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S-Pass for Travel Mobile App: How to Use and Register Account

S-Pass for Travel Mobile App: How to Use and Register Account

S-Pass is a travel management system that allows individuals to obtain travel passes to provinces and cities that impose travel restrictions. Learn how to register here. LOGO: S-PASS/DOST-VI

(UPDATED 03/30/2022) S-PaSS has officially launched its improved mobile app and website last year. The new "S-PASS for Travelers" mobile app provides a different user experience and, like the website, is used to obtain travel permits from the LGU to which you are traveling.

Meanwhile, you can still obtain travel permits on the new website, such as the Travel-Pass Through Permit (TPP) and the Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). If you haven't already, register and check to see if the location you're going to is on the LGU Travel Policy Table and if it uses S-PaSS.

You may check here on how to register an account on the "S-PASS for Travelers" mobile app.

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What is the "S-PASS for Travelers" Mobile App?

S-PASS for Travelers is a mobile app developed by the Department of Science and Technology - Region VI (DOST-VI) with the primary purpose of making travel "Safe, Swift, and Smart" for Filipinos. It is an institutionalized travel management system app that must be utilized by travelers heading to LGUs that require travel permits from the said app.

The mobile app, like the website, provides travelers with a personal quick response (QR) code and a travel permit QR code. 

After creating an account with S-PaSS, you will be able to access your personal QR Code. Meanwhile, after submitting a travel permit application, you will be able to obtain a travel permit QR Code used to check the authenticity of a travel permit.

What's the difference between S-PASS App and S-PASS website?

The new S-PASS website has the same functionality as the mobile app. Individuals can sign up for and obtain travel permits through either platform. PHOTO: S-PASS.PH/DOST-VI

Actually, there is no distinction between them because they share the same features and user experience; however, the "S-PASS for Travelers" app can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Meanwhile, the S-PASS website can be accessed via a web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

You can still use either of the two to obtain TPP and TCP travel permits.

Where I can download the S-PASS for Travelers app?

S-PASS for Travelers is now available for Android users. To download the mobile application, go to Non-Android users can visit to try out the new S-PASS website and sign up for an account.

What are the requirements to register for an S-PASS for Travelers account?

You must have a device that is capable of downloading and installing the app. Upon registration, you'll need to provide a valid mobile phone number and email address. These requirements are also applicable for web-based registration through a browser. 

To obtain travel permits through the app, you may be required to provide the following information:

Aside from a mobile number and an email address, you must upload a valid government-issued ID to obtain permits, particularly with the Travel-Pass Through Permit (TPP).

The requirements for the Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) vary. Still, you may need the following: a domestic vaccination card (if fully vaccinated), a travel order or travel itinerary and certificate of employment (for APORs), and a local QR code generated by your LGU's contact tracing app.

How to register account with S-Pass mobile app?

Simply launch the S-PASS for Travelers app to create an account. Scroll down the homepage to find the "Register" button. Click it and fill out the relevant information required. After you've registered, use your phone number to log in to the app.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

1. Launch the S-PASS for Travelers application

Once you open the app, you will be directed to the homepage to register an account. 

On your device, launch the S-PaSS for Travelers mobile application.

2. On the homepage, click on the "Register" button

Scroll down until you see the "Register" button. Click it afterward.

On the homepage, scroll down until you see the "Register" button located near the bottom. Click on the said button to proceed with your registration.

3. Enter your mobile number and preferred password

Type your mobile number and set your password to continue.

You will be asked to enter your active mobile number on the "S-PASS for Travelers" registration form. After that, enter your preferred password.

4. Complete filling out the traveler's registration form

Continue to fill out the registration form and select your "Client type."

After you've set your password, you must fill out the registration form with your full name, gender, complete address (region, province, municipality/city), age, and active email address. You must also enter your client type by selecting from the following:

You have eight options to choose from; choose the client type that best describes you.

5. Review details and click on the "Submit" button

Review the information you provided before clicking the submit button to complete your registration

After you've finished filling out the registration form, double-check all of the information and then click the checkbox next to the text "I'm Not A Robot." After that, click on the "Submit" button to complete the process. You can then log into your account to begin using the 'S-PASS for Travelers' mobile application once you have completed the process.

How to obtain a travel pass using S-Pass?

You may view the article here on how to get a travel pass: "How to Apply and Get Travel Pass in the Philippines?"

How to use the S-Pass for Travelers mobile app?

It's easy to use the 'S-PASS for Travelers' mobile app. You may check here on how to use the said app:

1. You must launch the application first

2. On the homepage, you can check the necessary options you want

If you intend to travel, click on the "Apply Permit" button. If you want to check the travel restrictions of your destination LGU, click the "View Travel Policy" button, and if you want to inquire or ask questions, click the "Contact your LGU" button.

3. If already registered, you can go to account settings to view your personal QR Code

Simply click the "Account Settings" button under your name to view your personal quick response (QR) code on the' S-PASS for Travelers' mobile app. Once done, you'll be able to see your QR Code. Remember that this is merely your personal QR Code, and you will still require a travel permit to enter an LGU that utilizes S-PASS.

4. Click on the "Travel Permit" button to view your travel permit application status

Click on the "travel permit" button to see if your application has been approved or denied. When you submit the necessary documents for a TPP application, your travel pass will be generated instantly. Meanwhile, after submitting your requirements for TCP, you must wait for the LGU's verification. You can find out how to get a travel pass here.

5. To check other options, go to the menu

To see other options in the S-PASS for Travelers app, press the menu button on the app's home screen and then select your preference. By clicking on the "tutorials" text, you can also learn more about S-PASS.


S-PASS for Travelers is a great help, especially for those who travel to different parts of the Philippines. The app streamlines the process of connecting local government units (LGUs) with individuals who will be obtaining travel permits such as the Travel-Pass Through Permit (TPP) and the Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

Using this app is recommended if you are a returning resident, returning OFW, authorized person outside residence (APOR), healthcare workers (HCW), or a non-essential traveler, especially if your destination LGU requires it.

For more information, you can contact S-PASS through their Facebook page: and at the following numbers: (+63) 998-535-4217, (+63) 998-535-4216, at (+63) 939-606-7375. —AJ Yes/iTacloban

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