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Eastern Visayas now categorized as 'high risk' region for COVID-19

Eastern Visayas now categorized as 'high risk' region for COVID-19

(Creative Commons, Pixabay.)

TACLOBAN CITY - Eastern Visayas is now categorized as a 'high risk' region for COVID-19 in the Philippines and ranks fifth nationwide on the most number of new active cases in the last 14 days based on the World Health Organization (WHOS)'s risk assessment and the Department of Health (DOH)'s data.

In view of this, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) issued an advisory directing all concerned government units to implement necessary safety measures to stop the further spread of the virus and prevent a spike in the number of cases that could overwhelm the health system.

As per the memorandum, DILG reiterates the following actions to be strictly implemented:
  1. Ensure the strict observance of the minimum public health standards or the BIDA Solusyon sa  COVID- 19 strategies. BIDA stands for B-Bawal ang walang mask. I-I sanitize ang kamay, D-Dumistansya ng isang metro at A-Alamin ang tamang impormasyon.
  2.  Remind the public to: (a) Avoid the high-risk 3Cs, Closed settings. Crowded places. and Close conversations. (b) Watch out for the 3V supers spreader settings where virus transmission is highly likely— Venues where there is crowding. Ventilation that is poor. and Vocalization, i.e., many people talking loudly or singing. (c) Avoid social gatherings, and limit their interaction with people outside their own household.
  3. Increase your local response capacity by increasing the number of quarantine and isolation facilities  COVID- 19 dedicated beds in medical facilities and ensuring the availability of contact tracers.

As of December 31, 2020, the Department of Health- Eastern Visayas reports the region’s total number of COVID-19 cases at 11,292, total recoveries at 10,199 (90.32%), and total deaths at 129 (1.14%) which brings the total active cases to 964 (8.54%). iTacloban

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