Tacloban City cracks down on 'colorum' vehicles

Tacloban City cracks down on 'colorum' vehicles

Tacloban City authorities conducted a thorough anti-colorum operation with the Business Permits and Licensing Division, TOMECO, and the Police Office. Photo: BPLD/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – Multiple government offices and agencies in Tacloban City joined forces to conduct a comprehensive operation against colorum vehicles to ensure safer streets and promote regulatory compliance. 

In a recent Facebook post by the Business Permit & Licensing Division (BPLD) Tacloban, it was announced that the BPLD, along with the Traffic Operations Management Enforcement and Control Office (TOMECO) and the Tacloban City Police Office, spearheaded an operation specifically targeting public transportation operators within the city.

The primary objective of this operation was to eliminate colorum or unauthorized vehicles from the streets and address potential violations committed by public utility jeepneys (PUJs) and motorcycles for hire (MCHs).

Colorum vehicles, which refer to unregistered and unauthorized public utility vehicles, have long been a pressing issue in Tacloban City. These vehicles often disregard safety regulations, posing risks to passengers and other road users. The recent crackdown aimed to tackle various violations commonly associated with colorum vehicles.

BPLD identified a range of common offenses among public utility vehicles. These included operating without a valid business permit, non-compliance with regulations, lack of a driver's license, overcharging passengers, refusal to transport passengers, failure to offer discounts to senior citizens and students, use of unregistered motor vehicles, instances of reckless driving, arrogant and discourteous conduct by drivers, as well as disregarding traffic signs.

Local residents and commuters have expressed their support for the joint operation, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of public transportation in Tacloban City. They hope the crackdown will deter other drivers who may be tempted to violate the rules. —iTacloban 

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