Pintados Festival 2023 crowns Tribu Mag Uruma as Grand Champion

Pintados Festival 2023 crowns Tribu Mag Uruma as Grand Champion

The highly anticipated Pintados Festival 2023 concluded with resounding success as Tribu Mag Uruma emerged as the Grand Champion. Photo: DOT-EV/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY – Tribu Mag Uruma Lingganay won the much-anticipated Pintados Festival 2023 in Tacloban City on Saturday, June 24, with their awe-inspiring display of cultural heritage and talent. After several postponements due to the pandemic, the festival returned triumphantly, highlighting the region's rich history and traditions.

Four contingents from various locations and schools showcased their artistry and passion. Still, the fierce competition between Tribu Mangirisda of Tanauan, Leyte, and Tribu Mag Uruma Lingganay Festival of Alang-Alang, Leyte, stole the spotlight. 

The two tribes engaged in a friendly yet intense rivalry, captivating the audience with synchronized movements and mesmerizing performances.

Ultimately, the title of Grand Champion was awarded to Tribu Mag Uruma Lingganay Festival, a testament to their meticulous preparations and outstanding execution. The Local Government Unit  (LGU) of Alang-Alang, led by Mayor Lovely Yu Castro, wholeheartedly supported the tribe, providing the necessary resources and encouragement throughout their journey.

From their impeccable performances to their stunning costumes, props, and musical instruments, the Tribu Mag Uruma demonstrated their commitment to preserving and showcasing the unique cultural heritage of Alang-Alang. Their choreography captivated the esteemed panel of judges and enthusiastic spectators, highlighting the tribe's exceptional ritual presentation.

Mayor Lovely Yu Castro expressed her gratitude and joy for the remarkable achievement, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the youth of Alang-Alang. She emphasized that this victory serves as an opportunity to proudly raise the banner of Alang-Alang, showcasing the town's rich cultural legacy to the entire nation during this remarkable festival in 2023.

The Pintados Festival not only celebrates the region's vibrant history but also serves as a platform for unity, cultural preservation, and the appreciation of artistic talent. —iTacloban

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