Calbayog City QR Code Registration

Calbayog City QR Code Registration

Individuals, travelers, residents, and non-residents must register for QR Code for Calbayog City through the Calbayog ARC portal,

(UPDATED) Since May 15, 2021, the local government of Calbayog City has required all establishments, including government and private offices, to comply with the quick-response (QR) code scanning policy of the city.

This means that individuals, residents or non-residents, who want to roam around Calbayog City need to have their own distinct and unique QR code. Individuals without their QR codes will be denied entry to any establishments located within the city.

Calbayog’s unique QR code scanning and contact tracing system is called "" It is a research and extension program of Norwest Samar State University and a decision support system for IATF Calbayog to Monitor COVID-19. It can also monitor other communicable diseases.


How do I get a QR Code from Calbayog City?


To acquire a QR Code, you can register online via It is accessible on either mobile or desktop devices. Upon entering the website, you must follow the procedures so that you can proceed with the registration.
You may follow the easy and simple steps below:
1.            Go to


For Calbayog City residents, make sure to visit your Barangay office and ask for your barangay “household no.” from where you reside. This barangay household no. is required in the registration.
To get a QR Code, you can register online via you can access the website through your mobile device or a computer that has internet connectivity.

2.            Click the register button


Once you click the "register" button, you need to agree with Calbayog ARC’s data privacy policy for your QR code registration. This means that you allow Calbayog ARC to collect, record, organize, update, modify, and retrieve your personal data as part of the online registration process.

3.            Answer form if resident or non-resident


After you’re done with the second step, you must now provide complete information. You will be asked first if you’re a resident or non-resident of Calbayog City.
             Only click “Yes” if you are a resident of Calbayog City; and

             “No” if you reside from another city or municipality outside Calbayog.

4. Fill out complete information


Once you’re done with the previous step, a registration form will pop up where you need to fill out necessary information such as:

             Complete name (first name, middle name & last name);


             Active mobile number

             Email address;

             Date of birth;

             Complete address; and

             Household number (if available).


Take note: Make sure to input a valid mobile number and accessible email address because the QR Code will be sent to your email address by the system after it has finished generating. Review the information you provided before you click the “REGISTER” button.
5.            Receive your QR Code instantly


After you are done with registration, a notification page will appear that your registration is successful. Your QR and verification code details are sent to the email address you provided in the registration. You can download the QR code and then use it upon entry to Calbayog City or its establishments.

Additional note: If a message prompts that you are already registered after clicking the “register” button, this means that you have already provided the information previously on Calbayog Arc’s registration form. Calbayog residents can inquire in their respective barangay while non-Calbayog residents can inquire or message Calbayog Arc’s social media page:

How to activate my Calbayog City QR Code?

For Calbayog residents, you can activate your QR Code in your barangay while non-Calbayog residents can activate it through Calbayog Arc’s Facebook page: Proof of identity will be asked upon the activation of the QR Code. You must activate it before your appointment in Calbayog.

What to do if your QR Code got lost?

If you lost your QR Code, just open your email, copy the verification code, go to and click on the “MY QR CODE” button. Paste the verification code and click on the “VIEW QR CODE” button.

If you don’t know your verification code, you may request it from your Barangay. Just give them your email address. Non-residents of Calbayog City may request a verification code at Calbayog Arc’s Facebook page through chatting with them in messenger.


Getting a Calbayog City QR Code is easy, and residents or non-residents shall register for their own unique and distinctive QR Code through “Calbayog Arc” so that they can enter the city’s premises. Individuals should follow the instructions and procedures on registering for a QR Code since LGU Calbayog already provided necessary steps that are viewable online.

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  1. Paano ma retrieve yung qr code ko na nawala?

    1. Hello, you can contact CalbayogArc through their official social media page at for more information.

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