Tacloban Vaccine Registration: How do I get vaccinated in Tacloban City?

Tacloban Vaccine Registration: How do I get vaccinated in Tacloban City?

Nowadays, we must be healthy and prepared for diseases such as COVID-19. That is why getting vaccinated is preferable because it lowers the risk of complications.

A total of more than 50,000 people in the city of Tacloban have already been fully vaccinated as of  September 23, 2021. Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, and Janssen are the vaccine brands used for inoculations.

It is recommended that the general public schedule vaccinations as soon as possible. At the same time, the vaccine is still available to provide a critical line of defense against the complications of coronavirus infection. Learn how to get a COVID-19 vaccination in Tacloban City right here.

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Why do we need to be vaccinated? 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),  it is important to get vaccinated as soon as possible since it provides a high level of protection against becoming extremely ill and dying from the disease. 

WHO added that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for most persons aged 18 and above, including those with any type of pre-existing disease, including auto-immune illnesses. These include persistent chronic infections, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, lung, liver, and renal disease.

What COVID-19 vaccine brands are available?

The brand varies in Tacloban City and is dependent on your scheduled date. The city health office will choose the brand that will be administered to you on the day of your scheduled vaccination. The brand is determined by the amount of supply available in each region.

The schedules for the first and second doses are not the same. Typically, you will receive your next dose one to two weeks after your inoculation.

What are the requirements for the vaccination?

Although requirements vary by LGU, in Tacloban City, you must have a scanned or digital copy of the following documents to upload to the online vaccine registration portal:

  • Government-issued ID; 
  • QR Code (learn how to get Tacloban QR Code here); and
  • Other Supporting documents.

Where to register for vaccination in Tacloban City?

If you want to be vaccinated, you may register at "Tacloban Safe City" through the link https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/. On the homepage, click the "Covid-19 Vaccine Registration" button and then enter the required information.

After completing the registration process, you must wait for a text from the Tacloban City Health Office with the date and time of your inoculation.

How do I get vaccinated in Tacloban City?

As previously stated, you must first register at the "Tacloban Safe City" portal at https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/. Following that, you must register for your COVID-19 vaccination schedule.

You can also follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/ and click on "Covid-19 Vaccine Registration"

Go to the Tacloban Safe City website and then click on the "COVID-19 vaccine registration" button. Photo: Tacloban Safe City website

2. Apply for a new registration for COVID-19 vaccination

To apply for new registration, click the "COVID-19 vaccine registration" button once more. 

Select "new registration" from the pop-up page and click the "proceed" button to continue with your registration.

3.  Choose the priority and sub-priority groups to which you belong.

After you click the "proceed" button. You must select your priority and sub-priority groups from the list provided:

A1 - Healthcare workers (HCWs);

  • Health Care Workers in COVID-19 Referral Hospitals;
  • HCW in Hospitals Catering to C19 Cases;
  • HCW in Quarantine Isolation Facilities;
  • HCW in Remaining Hospitals;
  • HCW in Government Primary Health Care Facilities;
  • HCW in Stand-alone Clinics and Diagnostics; and
  • HCW in Closed Settings and Institutions.

A2 - All señior citizens;

  • Institutionalized Senior Citizens; and
  • All Other Senior Citizens.

A3 - Persons with comorbidities;

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease;
  • Hypertension;
  • Cardiovascular Disease;
  • Chronic Kidney Disease;
  • Cerebrovascular Accident;
  • Malignancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Neurologic Disease;
  • Chronic Liver Disease;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Chronic Respiratory Tract Infection;
  • Immunodeficiency State; and
  • Others.

A4 - Frontline personnel in the essential sector;

  • Private Sector Workers who work outside their homes;
  • Employees in government agencies and instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations and local government units; and
  • Informal sector workers and self-employed who work outside their homes and those working in private households.

A5 - Poor population;
A1.8 - OFWs and Seafarers;
A1.9 - Family members of healthcare workers; and
Rest of population.

4. Upload documents and fill out the registration form

After you've chosen your priority and sub-priority groups, click the "proceed" button to continue. A registration form will appear, which you must fill out with the following information:

  • Complete name (first name, middle name, last name);
  • Gender;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Occupation;
  • Email; and
  • Mobile number.

You must also answer whether or not you are allergic to vaccines and whether or not you have comorbidity.

Upload a digital copy of your government-issued ID and a screenshot of your Tacloban QR Code once you've completed the registration form. You may also choose to upload additional supporting documents that will serve as proof of your priority group selection.

Afterward, check the box next to "terms and conditions" and click the "submit" button to complete your registration.

5. Wait for the schedule of your COVID-19 vaccination

You must now wait for your scheduled date after completing your online registration. The Tacloban City Health Office will finalize it, and you will receive a text message or SMS to your registered mobile number. You can also use the control number provided to you to check the status of your online vaccination.

To check the status, just go to https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph/vaccine-registration/ and click the "Check Status" button. Enter your control number and click the "Check Status" button once more.

You will be able to see whether your vaccination is pending, denied, verified, or already scheduled.

6. Get a text message with your vaccination date

Once your vaccine registration has been verified, you will receive an SMS with a schedule for your inoculation. Save the message because you may need to present it on the actual date of your COVID-19 vaccination.

7. Attend your vaccination appointment on time

People who have appointments at Robinsons North Tacloban to get vaccinated. PHOTO: iTacloban

Ensure to attend your scheduled date on time since the person-in-charge will check the master list for that date if you are included. There will be a long queue, so it is best to arrive early.

8. Show your valid government-issued ID and QR Code

Present your valid government-issued ID and the QR code on the day of your vaccination to the person in charge. A consent form will be given to you to fill out and sign. Following that, your blood pressure will be checked, and a healthcare worker will ask about your medical history.

After that, you'll wait in line for your vaccination. 

9. Wait in line for your turn to get inoculated

Fill out the required details such as your full name, complete address, date of birth, and contact number if you are given a vaccination card by the person in charge. Personnel will then collect the vaccination card. Wait for your name to be called for your inoculation after they have collected it.

10. Receive your first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

Once your name is called, go to the inoculation area, present your valid ID, and receive your first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. You will then be brief for your second dose of the inoculation. They will write the date of your second inoculation on your vaccination card.

Note: Please keep in mind that this guide is based on our COVID-19 vaccination experience in Tacloban City. Depending on the management, the steps may differ and change. On the your scheduled date, don't forget to bring your own ballpen, confirmation message of vaccination schedule, valid ID, and Tacloban QR code.


It is preferable to be protected during pandemics, and the best way to do so is to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine. Tacloban LGU has provided an organized and systematic method for people to get their vaccination. They should be commended for their efforts, particularly those of healthcare workers, who do everything possible to save lives, including giving us vaccine shots. 

As long as you follow their instructions, the procedure is simple.

For any other questions or information about Tacloban's vaccine registration (such as your vaccination registration status, schedule, or recategorization concerns), please call (+63)977-688-7504.

For technical issues with your registration (e.g., unsuccessful registration, control number not retrieved/lost, and file attachments issues), please call (+63)909-628-6631. —AJ Yes/iTacloban


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