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Task Force Titulo ensures monthly release of titles to housing beneficiaries

Task Force Titulo ensures monthly release of titles to housing beneficiaries

The Task Force Titulo (TFT) diligently focuses on monthly title releases to streamline the transfer process for housing beneficiaries. File photo

TACLOBAN CITY – The Task Force Titulo (TFT) has been diligently focusing on the monthly release of titles, aiming to streamline the transfer process for housing beneficiaries. Since August 2021, a total of 277 Transfer Certificates of Title (TCT) have already been issued, demonstrating the TFT's commitment to addressing the backlog of 797 pending applications. 

Tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the title transfer process, the TFT, in coordination with the Internal Audit Services (IAS), strives to provide qualified applicants with Transfer Certificates of Title (TCT) every month. 

Since its inception, the TFT has received a significant number of applications, totaling 1,108, resulting in the issuance of 277 TCTs. On June 8, the TFT, represented by Ephraim L. Gonzaga, Jr., OIC-Assistant of the Internal Audit Services Office, and Dion Rae Dela Cruz, Team Leader of the TFT, handed over the twelfth batch of 15 titles to beneficiaries in Pabahay ha Norte Tacloban.

According to Dela Cruz, there are still 797 pending applications. He acknowledges that the primary reason for the backlog is the limited financial capacity of the beneficiaries to cover the expenses associated with document processing. 

To address this issue, eligible beneficiaries who have received the Deed of Conveyance, Transfer Title, and Certificate of Award can visit the IAS office located on the ground floor of the City Hall main building to apply for the TCT. Applicants must prepare an estimated amount ranging from ₱2,300 to ₱2,500, depending on the timing of their housing unit acquisition.

However, Indigent beneficiaries are eligible for a subsidy and may only need to pay approximately ₱1,270 for the Tax Declaration, Transfer Tax, and Tax Clearance. 

The registration requirements for the certificate of the title include:

  • Transfer Certificate of Title (original & 5 photocopies)
  • Deed of Conveyance 
  • Certificate of Award (original copy & 3 photocopies) 
  • Cedula (photocopy)
  • Valid ID (3 photocopies)
  • BIR TIN (Updated & Verified photocopy)
  • Certificate of Indigency 
  • Marriage Contract upod Valid ID han asawa
  • Death Certificate (kun widow/widower)
  • Up-to-date payment on Real Property Tax 

To expedite and simplify the transfer of titles to deserving housing awardees from the City Housing and Community Development Office or the National Housing Authority, Mayor Alfred Romualdez signed Executive Order 2021-08-033, empowering the Task Force Titulo to oversee and assist in the title transfer process. 

With their concerted efforts, the TFT aims to provide housing beneficiaries with secure ownership rights and accelerate the fulfillment of their housing dreams. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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