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S-PaSS receives recognition at the 2022 SFTP

S-PaSS receives recognition at the 2022 SFTP

DOST VI's Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage (S-PaSS) Travel Management System won the Agency Governance Innovation Award at the 2022 Science for the People Awards on June 13. Photo:

The Agency Governance Innovation Award was presented to the Department of Science and Technology Region VI's (DOST VI) Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage (S-PaSS) Travel Management System on June 13 during the 2022 Science for the People (SFTP) Awards.

As DOST celebrates its 64th founding anniversary, the first SFTP Awards were established to recognize its partners' contributions and innovations in continuously developing the national Science, Technology, and Innovations (STI) network in pursuit of DOST's goals.

DOST VI S-PaSS received the Agency Governance Innovation Awards, which recognize regional DOST agencies that develop and implement innovative solutions, measures, policies, or interventions to improve the delivery of quality services to their constituents.

Furthermore, the USDA Region VI received the Outstanding National Government Agency Partner Award. In this award, a National Government Agency is recognized for its successful collaboration with the DOST and its attached agencies in promoting, developing, and/or transferring STIs to generate a positive socioeconomic impact.

Herbanext Laboratories, Inc. also received the Outstanding Science and Technology (S&T) Partner Award as an Industry Partner and the SFTP Award for MSME Development as a runner-up. The former recognizes firms that have made outstanding contributions and achieved dynamic collaborations in science, technology, and innovation (STI) by playing an important role in pioneering relevant scientific knowledge, innovative, and commercially viable technologies that propel the Filipino economy forward.

In addition, the Municipality of Sibalom, Antique, received a runner-up award for the SFTP Award for Community Development.

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