LTO warns against scams offering "non-appearance" services for motor vehicle registration

LTO warns against scams offering "non-appearance" services for motor vehicle registration

The LTO warns of scams offering "non-appearance" services for vehicle registration & renewal. These scams can happen on-ground and online, often at smoke emission testing centers or on social media. Photo: LTO

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has warned the public about the proliferation of scams that offer "non-appearance" services for motor vehicle registration and renewal. The agency stated that these scams can occur on-ground and online, with transactions occurring within the perimeter of smoke emission testing centers and on social media platforms.

LTO has repeatedly warned the public that falling victim to these scams can result in potential fraud, financial loss, and legal consequences. LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jayart Tugade emphasized that the motor vehicle registration process was put in place to protect clients and ensure the safety and roadworthiness of their vehicles.

Offering "non-appearance" services for motor vehicle registration or renewal is a violation of several laws, including Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code (the crime of estafa or swindling) and the "Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018."

These scams involve the motor vehicle registrant not having to appear during the registration phase, and some even offer the option of not appearing during the smoke emission testing stage. These services are expensive.

LTO Chief Tugade also warned LTO employees who may be involved in these scams, stating that corruption will not be tolerated and that personnel may be removed from government service if found to be involved. He emphasized that the LTO's zero-tolerance policy for corruption will be strictly enforced.

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