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Tacloban, Basey hold 'Pre-Balyuan' Rites

Tacloban, Basey hold 'Pre-Balyuan' Rites

Tacloban, Basey, held the Pre-Balyuan Rites today, June 18. This event commemorates the historical exchange of Santo Niño images between Tacloban and Basey, Samar. Photo: Basey LGU/Facebook

TACLOBAN CITY  — The "Pre-Balyuan Rites" were once again observed by devotees of Santo Niño de Tacloban, who traveled from Tacloban to Basey, Samar, on Saturday, June 18, 2022, following a pandemic hiatus.

It is a religious ceremony held every June 18 as a prelude to the Balyuan Rites. It honors the historical exchange of Santo Niño images between Tacloban and Basey town in Samar.

The convoy left for Basey at 8:00 a.m., carrying the venerated image of the El Teniente - a replica of the Santo Nino de Tacloban. Following that, devotees attended a Concelebrated Mass at the Buscada Church in Basey, Samar.

On June 20, the image of El Teniente will be returned to Tacloban through a fluvial procession to the Balyu-an Amphitheater for the Balyu-an Rites. That day will also mark the start of the nine-day novena mass for the City's 133rd Fiesta Celebration.

The religious ceremony known as "Balyu-an" (Waray-Waray for "exchange") dates back to when Tacloban was still known as Kankabatok and a sitio of Basey town. After Kankabatok grew into a prosperous community, the Spanish Parish Priest of Basey arranged for the exchange of Sto. Nino images between the two communities. —iTacloban

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