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DSWD accredits two senior citizen centers in Palo and Burauen

DSWD accredits two senior citizen centers in Palo and Burauen

DSWD Field Office VIII accredits 2 Senior Citizen Centers in Palo & Burauen for complying with national standards. Photo: DSWD-8/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office VIII recently granted accreditation to two Senior Citizen Centers in Palo and Burauen. Led by DSWD FO VIII Regional Director Grace Q. Subong, Assistant Regional Director for Operations Natividad Sequito, and Policy and Plans Division Head Ofelia Pagay, the accreditation was presented to representatives from the respective municipalities, acknowledging their centers' completion and adherence to national standards.

A Senior Citizen Center is a facility constructed by Local Government Units to serve as a gathering place for senior citizens. It can be utilized for various activities, such as meetings of the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) and other senior-related initiatives.

According to Ma. Reyschel Balase, the Standards Section focal of DSWD FO VIII, the agency's responsibility is to encourage LGUs and provide them with technical assistance to meet accreditation requirements. 

"To obtain accreditation, we assess that these centers are complete. They should be exclusively dedicated to senior citizens. We also consider the physical features of the building, ensuring its suitability for our elderly population. It should have a receiving area, conference room, activity area, kitchen area, and separate restrooms for males and females. Accessibility is crucial, especially for senior citizens with disabilities, which means it should have ramps for wheelchairs. Once all the requirements are met, we endorse these centers to the Central Office for inspection and accreditation," explained Balase.

The accreditation of the Senior Citizen Centers reflects the commitment of the DSWD FO VIII to ensure that facilities designed for the well-being of senior citizens adhere to the highest standards. The recognition validates the respective municipalities' efforts and reinforces their dedication to providing excellent services and support to the elderly population.

With the newly accredited centers, the local communities can look forward to enhanced care, engagement, and empowerment of their senior citizens. The DSWD FO VIII's accreditation serves as a mark of quality, assuring senior citizens that these centers are well-equipped and meet the necessary criteria to meet their unique needs and preferences. —iTacloban

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