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Local krump dancers impress at RawRumble4

Local krump dancers impress at RawRumble4

TACLOBAN CITY – It was a weekend of high-energy performances and impressive dancing as local krump dancers participated in the workshop and battle dubbed RawRumble4. This event was initiated by the Tacloban Krump Community (TACLOBUCK) as part of their 7th anniversary, in partnership with Hiraya Tacloban through its president Raymund Romualdez.

Patrick Macabenta stood as the mentor and one of the judges during the weekend session, which was attended by more than 40 enthusiastic talents. The winners for each category were announced as follows:

  • Young Hitters: Champ - Rald Sanchez a.k.a Gully Torment
  • OpenStyle: Champ - Jhet Calison; Finalist - Cjay
  • Heavy Hitters: Champ - Nelmark Valenciano a.k.a SurTur; Finalist - Richard Rios a.k.a GDA

The RawRumble4 workshop and battle provided a platform for local krump dancers to showcase their skills and talent, and the winners were celebrated for their impressive performances. The event was a resounding success, with participants and attendees expressing excitement and enjoyment.

ICYMI: It was all about embracing the moment, wowing the crowd, and moving to the beat as local krump dancers...

Posted by Tacloban City Information Office on Sunday, December 11, 2022

Krump dancing is a high-energy, expressive dance style that originated in Los Angeles in the early 2000s. It is characterized by its fast, frenetic movements and energetic, emotive expressions and is often performed in a group setting.

Today, krump dancing is a popular dance form practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds. It is often performed in battles, where dancers compete against each other in a friendly but intense competition. Krump dancers are known for their powerful, energetic performances and ability to express themselves through their movements.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the RawRumble4 workshop and battle. The dedication and hard work of the local krump dance community was on full display, and the event was a celebration of the art form and the talents of the dancers.

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