Tacloban LGU takes steps to increase local onion production

Tacloban LGU takes steps to increase local onion production

Tacloban LGU is testing onion varieties in the city's climate and soil to increase local production and reduce onion imports. 

TACLOBAN CITY – In December, the price of onions in Tacloban City reached an alarming P800 per kilo, causing concern among local residents and government officials. The shortage of onion supply was identified as a major factor in the price increase. 

The City Government of Tacloban is addressing this issue by experimenting with different varieties of onions to discover which grows best in the city's climate and soil.

According to City Agriculturist Romelo "Melong" T. Anade, the City Government of Tacloban, through its Agriculture Office, is currently conducting experiments to discover which varieties of onions grow best in the city's climate and soil. 

The experiments occur in the Northern barangays of Tacloban, where the city hopes to discover the most suitable location for large-scale onion farming.

Onions are not traditionally grown in Tacloban, but the city government is making a concerted effort to observe which varieties of onions thrive in the local environment. Once the most suitable variety and location are determined, farmers' associations can implement mass production of onions.

Anade added that the ultimate goal is to increase the local supply of onions that can be sold at a more affordable price rather than relying on imported or those sourced from other regions.

The City Agriculture Office will continue to monitor the progress of the experiments and provide support to farmers' associations to ensure the success of the mass production of onions. —iTacloban (Source: TCIO)

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