Medical mission brings hope for cataract patients in Tacloban City

Medical mission brings hope for cataract patients in Tacloban City

ATASCA and Tacloban City Gov't organizing a medical mission to provide free cataract surgeries for 100 patients at Tacloban City Hospital. File Photo

TACLOBAN CITY – The Association of Tacloban and Southern California Team (ATASCA) is organizing a medical mission in collaboration with the City Government of Tacloban to address the community's healthcare needs. This mission aims to provide basic medical care, specifically free cataract surgeries, to approximately 100 cataract patients at Tacloban City Hospital.

Scheduled to occur on July 3-4, 2023, the medical mission results from the successful pre-screening conducted on May 12, 2023. Out of the initial group of patients who underwent laboratory tests and screening, 90 individuals have been identified as eligible for the upcoming surgeries.

Cataracts, a condition characterized by clouding of the eye's lens, have significantly impacted the vision of those affected. The medical mission will allow these individuals to receive the necessary surgical intervention to restore their vision.

Dr. Gloria Fabrigas, Assistant City Health Officer of the City Health Department, highlighted that this medical mission's benefits extend beyond the Tacloban residents. Individuals from various parts of Eastern Visayas will also have the chance to benefit from this initiative, ensuring that those in need receive the care they require.

The partnership between ATASCA and the City Government of Tacloban underscores the commitment to improving healthcare access and delivering vital services to underserved communities. —iTacloban (with reports from CIO)

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