PhilSys responds to 'Not Found' National ID Status in PHLPost Tracker

PhilSys responds to 'Not Found' National ID Status in PHLPost Tracker

PhilSys responds to the 'Not Found?' delivery status of the Philippine National ID in the PHLPost tracker. Here's what it means. Photo: PhilSys

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) has addressed the concerns of individuals whose National ID status in PHLPost Tracker displays "Not Found."

PhilSys stated in a statement dated June 7, 2022, that the status "NOT FOUND" on the tracking website indicates that the Philippine National ID (PhilID) card may have just been sent to the Post Office. This does not suggest that the PhilID card has been lost.

National ID's delivery status is shown as "Not Found."

According to the agency, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Postal Service ensure the security and expedited delivery of PhilID cards.

Those who have completed the necessary steps to obtain a National ID should present a valid ID and transaction slip to Post Office personnel on its delivery. Philsys stated that National ID card delivery is entirely free.

To check the delivery status of your National ID, PhilSys and PHLPost created a tracker at Simply enter the transaction number on your transaction slip and click the 'Track' button on the Post Office tracking site. [You can also go to this link to learn how to track your Philippine National ID.]

For questions or concerns, just send a message to, email, or call the PhilSys hotline at 1388. —iTacloban

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