Vibrant triumphs and cultural splendor at Pintados Festival 2023

Vibrant triumphs and cultural splendor at Pintados Festival 2023

 The Pintados Festival in Tacloban City mesmerized spectators with its enchanting performances and vibrant displays of cultural pride. Photo: DOT-EV/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – The mesmerizing Pintados Festival was held on June 24 in Tacloban City, celebrating the region's rich cultural heritage. The event showcased the talent and creativity of the contingents in Leyte, displaying enthralling performances, vibrant colors, and a profound spirit of unity.

The festival featured captivating performances, each displaying unique artistic expressions and cultural traditions. The participating contingents put on an impressive show to impress the judges and audience, resulting in a visually stunning and emotionally uplifting competition.

Special awards were presented to recognize outstanding contributions in different categories. Tribu Rayhak of Leyte National High School won the prestigious "Best in Tattoo" award, showcasing their intricate and awe-inspiring body art. Meanwhile, Tribu Mag uruma from the Lingganay Festival in Alangalang, Leyte, earned the coveted title of "Best in Street Parade" with its vibrant and energetic street parade. Tribu Mangirisda of Tanauan, Leyte, claimed the "Best in Musicality" award for their remarkable musical performances.

The top three contingents were honored for their exceptional performance in the competition. Tribu Rayhak of Leyte National High School secured the third-place position, while Tribu Mangirisda of Tanauan, Leyte, took home the second-place trophy. Tribu Mag uruma from the Lingganay Festival in Alangalang, Leyte, emerged as the champions of the Pintados Festival, combining vibrant colors, dynamic movements, and an infectious enthusiasm that captivated everyone in attendance.

The festival celebrated the region's cultural diversity and artistic talents, reminding us of the importance of preserving and promoting our heritage. The contingents beautifully showcased the beauty and richness of our cultural traditions, leaving a lasting impact on all who witnessed the event.

The organizers and attendees expressed their heartfelt appreciation to all the participating tribes for their dedication and hard work. The Pintados Festival once again proved to be a remarkable platform for promoting cultural unity, fostering community pride, and showcasing the vibrant tapestry of traditions that make Leyte a truly special place. —iTacloban

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