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Sangyaw Cup Men's Basketball Tournament tips off in Tacloban

Sangyaw Cup Men's Basketball Tournament tips off in Tacloban

The Sangyaw Cup Inter-Municipality/City Men's Basketball Tournament starts at Tacloban City Astrodome with 11 teams from different towns in Leyte and Samar. Photo: Tacloban City Sports Office/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – The bustling Tacloban City Astrodome came alive today, June 11, as the opening jump ball marked the beginning of the much-anticipated Sangyaw Cup Inter-Municipality/City Men's Basketball Tournament. 

This week-long sporting event, scheduled from June 11 to 17, has attracted basketball enthusiasts and supporters from across the region, united in their passion for the game.

City Councilor Yanyan Granados had the honor of officiating the ball toss, symbolizing the official commencement of the tournament. The energy in the arena was electric as players from the participating teams took to the court, ready to showcase their skills and determination.

With the clock striking at 10:00 AM, Michael De la Peña, the Head of the City Sports Office, confirmed the presence of 11 registered basketball teams representing various towns. 

These dedicated teams hail from Llorente and Hernani in Eastern Samar, Palo, Burauen, Alang-Alang, and Julita in Leyte, Catbalogan City, Hinabangan, Capoocan, Marabut, Paranas, and the host city itself, Tacloban.

The Sangyaw Cup Inter-Municipality Men's Basketball Tournament has become a focal point of Tacloban City's festive celebrations this June. As the city revels in the spirit of its annual feast, this sporting spectacle exemplifies the resilience and camaraderie within the local community.

Beyond the adrenaline-pumping action on the court, the tournament serves as a platform for strengthening bonds among municipalities. Teams come together not only to compete but also to build relationships and foster a sense of unity. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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