Tacloban strengthens flood defenses with revetment projects

Tacloban strengthens flood defenses with revetment projects

DPWH-TCDEO is undertaking revetment projects in Tacloban City to strengthen flood and erosion defenses, enhancing safety and resilience in flood-prone areas. Photo: TCDEO

TACLOBAN CITY – A series of infrastructural developments are making robust strides in Tacloban City as the government remains dedicated to enhancing the resilience of this flood-prone area, with projects like the Diit River revetment, Barugu-an River revetment, Kawayan River revetment, and Old Road shore protection nearing critical completion milestones.

Under the vigilant oversight of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Tacloban City District Engineering Office led by District Engineer Johnny M. Acosta, these initiatives are envisioned to fundamentally bolster the city's defenses against the natural forces of flooding and erosion, fostering a safer and more stable environment for its residents. 

The projects are funded by the General Appropriations Act of 2023, signifying the government's unyielding commitment to enhancing infrastructure in critical areas.

Diit River Revetment

The Diit River revetment project, stretching over 1,971 linear meters, has achieved a 22.33% completion rate within its allocated timeline of 212 calendar days. The Php 57.5 million project, encompassing 480 linear meters, is expected to substantially augment the city's flood control strategies. "We are committed to expediting the construction process while maintaining uncompromising quality." asserted Acosta.

Barugu-an River Revetment

Further bolstering the city's defenses is the Barugu-an River revetment project, which is already 36.51% completed. Encompassing a total length of 1,222 linear meters, the project utilizes a Php 57.5 million budget for 400 linear meters. Acosta relayed the DPWH's commitment to advancing the city's infrastructure while ensuring minimal disruption to the community.

Old Road Shore Protection

The shore protection initiative along the Old Road is nearing completion, with 74.99% of the work finished. With a budget of Php 355.745 million, this project spans 446.80 linear meters, aiming to shield the shoreline and adjacent areas from potential coastal erosion and storm surges, thereby safeguarding the city's future. Acosta praised the DPWH team for their relentless efforts in approaching the project's completion swiftly and efficiently.

Kawayan River Revetment

Meanwhile, the Kawayan River upstream revetment project is nearing its halfway mark, with a 48.94% completion rate. Allocated a budget of Php 57.5 million for 934 linear meters, this undertaking reaffirms the government's pledge to enhance the city's resistance against riverbank erosion and flooding. "This project is a critical step in fortifying our city's defenses against riverbank erosion and potential flooding incidents," stated Acosta.

As these pivotal projects steadily advance towards their completion dates, the anticipation builds among the Tacloban City residents. These developments promise a safer living environment and a future characterized by stability and sustained growth, reflecting the government's vision for a resilient Tacloban City. (Source: DPWH-TCDEO)

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