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Construction worker electrocuted to death in Hernani, Eastern Samar

Construction worker electrocuted to death in Hernani, Eastern Samar

A construction worker in Eastern Samar died due to electrocution on Wednesday morning, August 4.

TACLOBAN CITY-  A construction worker died after being electrocuted by a live wire while building a structure in Brgy. Cancilides, Hernani Eastern Samar on Wednesday morning, August 4.

The victim was identified as Manuel Barcial, single, 32 year-old, a resident of Barangay Garawon of the said town.

On a Bombo Radyo report, PMSG. Sanny Abendanio of  Hernani MPS said that the victim was working in a funeral parlor when a wooden post (coco lumber) accidentally hit a power line and then it fell towards him.

The victim was then rushed to the nearest hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, the victim's family did not file a case against the owner of the place where he worked. Said owner of the funeral parlor offered to help them financially. —Tacloban News Update (Source: Bombo Radyo)

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