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Fogging activities conducted in Tacloban schools to combat dengue

Fogging activities conducted in Tacloban schools to combat dengue

Tacloban City Health Office conducts fogging in schools to combat dengue-carrying mosquitoes. Routine search and destroy activities are also ongoing.

TACLOBAN CITY – To combat the growing threat of dengue-carrier mosquitoes, the Tacloban City Health Office (TCHO) conducted fogging activities in schools throughout the city.

The surveillance and control team conducted fogging operations on December 9, 2022, at the request of the St. Therese Christian Development Center Foundation Inc. at Abucay and Nulatula Elementary School. 

These operations were aimed at protecting students from dengue infection.

In addition to the fogging activity, the health office is also conducting routine search and destroy missions to eliminate larval sources of dengue. They are also reminding residents to be vigilant in their efforts to combat the disease.

According to the World Health Organization, dengue is a leading cause of illness and death in many tropical and subtropical countries. It is transmitted by the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes, which are active during the day and can breed in small pools of water.

Symptoms of dengue include high fever, severe headache, joint and muscle pain, and rash. In severe cases, it can lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever, a potentially fatal complication.

TCHO urges residents to take preventive measures to avoid dengue infection. This includes regularly removing sources of standing water in and around the home, using insect repellent, and wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Residents are also encouraged to seek medical attention if they experience any symptoms of dengue. By working together, the community can help prevent the spread of this dangerous disease. (with reports from CIO)

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