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HealthGuard PH Registration: How to Register and Generate HealthGuard QR Code

HealthGuard PH Registration: How to Register and Generate HealthGuard QR Code

If you'll be traveling to Isabela Province, you must have a HealthGuard account and QR Code. Learn how to register here.

The Province of Isabela institutionalized the usage of the HealthGuard system developed by Isabela State University on September 29, 2021, to strengthen health security measures in the province and reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease.

According to Executive Order 27 of the Provincial Government of Isabela (PGI), all residents, sojourners, and those who cross territorial boundaries into the province must register with the HealthGuard system to generate their personal quick response (QR) code.

Meanwhile, PGI's boundary checkpoints are equipped with scanners that allow for scanning QR codes generated by the HealthGuard system that is unique to each individual. Individuals are not permitted to cross provincial borders unless such QR code has been scanned.

Aside from Isabela Province, the Provincial Government of Quirino has also adopted the use of HealthGuard.

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What is HealthGuard PH?

HealthGuard PH is a cross-platform contact tracing system developed by Isabela State University's Business Intelligence Research and Development Center (BIRD) and Health Innovation Center (HIC) (ISU).

It was first implemented at ISU's Cauayan Campus and was later adopted by the municipalities of Echague and Ilagan in Isabela Province, and is now institutionalized as the provinces of Isabela and Quirino's official contact tracing system.

What is HealthGuard QR Code?

HealthGuard QR Code is a generated system barcode image that is used for contact tracing in certain areas such as the provinces of Quirino and Isabela, Ilagan City, and the municipalities of Cauayan and Echague. It can be generated using the HealthGuard PH system, which can be accessed at

All private business establishments in Isabela and Quirino LGUs require individuals to present their HealthGuard QR Code upon entry, while said establishments are required to scan it.

What are the requirements to get a HealthGuard QR Code?

To obtain a HealthGuard QR Code, individuals must have reliable internet access and a smartphone, laptop, or desktop device. Additionally, they must provide a valid mobile number, as this will be used to register for a HealthGuard account and receive the OTP code upon registration.

Where to download or generate a HealthGuard QR Code?

To generate a HealthGuard QR Code, individuals must go to and register for an account using their mobile number. They will automatically receive their HealthGuard QR Code upon registration.

How to get a HealthGuard QR Code?

As mentioned in this article, individuals can obtain a HealthGuard QR Code by visiting the HealthGuard PH web portal at They must complete the registration form on the homepage by entering their mobile number and address.

Once the registration form is completed, they will receive an OTP code via their mobile number. They simply need to enter their email address and click the "Submit" button to gain access to the HealthGuard PH portal and obtain their QR Code.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Open your browser and go to

To get a QR Code, you must register a HealthGuard account on the web application at You may access the HealthGuard PH website on mobile or desktop devices through compatible browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

2. Fill out the online registration form

On the homepage of HealthGuard, individuals will immediately see the registration form. They must fill out the required information and provide a valid mobile number, as this will be used as their login information. Establishments can also sign up for a HealthGuard account through the homepage.

After completing the registration form, they must agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box next to it. They must then click the "Register" button to proceed.

3. Enter the OTP Code and click the "Submit" button

Once you completed filling out the registration form, a one-time password (OTP) and your "USER CODE" will be sent to your registered mobile number. When you log in to the HealthGuard PH portal, the 4-digit OTP code you received will also serve as your temporary password.

The text message that individuals will receive upon registering to the HealthGuard PH portal.

Enter the OTP Code into the HealthGuard portal and then click on the "Submit" button to continue your registration.

4. Change your password and update your profile

If you are prompted to create a password and already have access to your HealthGuard account as a result of entering the OTP Code, you must do so. As of this writing, you can create only four-digit passwords.

To enable contact reporting, you must update your profile by clicking the "Update My Profile" button. When updating your profile, you should provide your complete information such as name, gender, civil status, date of birth, and place of birth.

5. Save your HealthGuard QR Code

After you've updated your password and HealthGuard account, you must save your HealthGuard QR Code. You can either save or screenshot the QR image. Once you've obtained a copy, you can choose to print and laminate it for easier access while traveling in areas that require HealthGuard.

Are there other ways to register to HealthGuard PH?

There are other ways to register to HealthGuard PH, individuals who want to have an account can send a text message. They just need to text the following:

Account Type Keyword Send to
Individual/Personal REG <Municipality/Barangay/Street> 4681-9111 (Smart/Sun/TNT)
0919-160-1279 (All Network)
Business/Agency REG EST <Municipality/Barangay/Street> 4681-9111 (Smart/Sun/TNT)
0919-160-1279 (All Network)

Example: Type REG CAUAYAN/DISTRICT I/RIZAL ST. and send to 0919-160-1279
If you have forgotten your password, simply text CHANGEPW to 4681-9111 (Smart/Sun/TNT) or 0919-160-1279 from your registered mobile number (All Network).

Where is the HealthGuard PH used?

HealthGuard PH and its generated quick response (QR) code for those who registered are used upon entry to establishments and cross checkpoint boundaries in the Province of Isabela and Quirino. The codes logged in thru the scanners will create a database for contact tracing and other health-related policies.

The Provincial Government of Quirino adopted the use of the HealthGuard system through Executive Order No. 13, Series of 2021 which started on May 1, 2021. Meanwhile, the Provincial Government of Isabela institutionalized it on September 29, 2021, through Executive Order No. 27, Series 2021.

LGUs under the jurisdiction of both provinces must strictly implement HealthGuard as their contact-tracing system on all establishments located on their premises, including shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and local and national government offices.

How are the data registered in HealthGuard protected?

According to the HealthGuard PH website, registered users participate voluntarily in contact tracing activities, and full public participation enables concerned government agencies to conduct contact tracing activities.

The data collected will be used solely for the purposes specified in the Terms and Conditions. HealthGuard maintained the strictest confidentiality with regard to data.


HealthGuard's features are truly impressive, especially given that it is the work of a SUC (Isabela State University), indicating that digital development in schools should be encouraged. Because schools can also discover technologies that benefit the majority, such as HealthGuard, which is now used throughout the province of Isabela and Quirino, not just at Isabela State University.

For additional information and inquiries about HealthGuard PH and the QR Code generated, you may contact HealthGuard via its Facebook page at —iTacloban

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