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Vendors from closed markets in Sagkahan apply for Kadiwa spots

Vendors from closed markets in Sagkahan apply for Kadiwa spots

Vendors formerly displaced by closed markets in Sagkahan district apply for stalls at Kadiwa Market, Magallanes.

TACLOBAN CITY – Vendors affected by the closure of markets in the Sagkahan district have taken proactive steps by applying for stalls at the Kadiwa Market in Magallanes.

Around 70 vendors have submitted applications for stalls at the Kadiwa Market, showing their resilience and determination to continue their businesses despite the challenges. These applicants were previously affected by the closure of markets along Old Road Sagkahan and near Primark in Caibaan.

Engr. Danilo Alajas told the City Information Office (CIO) about ongoing efforts to ensure vendors do not return to previously closed markets. This initiative is part of the city's commitment to protecting consumers and upholding quality standards.

A collaborative approach has been adopted, involving a composite team comprising the Operation of Market office, Business Permit, Licensing Division, Fishery Law Enforcement Team, TOMECO, and City Engineer's Office (CEO).

Alajas further addressed concerns raised about the freshness of seafood products. Working in partnership with the City Agriculture group, MARINA, and the local police, regular inspections of the fish section at the Tacloban City Supermarket are being conducted.

Alajas emphasized that vendors caught violating regulations will face penalties, and those who persist in non-compliance could lose their permit to vend at the Public Market. Additionally, the Operation of Market office is considering a comprehensive plan to improve the fish section and enforce prescribed market hours as per the City's Market Code, ensuring the availability of fresh products and orderly operations.

As part of their commitment to consumer satisfaction and market improvement, the office is also considering measures to prevent the sale of marine products outside designated market areas, in line with local ordinances. The diligent efforts of the Operation of Market office aim to ensure the provision of quality and fresh goods to consumers. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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