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How to Earn a CSC Eligibility for ICT Professionals, Workers and Graduating ICT Students?

How to Earn a CSC Eligibility for ICT Professionals, Workers and Graduating ICT Students?

ICT Professionals, workers, and graduating students can gain CSC eligibility by taking a FREE ICT Diagnostic Exam courtesy of DICT.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has announced another way for ICT Professionals, workers, and graduating ICT students to gain Civil Service Commission (CSC) eligibility by taking a FREE ICT Diagnostic Exam.

DICT stated on their official social media pages that the ICT Diagnostic Exam will be conducted per province. It is administered by the ICT Literacy and Competency Development Bureau (ILCDBu) of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

Those interested in taking the Diagnostic Exam should check the social media page of DICT in their region.

What are the benefits of the Proficiency Certification?

  1. DICT issues a Certificate of Proficiency, which serves as the foundation for the CSC to grant special ICT eligibility.
  2. The test is a mechanism for assessing an individual's ability to perform programming or systems analysis and design functions.
  3. An individual can use the test to assess his knowledge and skills to continually improve his technical abilities.
  4. Knowing the nature and scope of the test encourages ICT training centers to enrich their curricula, giving their students a better chance of joining the corps of competent ICT professionals.

What are the requirements for taking the diagnostic exam?

  • Application Form with Passport-Size Identification. Visit to download the Application Form;
  • Transcript of Records for Bachelor's Degree holder (must be IT-related course); and
  • Certification from the Dean for the Graduating Students of 2022. Interested individuals must submit their application through a link provided by DICT or thru Provincial Offices.

For REGION 8 applicants, you may submit your application through this link: Exam dates vary by province; you may visit DICT-8 official Facebook page at for more details.

Graduating students for 2022 are eligible to take the exam; however, you must obtain certification from your Dean demonstrating that you have completed Programming or SAD and are part of the graduating batch.

The deadline for application is usually three days before the scheduled examination date. Note: Applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered. There will be no walk-in applicants on the exam date and exams are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

More details from DICT:

Those who pass the Diagnostic Exam will be eligible to take the ICT Proficiency Certification Examination (Hands-on). The examinee will be contacted by the DICT Regional Office's focal person, who will provide the schedule and any additional information. —iTacloban

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