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TCDEO unveils new multipurpose building for CCDLAO, CENRO, and PESO

TCDEO unveils new multipurpose building for CCDLAO, CENRO, and PESO

Tacloban City District Engineering Office (TCDEO) unveils a new three-storey multipurpose building, enhancing working conditions and providing much-needed office space for CCDLAO, CENRO, and PESO. Photo: TCDEO

TACLOBAN CITY - A newly constructed multipurpose building for the City Cooperatives Development and Livelihood Assistance Office (CCDLAO), City Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO), and Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in Tacloban City has undergone its final inspection on April 27, 2023, led by Assistant District Engineer Rebecca G. Yuse of the Tacloban City District Engineering Office (DEO).

The inspection team included various section chiefs from Tacloban City DEO, such as Engr. Marichu T. Eduarte from the Maintenance Section, Engr. Reynaldo B. De Guzman from Quality Assurance Section, Engr. Rhea M. Perez from the Construction Section, and Engr. Margarita C. Bacierra from the Planning and Design Section. 

Representatives of the end-users, namely Jonathan Hijada of CENRO and Ruena Mate of CCDLAO, were also in attendance.

The construction of the three-storey multipurpose building with a roof deck began on March 24, 2022, and was completed this month at a total cost of Php 15,521,720.90. The building features three floors, each equipped with a toilet and air conditioning system, along with a roof deck and a fire exit.

Previously, CCDLAO and CENRO struggled with inadequate office space for their growing number of employees. Jonathan Hijada remarked, "Our office before was small and couldn't accommodate us, and it was not quite a good working environment. But with these developments, it will definitely give us better conditions than before."

Ruena Mate added, "We are grateful for the new multipurpose building, which provides us with adequate space for our work. Before, we had to put our supplies in the Astrodome because we had no space left in the office, especially since we were sharing it with PESO."

ADE Yuse expressed satisfaction with the project's outcome, stating, "I am pleased with the final result of this project. It will surely benefit the end-users and improve the working conditions of the employees. We hope to continue providing quality infrastructure that will serve the needs of the people of Tacloban City." (DPWH-TCDEO)

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