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LTO Plate Number Verification: How to Verify Plate Number Online or via SMS

LTO Plate Number Verification: How to Verify Plate Number Online or via SMS

Looking to verify your LTO plate number? Learn how to easily verify your plate number online or through SMS in this comprehensive guide. 

(UPDATED) If you're considering buying a used car, you should ensure it's in good condition and hasn't been stolen. One method is to look at the license plate number of the vehicle. This includes checking the car's license plates and registration status. Checking the license plate number is a simple and necessary procedure that should not be overlooked.

Many administrative tasks, such as obtaining or renewing a driver's license, can be completed online using the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) system. However, you cannot currently use it to check your license plate number. The website for checking license plate numbers ( has been decommissioned due to privacy concerns, and we have yet to determine when this feature will be added to the LTMS portal.  But don't worry, there are other methods for verifying your license plate number.

SMS or text messaging is one option. Checking your license plate number is important because it allows you to determine if there are any problems with the vehicle, such as violations or theft reports. It also provides important information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, and registration date. 

In this article, we will show you how to verify the validity of your license plate number and see if the license plate you want is available without having to visit the LTO office in person. By learning how to check license plate numbers, you can make informed decisions when purchasing a car and ensure that it is legal and follows all rules and regulations. 

Let's look at the various methods and steps involved in determining the validity of your license plate number.

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What is LTO Plate Number Verification?

LTO Plate Number Verification is a service provided by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that enables individuals to check the authenticity and status of a vehicle's plate number. This service provides important information about the car, such as its registration details, any reported incidents of theft or apprehension, and its compliance with LTO regulations.

Using the LTO Plate Number Verification service, individuals can access a database containing information about a vehicle's plate number. This information includes details such as the make and model of the car, its manufacturing year, color, last registration date, and any records of apprehension or violations with the LTO.

The primary purpose of LTO Plate Number Verification is to ensure that vehicles on the road are registered and compliant with the law. It helps individuals verify the legitimacy of a vehicle's plate number before purchasing a used car and aids authorities in monitoring and enforcing traffic laws.

What are the methods for LTO Plate Number Verification?

There are several methods available for LTO Plate Number Verification. These methods include:

  • Online Verification – The LTO offers an online portal where you can verify the status of your plate number. By visiting the LTO's official website and accessing their plate number verification service, you can enter the plate number and other required details to check its validity and registration status.
  • Text-based Verification – Another method is through SMS or text messaging. You can message the LTO's designated number with the plate number as the content. The LTO will then send a response containing the status and information related to the plate number.

It's important to note that the availability and specific procedures for LTO Plate Number Verification may vary over time. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the official LTO website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on the available verification methods and their corresponding procedures.

How to Verify LTO Plate Number Online?

Verifying the authenticity and status of your LTO plate number is essential to ensure the legitimacy and compliance of a vehicle. Fortunately, the LTO offers an online service that allows you to conveniently verify your plate number.

By following these 5 simple steps, you can efficiently perform an LTO plate number verification online:

Step 1 – Visit the LTO Plate Verification website

Start by attempting to visit the official website dedicated to LTO plate verification. However, please note that, as of now, the portal is not accessible. You can try accessing the website at, but be aware that the service may be temporarily unavailable.

Step 2 – Enter the 15-digit MV number

Once you have accessed the LTO Plate Verification website, the next step is to enter your 15-digit Motor Vehicle (MV) number in the appropriate field. This number can be found on your vehicle's Certificate of Registration. Double-check the number for accuracy before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Enter the verification code

After entering your MV number, you will be prompted to enter a verification code to confirm that you are not a robot. This security measure is designed to prevent automated searches and ensure the system's integrity. Simply enter the code displayed on the screen into the appropriate field and click "submit."

Step 4 –  Initiate the search

Once you have entered your MV number and verification code, the next step is to click the "search" button. This will initiate a search of the LTO database to check the status of your license plate number. Depending on the volume of searches being performed, the results may take a few moments to appear.

Step 5 – Interpret the result

After the search is complete, the LTO Plate Verification system will display the status of your license plate number. This may include information such as whether the plates have been released, the date of release, and any remarks or notes related to the status of the plates.

Be sure to review the results carefully to ensure that your license plates are in good standing and that no issues or discrepancies need to be addressed.

How to Verify LTO Plate Number via SMS?

Verifying an LTO plate number online may not be accessible at the moment, but an alternative method is available: the LTO SMS service. By sending a text message to the designated LTO service number, you can quickly obtain information about the plate number you wish to verify. 

Here are the steps to verify your LTO plate number via SMS:

Step 1 – Compose the SMS message

To check the status of your LTO plate number via SMS, you will need to open your messaging app and create a new text message. To get started, type the letters "LTO VEHICLE" followed by a space. Then, enter the specific plate number you want to check.

For example, if the plate number is ABU5678, your message should read: "LTO VEHICLE ABU5678". Make sure to enter the correct plate number to ensure accurate results.

Step 2 – Send the SMS

Once you correctly enter the plate number, send the message to the LTO service number 2600. This number is dedicated to LTO plate number verification and will be able to process your request. Depending on your mobile carrier and signal strength, the message may take a few moments to be sent.

Note: This service incurs a fee of P2.50. This service is available to any telecom subscribers nationwide.

Step 3 – Await the response

After sending the SMS, patiently wait for a few minutes to receive a response. The LTO system will process your request and send you a text message containing the relevant information associated with the plate number you queried. 

It is important to note that response times may vary depending on the volume of requests being processed by the LTO system.

Step 4 – Review the information

Once you have received a response from the LTO system, you can review the information provided to determine the status of your plate number. The response you receive will provide you with valuable details about the plate number, including the plate number itself, make, model, year of manufacture, color, registration date, and any associated violations, if applicable. 

Note: The LTO plate number verification via SMS service is specifically designed for private four-wheeled vehicles at present. The inclusion of public utility jeepneys (PUJs), taxis, tricycles, motorcycles, and trucks in the LTO's verification system database remains uncertain.

Additional Tips and Information

Common reasons for plate number discrepancies:

  • Delayed updates – The LTO database may take time to reflect recent registrations or renewals, leading to temporary discrepancies in the status.
  • Technical errors – Occasionally, technical glitches or system maintenance can affect the accuracy of the plate number verification process.

Resolving issues with plate number status:

  • Contacting the LTO – In case of any issues, contact the LTO through their official contact channels, such as their website or customer service hotline, to seek assistance and clarification regarding your plate number status.
  • Document verification – Ensure that you possess all the necessary documents and proofs of registration to support your claim of a valid plate number. This may include your vehicle registration papers, renewal receipts, and other relevant documents that can verify your ownership of the vehicle and its plate number. Having these documents with you can easily present them as evidence to support your case.

Availability for LTO plate number verification services:

  • The LTO plate number verification online and SMS verification service is only available during regular office hours, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Make sure to check the availability of the service before attempting to verify your plate number.

Benefits of LTO plate number verification service:

  • Time-saving at checkpoints – The LTO plate number verification service can be extremely helpful if you want to avoid spending too much time at police or military checkpoints. You can simply show the message from the LTO proving that your car is clear of any apprehension and records.
  • Assistance for law enforcement – This service is also quite useful for the police force, especially if they are out to catch crooks and car thieves at a checkpoint.

Importance of a valid and legal number plate:

  • Compliance with the law –Having a valid and legal number plate enables drivers and car owners to avoid legal problems and potential penalties.
  • Safety considerations –A properly registered and verified number plate ensures that vehicles on the road can be easily identified and tracked, promoting safety and accountability.


Verifying your LTO plate number is important for legal compliance and ensuring road safety. By utilizing the online verification system or text-based verification, you can quickly check the status of your plate number and confirm its authenticity. This can help you avoid any legal or safety issues arising from discrepancies with your plate number status.

It is necessary to stay vigilant and address any issues with your plate number status promptly. By contacting the LTO through their official channels or presenting all the required documents and proofs of registration, you can resolve any issues and avoid legal complications.

Remember, having a valid and registered plate number is not only a legal requirement but also contributes to safer roads and a more accountable driving community. By ensuring that your plate number is in good standing, you are doing your part in promoting responsible and safe driving practices. So, take the necessary steps to verify your plate number status and maintain its validity to help keep the roads safe for everyone. —iTacloban/AJ Yes/RDV

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