necessary documents. Registration is only available from Monday to Friday from 8:00AM - 3:00PM.

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

For the COVID-19 vaccine registration, individuals may directly go to https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/vaccine-registration/ to get vaccinated.

To register for a COVID-19 vaccination, Tacloban residents may go to Tacloban Safe City's web portal https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/vaccine-registration/ and provide the following requirements, which will be uploaded in the website: (1) valid government-issued ID, (2) Tacloban QR Code and other necessary documents.

Where to download the Tacloban Safe City app?

Previously, the Tacloban Safe City app could be downloaded through the website "safecity.tacloban.gov.ph." The download link for the app is unavailable as of August 6, 2021. In some way, individuals may go to Tacloban Safe City's official Facebook page to download the app.

Just send them a message on messenger or ask them on "How to register using Tacloban Safe City App (Android)?" as seen on the image below:

Since downloading the Safe City app on the website is unavailable, individuals may directly go to their official Facebook page to download it.

Once you clicked the ask button, Tacloban Safe City will send an automated reply to you that provides the download link for the app. Just click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button to get the apk file of Tacloban Safe City. It can only be installed on Android devices.

(For iOs devices, you may wait for further notice of its availability on the said operating system, but you can register at Tacloban Safe City's web portal.)

Once you click on the "How to register using Tacloban Safe City App (Android)?" text, you will receive the download link. 

How do I register for a Tacloban Safe City account?

Individuals across the City, including those traveling and authorized persons outside residence or APORS, must register on Tacloban Safe City. To register for an account, go to https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/register/ and fill out the form. 

Once you're done with your registration, you will receive a QR code. Save the generated QR code on your device since this will serve as your Tacloban Safe City account. 

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Go to https://www.safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/.
2. Click on the "Register Now - iOS/Android" button.
3. Fill up the registration form and input your valid mobile number.
4. Agree with terms and conditions, and then click on the "Submit" button.
5. Wait for the verification code that will be sent to your mobile number
6. Enter the verification code you received and click the "confirm" button.
7. Wait for the quick response (QR) code to be generated on the browser.
8. Click "Download Now" once the QR Code appears or take a screenshot of it.

Note: Your quick response (QR) code will serve as your Tacloban Safe City account. You need to present the QR code upon entering Tacloban City.

How do I get vaccinated through Tacloban Safe City?

Tacloban residents who want to get vaccinated can directly go to this link and proceed with their COVID-19 vaccination registration. You may also read this article for the steps to register for a COVID-19 vaccination through the Tacloban Safe City web portal.

To check the status of your online vaccination registration, you may follow these steps:

1. Go to www.safecity.tacloban.gov.ph.

2. Click on the "COVID-19 Vaccine Registration" button.

3. Afterward, click on the "CHECK STATUS" button.

4. Enter your control number (e.g., OJV-00).

5. Check the status of your application. 

Your status could be any of the following:  (a) PENDING - registration will be verified by the City Health Office (CHO); (b) DENIED - application was denied by the CHO, you may check the remarks field on why your application was denied; (c) VERIFIED - already checked by the CHO and will be informed once the date of vaccination is finalized; (d) SCHEDULED - this means that you are already set for vaccination and will receive a text message for the schedule of your inoculation.

According to Tacloban Safe City, "No walk-in policy will be implemented at the vaccination venue, as such individuals who cannot present proof of their inclusion in the vaccination activity (e.g., Confirmation SMS and ID) will not be entertained." 

Therefore, individuals are REQUIRED to register on the Tacloban Safe City portal to get vaccinated. 

How to generate a QR code through Tacloban Safe City?

Tacloban Safe City said in a statement that "Individuals and establishments in the City are required to register to the system and download the Safe City Application and QR scanner, respectively. The application will log all entries of individuals, including the QR code, ID number, name of the establishment, and date and time of the entry of the application. It will prompt if the registered person is clear, or trigger an alarm when a known Covid-19 Positive, probable, or suspected person is about to enter the establishment."

To generate a QR code for individuals, you may read the step-by-step tutorial here: Tacloban City QR Code Registration. You may also refer to the instructions given above to register and generate a QR Code using the web portal of Tacloban Safe City. For establishments, you may send an email to safecity.tacloban@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Name of Establishment;
  • Scan copy of Business Permit (For Business Establishments);
  • Name of Contact Person; and
  • Contact Number.


Individuals, either residents or non-residents, particularly those staying in Tacloban City, must be monitored with movement in public places and register to Tacloban Safe City. The City is the regional hub of Eastern Visayas, and the imposition of minimum health standards against COVID-19 should be strictly implemented.

For this purpose, residents, and travelers such as returning residents, authorized persons outside residents (APORs), and transients, will be contacted easily for any risks of COVID-19 infections.

Not only used as a contact tracing app, but Tacloban Safe City is also an on-the-go portal for those who want to get vaccinated and apply for a health certificate online, as mentioned in this article. It is an effective tool for residents and non-residents of Tacloban City to maintain health, safety, and security protocols in this time of the pandemic. 

For other information and inquiries about Tacloban Safe City for your QR code registration, vaccination registration, and health certificate application, here are the contact details: taclobansafecity@gmail.com, (+63)0977-808-091, and (+63)0909-628-6631 (vaccination).  —AJ Yes/iTacloban

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