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Tacloban authorities remind drivers to uphold patience, fairness

Tacloban authorities remind drivers to uphold patience, fairness

Authorities in Tacloban City urge drivers to stay calm and patient while serving passengers, following a recent complaint of alleged fare overcharge involving a young passenger. File photo

TACLOBAN CITY – The Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) has reminded drivers in Tacloban City to maintain composure and exercise patience while providing services to commuters. This advisory comes after a reported incident involving a public utility jeepney (PUJ) driver allegedly assaulting an eight-year-old passenger over a fare discrepancy.

The incident, which transpired on September 28 around 12:30 PM, was brought to light by the relatives of the young passenger, who claimed that the child was physically harmed by the PUJ driver due to what was perceived as an underpayment of fare.

BPLD summoned the accused PUJ driver and the complainants on October 2 to address the matter and shed light on the incident. The BPLD's investigation substantiated the allegations of overcharging. It documented an instance of arrogance and discourteous conduct on the driver's part, both of which are violations of local ordinances.

Overcharging and demonstrating arrogance and discourteous behavior are among the numerous violations recorded by the City Government for PUJ and MCH (motorcycle) drivers. These violations encompass a range of infractions, such as non-compliance with regulations, lack of a business permit, driving without a valid license, refusal to convey passengers, failure to offer senior citizen and student discounts, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signs.

In response to these violations, the BPLD is urging the public to promptly report complaints against PUJ and MCH drivers. Individuals are encouraged to contact the BPLD Hotline at 0905-413-4018, providing details of the incident to ensure a swift and appropriate response from the authorities. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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