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Breast cancer awareness month concludes with "Labs Ko An Lawas Ko" program

Breast cancer awareness month concludes with "Labs Ko An Lawas Ko" program

In concluding Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the local government promotes early detection and healthy lifestyles in Tacloban. (Photo courtesy of CIO Tacloban)

TACLOBAN CITY – The "Labs Ko An Lawas Ko" program was showcased by the local government of Tacloban to mark the conclusion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. This program highlights the importance of early detection and promotes healthy lifestyles through a combination of Zumba dance exercises and breast risk assessment.

Led by the City Health Office, the program encouraged women employees to take advantage of free screenings at the City Hall lobby before participating in the invigorating Zumba session.

Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Gloria Fabrigas stressed the importance of early cancer detection, as breast cancer ranks as the most prevalent cancer site for both genders. Disturbingly, approximately 65 percent of cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage, according to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology.

To mitigate the risk of breast cancer, Dr. Fabrigas urged individuals to be vigilant about potential warning signs, such as changes in breast size or shape, new lumps in the breast or underarms, thickening of breast tissue, and unexpected nipple discharge.

The "Labs Ko An Lawas Ko" lifestyle advocacy program, promoted by the LGU, has been ongoing for a decade. This initiative was institutionalized through Resolution No. 2013-11-40 and comprises four core components: physical activity, a healthy diet, moderate alcohol consumption, and discouragement of smoking. This comprehensive approach aims to foster a healthier community and raise awareness about the importance of proactive health measures. —iTacloban (Source: CIO)

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