Tacloban City advances in fecal sludge management project

Tacloban City advances in fecal sludge management project

Tacloban City's fecal sludge management program's steering committee met on June 20 to review the final report on the project preparation study. 

TACLOBAN CITY – The steering committee of the fecal sludge management (FSM) project in Tacloban City met on June 20 to finalize the report on the project preparation study. The study was co-facilitated by Cities Development Initiative for Asia, a non-government organization that supports urban development in Asia.

The FSM project aims to protect the environment and public health by providing city residents safe and sustainable sanitation services. It covers all available sanitation technologies as part of a city-wide inclusive sanitation strategy. The steering committee comprises representatives from various city offices and the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Fecal sludge is the solid or semi-solid material that accumulates in onsite sanitation systems, such as pit latrines and septic tanks. It contains human excreta and other substances that may pose health and environmental risks if not properly managed. Fecal sludge management involves the storage, collection, transport, treatment, and safe end use or disposal of fecal sludge.

The report on the project preparation study will provide the basis for designing and implementing the FSM project in Tacloban City.  —iTacloban (with reports from CIO)

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