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How to Get 'S-PaSS PH' QR Code and Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)

How to Get 'S-PaSS PH' QR Code and Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)

(Updated 09/24/2021) If you are a traveler who does not want your journey to be delayed, you must have the required travel permits and an S PaSS PH QR Code.

It's a personal QR code that is needed for individuals traveling to other provinces, cities, or towns and used alongside a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) for restricted areas and Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP) for unrestricted areas.

This article supplements the previous step-by-step guide for those asking how to get an S PaSS PH QR Code and Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) via the S PaSS web registration portal. On October 1, 2021, the platform will be available through a mobile app via the S-PASS for Travelers mobile app.

Since there are changes with travel protocols in different local government units (LGUs) every month, S-PaSS is a reliable source of all travel requirements since they are directly connected with LGUs. It is a one-stop platform for individuals to be updated with the travel guidelines of each LGUs.

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What is S PaSS PH QR Code?

The "S PaSS QR Code" is a scannable quick response (QR) system which must be presented to authorities upon traveling to their destination LGU that uses the S-PaSS platform. Travelers who will register to the web portal of S-PaSS with their mobile numbers will instantly be given a QR Code.

After registration on the S-PaSS portal, travelers or individuals will also be able to check the specific travel guidelines or requirements and apply directly through the said platform. Aside from the S-PaSS QR Code, travelers must get a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

What is a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)?

A Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) is required when traveling to a destination with a "Restricted" travel policy. The provincial Local Government Unit (LGU), Highly Urbanized City (HUC), or independent Component City decides on its approval (ICC). The S-PaSS Team also assists in monitoring pending permits and, as needed, coordinates with the relevant LGU.

Travelers must comply with and be prepared for all travel requirements set by the destination LGU, as stated on the S-PaSS website, to avoid delays in the issuance of the TCP.

What are the requirements for the S PaSS QR Code and TCP?

To obtain an S PaSS QR Code and a travel pass such as a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP), you must have a valid mobile number and an email address. You must also have a reliable internet connection to avoid registration errors.

To obtain a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP), you must also provide the necessary documents based on the LGU's travel requirements.

How do I get my S PaSS QR Code?

Individuals going to LGUs that implements the use of S-PaSS must go to and create an account with a phone number. You will receive your QR Code immediately; however, this is only your personal code and should not be used as a permit when traveling. You must check with your destination LGU for the requirements to get a QR Code for your Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) and Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP) documents.

You may follow the easy and simple steps below:

To begin with your registration for an S Pass PH QR Code, you must first register for an account through going to S-PaSS' web portal at Upon going to the homepage, you will see the features of the said platform such as "LGU TRAVEL POLICY," "AGENCY LOGIN," and "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" for new users.

Create an account with your valid mobile number to get your S PaSS PH QR Code.

After you're able to go to S-PaSS' web portal, you must click on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" to access the registration form. Follow the steps below to continue (Step 3 to 5); you must first input your mobile number.

3. Enter your mobile number and fill out the form

After clicking on the"CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button, you must first fill out the member registration form by entering your valid mobile number. Make sure that it's active and you are using it to avoid inconvenience with your registration.

Once you're able to register your mobile, you need to fill out the registration form with the following details: (1) personal information (complete name, gender,) (2) permanent address (region, province, municipality/city, etc.), and (3) your valid email address. Note: You must input a valid email address to be able to retrieve your password.

4. Choose your client type and click "submit"

To complete your registration, you must choose your "client type" from the list below (for travelers, local tourists, and non-essential individuals, you can choose "individual" or "others:")

  • Individual;
  • Academe;
  • LGU;
  • MSME;
  • National Government Agency;
  • NGOs/Private Sector;
  • Student; and
  • Others.

Once you are done filling out the registration form and choosing your "client type" from the options above, you must click on the "SUBMIT" button. Be sure to agree with the terms of conditions upon completing an S-PaSS PH QR Code and account registration.

5. Get your QR Code instantly

You will now have your own QR Code after completing the registration. You may access it through mobile by clicking the "menu" button. Afterward, click on "SETTINGS" to view your S-Pass-generated QR Code as shown on the image below:

Said quick response (QR) code is ONLY a PERSONAL QR CODE.  You cannot use it as a permit to travel to other LGUs. You must register first for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) or Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP) to get travel passes with a unique QR Code.

If you are traveling, you can generate said documents through this link: You may also go here for the step-by-step guide on how to get said travel permits.

How to get a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)?

There are two types of travel permits that can be obtained with S-PaSS: the Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP) and the Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

The TPP is a self-generated permit and will be used when passing through an Unrestricted LGU upon going to a restricted area. Meanwhile, TCP is the travel permit you need if your actual destination is a Restricted LGU. The approval process and requirements for obtaining TPP and TCP depend on the LGU.

To find out the restriction status and travel requirements of your destination, check this link:

You may follow the easy and simple steps below to get a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP):

1. Go to the S-Pass website 

Open your internet browser and log in at if you are already registered. To register, use Safari (for iOs users) or Chrome (for Android users) browser, and scroll down, then select "Create an Account." You may also follow the steps here if you will be registering through a desktop device.

2. Create an S-Pass account

As mentioned in the steps above on "How to get an S-PaSS QR code?" just follow Steps 2 to 4 to get an account. Create an S-PaSS account using your mobile number. Once done, log in to your S-PaSS account to proceed with your "Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)" registration. 

3. Apply for travel documents

Once you can log in to the S-PaSS portal, click on "Are you traveling?" (for mobile devices), or you can directly go to to continue your TCP application. S-PaSS will assist you in your application for travel documents. 

After you clicked the "ARE YOU TRAVELING?" button, you will be asked for some required information for your application process. This is where you will see if an LGU is restricted and if you need a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

Apply only for Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) if your destination LGU is restricted and Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP) if unrestricted. 

Upon selecting your destination LGU, you will see the travel requirements required upon going there and apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

4. Upload necessary documents

If your destination is a restricted area, you must apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). Just click the button to continue and upload the necessary documents required for your application.

Before uploading the necessary documents, you must first check if the destination LGU needs a Travel Coordination (TCP). If required, you will see the necessary requirements and click on the "APPLY FOR TRAVEL COORDINATION (TCP)" button to proceed.

You must fill out the TCP/TPP form to continue with your registration. Afterward, upload the necessary attachments. Make sure to secure a digitized copy of the requirements before applying.

5. Wait for LGU to process your application

If your Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) is approved by the LGU of your destination, you will receive a similar document like this with a unique QR code attached to the document.

Once you're done uploading the necessary documents, you must wait within 24 or 48 hours for your Travel Requirements Coordination (TCP) permit to be approved. Once approved, make sure to prepare your S-Pass Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) at the ports (seaport/airport) before travel or boarding and upon arrival. 

The Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) can also be viewed via mobile.

If you're able to get the Travel Coordination Permit, you can easily access it on the S-PaSS web portal. Still, it is advisable to print it to avoid delays and inconvenience.

What to do if my TCP application is canceled?

If your Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) is canceled, it might be due to a lack of documents or the attachment uploaded is missing. You must re-upload the documents again. To do this, you must follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your S-PaSS Account;
2. Go to 'My Applications'; and
3.  Click 'Upload' to re-upload your new attachments.

Don't forget to double-check your attachment before uploading to make sure it's correct and complete.


The QR Code generated by the S-PaSS web portal is only for personal use. If you want to travel, you must have a travel permit with a QR Code attached to it. Authorities will check the said documents when you arrive at your destination LGU where S-PaSS is required.

S-PaSS and its features as a travel management system are necessary and make travel easier for individuals going to different regions. For other information and inquiries about S PaSS QR Code and Travel Coordination (TCP), you may contact the following: (+63)998-535-4217, (+63)998-535-4216, (+63)939-606-7375, and —iTacloban


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