Upland rice production ensures steady supply amid rising prices –City Agri

Upland rice production ensures steady supply amid rising prices –City Agri

 Tacloban City's intensified upland rice production ensures a consistent rice supply amidst the country's escalating rice prices, thanks to local government support. Photo for illustrative purposes only.

TACLOBAN CITY – The rice supply in Tacloban City remains unaffected despite the alarming increase in rice prices nationwide. City Agriculturist Romelo “Melong” Anade affirms this stability, attributing it to the city's intensified upland rice production and comprehensive support from the local government.

Anade shared his assurance in light of concerns surrounding the national rice price surge. Since the inception of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Program (RCEP) in September 2022, the City Government has been distributing free palay seeds to farmers through the Office of the City Agriculturist. The Tacloban Agricultural Crops Resources Hub (TACReH) and northern city upland farms have successfully showcased the potential of upland rice production in the region. This July 2023, local farmer associations received another batch of seeds.

The recent harvest season saw upland rice farmers achieving a yield of 2.8 metric tons per hectare, comparable to the 2.8 to 3.2 metric tons from lowland rice areas, notes Anade.

Upland rice cultivation wasn't initially a flagship program of the City's agriculture office. However, it has become crucial due to Tacloban’s rice supply concerns and the local government's commitment to food security.

"Admittedly, the city’s current 362-hectare rice area is not enough to feed the population in the city. By population, we do not refer to 251,881 people alone, Tacloban being the center of Eastern Visayas with three big universities and numerous business establishments that employ workers from different parts of the region," stated Anade.

He also stressed the importance of further government intervention and efforts in upland and lowland rice fields to boost yields to 4 metric tons per hectare.

Aiming to expand the current rice cultivation area from 362 hectares to 500, the City Agri, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Regional Office 8, is on a mission to ensure adequate rice supply for Tacloban residents.

Backing these initiatives, Mayor Alfred Romualdez, a staunch advocate for food security, livelihood, and environmental programs, envisions a prosperous agricultural future for Tacloban. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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