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How to Register and Get Davao del Norte (DavNor) QR Code

How to Register and Get Davao del Norte (DavNor) QR Code

If you are traveling to Davao del Norte, you must have a personal QR code generated through the DCIMS web portal, also known as the DavNor COVID-19 Information Management System (DCIMS).

The Provincial Government of Davao del Norte implemented said contract tracing solution in September 2020 via Executive Order No. 53 series of 2020. According to E.O. 53, the province should use a QR Code scanning system to speed up contact tracing efforts using the Davao del Norte COVID-19 Contact Tracing System (DCCTS), now DCIMS.

Currently, the QR Code generated through DCIMS is used province-wide and must be presented in all private establishments, religious institutions, schools, and local and national government offices within Davao del Norte Province.

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What is DavNor QR Code?

DavNor QR Code is the generated quick-response matrix barcode by the Province of Davao del Norte's COVID-19 Information Management System or DCIMS.  All individuals entering private establishments or government offices in the province of Davao del Norte must obtain a DavNor QR Code.

All Davao del Norte Province LGUs are required to use DCIMS and ensure that all establishments under their jurisdiction scan the DavNor QR Code presented by an individual upon entry.

What are the requirements to get a DavNor QR Code?

Residents and non-residents who want to obtain a quick response (QR) code through the DavNor COVID-19 Information Management System (DCIMS) web portal must have a stable internet connection and a device capable of accessing the website

Upon registration, they must provide the following:

  • Personal information;
  • Complete address;
  • Valid mobile number;
  • Valid email address; and
  • A digital copy of their valid government-issued ID.
Note: When applying, you must include at least one valid ID. SELFIES and TAMPERED IDs will not be accepted. IDs should include your current address and birthdate; otherwise, attach documentation proving your residency and birthdate. Only image (jpeg) and PDF files are accepted by the DCIMS portal.

Where to download or generate DavNor QR Code?

Davao del Norte Province residents can previously register and secure their QR Code in their respective city, municipality, or barangay, while non-residents can register online at

Currently, anyone interested in obtaining a DavNor QR Code can do so directly through the web link:

According to E.O. 53 Series of 2020, if a non-resident was unable to obtain a QR Code online, they may obtain one from the Local Government Unit (LGU) where they intend to travel. 

For verification and reference, registrants must present a valid Identification Card (ID) or government-issued ID. Obtaining a QR Code is completely free.

How do I get a DavNor QR Code?

To get a DavNor QR Code, individuals may go to the DCIMS web portal and then click the "Continue with Mobile Number/Email" button to proceed. They will be notified of the requirements needed on their online registration. After reading the reminders, they must click the "I Understand" button.

Individuals must fill out all required fields, upload a digital or scanned copy of their valid government-issued ID, and then click the "Get Registered" button to submit their application for the DavNor QR Code after being redirected to the registration page.

Note: You must wait for a maximum of three government working days since your application needs to be verified by the province.

You can also follow the easy and simple steps below to get a DavNor QR Code:

1. Launch your browser and go to the DCIMS web portal

Open your browser and go to DavNor COVID-19 Information Management System (DCIMS) web portal. On the homepage of DCIMS, click the "Continue with Mobile Number/Email" button to proceed. You can also select the "Continue with Facebook" option.

You can use a Chrome browser if you have an Android device. Meanwhile, those with an iOS device can browse DCIMS using the Safari browser.

2. On the next page, click the "I understand" button

After clicking the "Continue with Mobile Number/Email" button, you will be notified of the important reminders and a list of acceptable IDs before proceeding with the application. Once you're done reading it, click the "I Understand" button to continue with your online registration.

3. Fill out the DavNor QR Code online registration form

After clicking the "I Understand" button, you will be redirected to an online registration form, which you must fill out and provide the following information:

  • First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name;
  • Gender (if male or female);
  • Current Residing Address; and
  • Contact Number and Email Address (optional).

You must also enter a username and password that you will use to access the DCIMS web portal and obtain your DavNor QR Code.

Note: If you provide an email address, you will receive status updates and your QR Code will be sent to it. If you do not have an active email address, simply leave the field blank.

4. Upload the required documents

Once you're done filling out the registration form, you must upload a digital copy of your valid government-issued ID. You can either have it scanned or take a clear picture of it. You may check below the list of valid IDs and supporting documents accepted by the DCIMS portal:

Valid ID's

  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID);
  • Voter’s ID;
  • Driver's License;
  • NBI Clearance;
  • Police Clearance;
  • Voter's Certificate;
  • Barangay ID (with complete information);
  • School ID (with complete information);
  • Company ID (with complete information);
  • Passport (with supporting document for residency); and
  • PRC ID (with supporting document for residency).

Supporting documents

  • Billing;
  • Cedula;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Marriage Contract; and
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency.

Note: You must only attach images that ends with ".jpg" or ".pdf" to continue your registration. Make sure also that you have attached an ID or documents that has your birth date and address.

5. Click the "Get Registered" button to submit your application

After you've uploaded all of the required documents, check the box next to the "I'm not a robot" text or the captcha box, and then click the "Get Registered" button to submit your DavNor QR Code application. 

You must not close the browser while your account is being validated. When your application is approved, you will be notified that your DCIMS account is already registered. You must wait for your DavNOr QR Code to be generated by the system for a maximum of three government working days.

If you already have your DavNor QR Code from the DCIMS portal, save it or take a screenshot of it. On a smartphone, press and hold the QR code until a pop-up window appears, then click "Download image." On a computer, right-click the QR code and choose "Save image."

Note: Make sure to download your DavNor QR Code because your DCIMS account will be disabled automatically.

Where can I use the DavNor QR Code?

Individuals must use the DavNor QR COde when entering establishments in LGUs under the jurisdiction of the Province of Davao del Norte, specifically the cities of Panabo, Samal, and Tagum, as well as the municipalities of Asuncion, Braulio E. Dujali. Carmen, Kapalong, New Corella, San Isidro, Santo Tomas and Talaingod.

Multiple QR Code scanning areas are strategically placed in different locations within large public places or open areas with multiple entry points, such as public markets, transportation terminals, malls, and the like, to ensure that anyone going inside the premises passes through the QR Code Scanning for contact tracing purposes.

How does the DavNor QR Code work?

According to E.O. 53, if a positive COVID-19 case is reported in Davao del Norte Province, only the Incident Commander of the Provincial COVID-19 Incident Management Team is authorized to access the QR Code database.

The Incident Commander shall forward the data to the City/Municipal COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force Incident Commander for appropriate contact tracing, monitoring, and isolation.

The contact tracing activity will be carried out by a surveillance team from the LGU in question, in strict accordance with the Department of Health (DOH) Contact Tracing protocol.

After 30 days from the date of scanning, the system shall automatically delete the registered person's stored data (only logged data from QR Code Scanning) from the server.


It is very easy to get a DavNor QR Code, just need to register an account with DavNor COVID-19 Information Management System or DCIMS. When you finish the online registration on the DCIMS portal, just wait a few days for the system to validate and generate the QR Code.

For inquiries and more information about DavNor QR Code, please contact the following: For those outside DavNor: 0921-748-3678, 0929-510-2913, 0915-928-8325 and 0921-748-4132 (hotlines are open every MONDAY to FRIDAY from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm); (082) 655-9493, 0953-173-2397 / 0951-449-5189 / 0906-906-9602 and —iTacloban

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