Smart Padala Rates and Charges — From an Authorized Agent

Smart Padala Rates and Charges — From an Authorized Agent

Know the latest rates and charges of the Philippines's premiere mobile money transfer service, Smart Padala. LOGO: Smart Padala by Paymaya.

(Updated 08/17/2021) Smart Padala (official name: Smart Padala by Paymaya) is one of the Philippines' largest money transfer and remittance services, with over 30,000 outlets nationwide. Launched initially on August 1, 2004, as SmartMoney Padala, it is the world’s first international cash remittance service linked to a cellular phone.

Its name was derived from a common Filipino household term, “padala,” which originally means “shipment” and later became synonymous with money remittance. Smart Padala domestic was then launched in June 2005 and provides a remittance network where users can send money to any beneficiary anywhere in the Philippines.

Smart Padala logo in its old format.

Now, Smart Padala by Paymaya provides a more accessible money transfer service to Filipinos since it focuses on barangays or villages in far-flung areas, and it’s why it attracted millions of users. Smart Padala rates and charges are also cheap, wherein people don’t need to go to a city’s main commercial hub just to transfer or receive money.

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Smart Padala Rates and Charges

Smart Padala rates and charges for 2021 are still the same as the previous year. People who will receive money don't need to pay charges anymore, unlike in its early years. You may view the latest and updated Smart Padala rates based on their fee calculator, which you can view on their website:

You may also check below for the newest rates for this year, 2021:

How to send money through Smart Padala?

Here are the easy steps on how you can send money nationwide through Smart Padala and its authorized agents:

1. Find an authorized agent near you

2. Find the nearest Smart Padala authorized agent, which you can check here:

The website provides the exact location of the closest or nearby Smart Padala outlet in your area.

3. Fill out the transaction form or slip

Once you have located the address of the nearest Smart Padala agent, you will be asked to fill out a transaction form or transaction slip.

  • For first-time Smart Padala customers, you need to provide the following details: Complete name, mobile number (for OTP code and verification), residence address, place of birth, date of birth, and work or employment details (if a student/or unemployed, just let the agent know so that he can input your correct information.)

Once you provide the following details to the Smart Padala agent, they will ask for your valid ID and take a picture of you for documentation (only for first-time registration). After that, you will receive an OTP code from the mobile number you used for registration.

Finally, if you’re already registered, you must bring the registered mobile or cellphone number with you to send or receive money alongside your valid ID. Using a Smart or Talk ‘N Text number upon registration is advisable to avoid network delays.

4. Give the exact padala amount and pay the service fee

After filling out the transaction form or slip, give this to the agent alongside the amount you will send and the service fee for the said transaction.

Take note: You must ask the person you will send the padala or remittance to provide an agent reference number (this is the 16 digits number of a Smart Padala outlet that starts with 5299 or 5577). The reference number is needed once you can fill out the transaction form so that the receiver will receive the amount you send.

5. Verify transaction slip and reference code

The agent will ask you to sign the slip and check for some errors. After this, claim a copy of the transaction slip or proof of payment from the agent.

Nevertheless, you and the receiver will receive a confirmation text from Smart Padala with proof of transaction that includes the details and reference code.

You might relay the reference code to your receiver if they didn’t receive a confirmation text from Smart Padala.

How to Claim Money through Smart Padala

It’s easy to claim money through Smart Padala. Just follow the steps below:
Take note: Claiming money through the said remittance service provider is always ‘FREE OF CHARGE.’

1. Find an authorized agent near you

Find the nearest Smart Padala branch in your area. As mentioned in the steps on “How to send money through Smart Padala,” you may find an agent or outlet through this web address:

2. Ask for their reference number

Once you locate the Smart Padala agent nearby, you must ask for their agent reference number, consisting of 16 digits that may start with 5299 or 5577 (e.g., 5299-6771-5688-3104).

Upon knowing the agent reference number of the nearest branch/outlet, you must give this to your sender. Before doing this, you must always check if the Smart Padala outlet is open, primarily if it’s a Sari-Sari Store branch.

3. Fill out the transaction slip or form

After your sender completes the sending process in the Smart Padala outlet of their choice, you will receive a confirmation text with a transaction reference code or number (not to be confused with the outlet’s 16 digit reference number). The transaction reference number (TRN) comprises 12 alphanumeric characters (e.g., E21B 9277 B045).

Fill out the transaction slip that will be given to you by the agent. It’s much better to let the agent see the confirmation text you receive from Smart Padala, so the process will be much easier.

If you’re a first-time customer, you may need to provide additional details as mentioned above in Step 2 of “How to send money through Smart Padala.”

4. Receive OTP code and claim money

You will then receive a confirmation text or OTP code to verify that it’s you who will claim the money. The agent will ask for the OTP code you received. He will then let you sign the transaction slip, if not done earlier, for proof that you received the amount sent to you.

Afterward, the agent will give you the money sent to you after the verification process. Always count your money before leaving the Smart Padala outlet.

Newest features: Smart Padala to Paymaya ‘Add Money’ service

With 30,000 agents nationwide, Smart Padala to Paymaya has never been easier since you can now add money through the largest money transfer and remittance service to your account.

Here are the simple steps on how you can top-up your Paymaya account through Smart Padala:

1. Locate the nearest Smart Padala outlet in your area

Look for the nearest Smart Padala outlet or branch in your area. Inform the agent that you would like to top-up or add money to your Paymaya account through Smart Padala’s newest feature: Paymaya Add Money.

2. Log in to Paymaya and get the ‘Add Money’ code

To start the process, you must log in on your Paymaya application so that you can get the ‘add money’ code. Just follow the information below:

  • Click Add Money, then look for a Smart Padala logo, and then click on it.

  • Now enter the amount you want on the ‘Smart Padala via Code’ page.

  • After filling out the amount, you will get an instruction with the Add Money Code (a seven-digit code).

3. Provide "add money code" and pay the service fee

Now you have the ‘add money’ code through the Paymaya application, you must give this to the agent and give your payment along with the service fee and a valid ID. You must wait for the confirmation message via the registered mobile number connected with your Paymaya account.

Take note: A service charge of ₱15 will be charged for the transactions worth ₱1000 and below. Additional ₱7.50 will be charged for transactions with an additional amount of ₱500. The minimum top-up amount for Smart Padala to Paymaya is ₱100.

List of Valid IDs accepted by Smart Padala

Upon registration with Smart Padala, you need to provide proof of your identification. That’s why you must bring a valid ID or documents with you to continue availing of the said remittance service.

Below is the latest and updated list of valid IDs accepted by Smart Padala, provided by an authorized agent:

  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID or SSS ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC License
  • GSIS E-Card
  • Alien Certification Registration (ACR)
  • Government OFfice and GOCC IDs
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • Employee/Company ID
  • School or Student ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Señior Citizen ID
  • NBI Clearance


Availing such services from any money transfer or remittance services should be taken with precautionary measures, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals should observe safety and health protocols which include; social distancing, wearing of face mask, and washing of hands before or after the transaction.

Smart Padala provides a remittance network that converts Sari-Sari stores, internet cafes, and other business establishments into money transfer agents that are legal and authorized. Sending and receiving money has never been easier than before, thanks to Smart Padala by Paymaya. (AJ Yes)

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