Five Leyte mayors unite to boost tourism in 4th District

Five Leyte mayors unite to boost tourism in 4th District

Five mayors from Leyte's 4th district towns have teamed up to enhance tourism initiatives. Seeking support from national government agencies, the alliance aims to promote nearby destinations, create jobs, and overcome challenges to benefit their municipalities. Photo: Leyte's 4th District/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY  – Five (5) mayors from Leyte's 4th district have formed an alliance to boost tourism initiatives and gain support from the national government. Mayors Bernardino Tacoy of Matag-ob, Ramon Oñate of Palompon, Edgardo Cordeño of Isabel, Sixto Dela Victoria of Albuera, and Rolando Villasencio of Merida have joined forces to form partnerships and advance tourism-related programs in their respective towns.

During a recent press briefing, Mayor Tacoy underscored the significance of engaging in more tourism events and activities to generate employment opportunities for the local population. Recognizing the necessity of additional aid, the mayors acknowledged that their goals of promoting tourism and reaping its potential benefits could be better achieved with the support of national government agencies.

Mayor Oñate, speaking on behalf of the alliance, expressed their aspiration to share the tourism success of Palompon town with neighboring areas. Palompon, known for its captivating Kalanggaman Island, is the district's premier destination. 

The alliance seeks to leverage the influx of visitors to the 4th district and promote other attractions in Leyte, fostering collaboration among national government agencies to maximize support for their endeavors. They firmly believe in the power of unity among smaller towns to achieve their collective goals.

Each of the towns within the alliance—Palompon, Matag-ob, Isabel, Merida, and Albuera—offers unique attractions that contribute to the district's tourism potential. Palompon, for instance, features the mesmerizing Buenavista underwater caves, the Tabuk marine park fish and bird sanctuary, the picturesque Masaba ecological park, the Sky Garden and eco-village, and the thrilling terrestrial eco-adventure park.

In Isabel, visitors can indulge in activities such as Badjao eco-village tours, Dupong River paddling, and bask in the tranquil beauty of Il Fattoria, which offers a connection with nature in a serene setting.

Matag-ob prides itself on its natural wonders, including the renowned Bulak and San Vicente Caves, Bondari Peak, and Santa Rosa Hills, which provide breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Merida offers an exciting circuit tour encompassing attractions such as aqua farms, the Bird and Fish Sanctuary, the majestic Mount Magsanga, the fascinating San Jose Cave, and the inviting Tomorrowland Resort.

Albuera, on the other hand, stands out as an exceptional eco-tourism spot, with its crown jewel being the Sibugay Mountain Resort—a haven designed for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature's embrace.

Mayor Dela Victoria, highlighting the significance of promoting Albuera as a tourism destination, emphasized the town's determination to overcome the negative associations linked to the illegal drug trade that affected some villages. Through the alliance, they seek to redefine Albuera's image and capitalize on its untapped tourism potential, offering visitors a safe and inviting experience.

In response to circulating rumors, Mayor Cordeño clarified that the alliance was not formed to challenge Rep. Richard Gomez in the upcoming 2025 elections. Their primary objective remains the unification and protection of their respective municipalities, with no political ambitions for Congress in 2025.

The alliance was initially established by Mayors Tacoy, Cordeño, and Oñate in August 2022, shortly after the elections. Mayor Dela Victoria joined the alliance in January of this year, and Mayor Villasencio solidified ties with the group in April, further strengthening their collective efforts. —iTacloban (Source: PNA)

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