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DSWD Eastern Visayas announces process & requirements for AICS educational assistance

DSWD Eastern Visayas announces process & requirements for AICS educational assistance

Applying for AICS Educational Assistance in DSWD offices and suboffices now requires an appointment, and applicants must bring the required documents in order for the DSWD to process their application.

TACLOBAN CITY – According to a Facebook post by DSWD Eastern Visayas, beginning August 27, 2022, only those with an appointment from DSWD FO8 and a priority number from DSWD SubField Offices will be processed by the office. There will be no walk-in clients processed.

Those who received an appointment text message from DSWD FO8, as well as those with priority numbers at DSWD SubField Offices, are reminded to bring the following documents COMPLETELY:

  1. Certificate of Enrolment/Registration/School ID/Account Statement [one (1) original and one (1) photocopy];
  2. Original and two (2) photocopies of the parent's or guardian's valid ID (if the beneficiary is a minor) OR Original and two (2) photocopies of the student applicant's valid ID if he is of legal age.

The ID that is to be submitted must be VALID, which means:
  • it has not expired. On the day of application for Educational Assistance, the ID must still be valid. If a school ID, it should be for the school year 2022-2023; 
  • it should not be fake; it should have a signature, except for a Philsys ID; and
  • it would be nice if it had a picture.

Also, bring only the appointment text message from DSWD FO8 and not any other number. 

Eastern Visayas DSWD announcement regarding the process and requirements for AICS educational assistance.

It is also strongly advised that no small children be brought to the venue. DSWD - Eastern Visayas also advised those going to their designated location to bring a fan and something to drink and eat while waiting in line for educational assistance.

They also remind everyone to strictly adhere to the minimum health protocols put in place to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

How to process AICS Educational Assistance?

STUDENTS-IN-CRISIS throughout the region who do not yet have an appointment or priority number from the three options for making an online appointment:

  1. Those with internet access can access the online appointment portal at OR
  2. If you have internet access and a smartphone with a QR Code Reader, you can access the online appointment portal by scanning the QR code below. 
  3. For those without internet access, you can text this text format to this number: 09191601766.
                    (For Guardian: Dela Cruz,Juan,Guzman,01/01/1995,Tacloban City,09191234567)
                     1:Dela Cruz,Juana,Guzman,01/11/2007,Senior High
                     2:Dela Cruz,Lance,Guzman,02/12/2016,Elementary
                     3:Dela Cruz,Joselito,Guzman,03/20/2004,College

Those with internet access and a smartphone equipped with a QR Code Reader can use this QR Code to access the online appointment portal.

The online appointment portal is currently open and will be temporarily closed at 12:00 a.m. on August 30, 2022.

The department also informs that following the online appointment, individuals will receive a text message from DSWD FO8 with the status OR schedule and the location where the DSWD social worker will process and assess if they are qualified to receive educational assistance.

Look for the next ANNOUNCEMENTS of DSWD-Eastern Visayas on their Facebook page for more information. —iTacloban

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